Respond to Complaint
The Better Business Bureau's website offers two convenient ways for you to respond to a complaint:

Login (you will be able to view the complaint, see its status, and submit your response)

If the Better Business Bureau notified you about this complaint by e-mail and you know the e-mail address that the BBB has on file for you, CLICK HERE to login using that e-mail address.  When you login using your e-mail address and the Complaint ID, you will see a copy of the complaint.  A link appearing in the left margin can be clicked to take you to a Web page where you can submit your response to the complaint. 

Web Form

If you received a complaint from the BBB by regular mail or fax and are not sure whether the BBB has an e-mail address on file for you, you may respond to the complaint using the online form below.  With this online form, it is not necessary to login before submitting your response. 

Basic Information

Complaint ID#:  
Company Name:  
Contact Name:
Contact Phone:
Contact Email:  
Person Who Sent the Complaint:
BBB Staff Member:
(if you know)

Complaint Information

Please provide a brief and factual response to the complaint that you received.