What We Do


The BBB does:

  • Advocate mediation to reslove disputes
  • Allow accredited businesses in good standing to use our logo, with a written agreement
  • Award ratings to businesses
  • Belong to a network of 140 BBBs across North America
  • Emphasize preventative steps to avoid a dispute, not just remedial steps after it has occurred
  • Focus on certain at-risk populations for consumer education (i.e., seniors)
  • Foster partnerships with the media to promote awareness and understanding of our mission
  • Gather and deliver information about buyers/sellers in an objective manner
  • Give all sides in a dispute a fair and reasonable chance to cure/resolve
  • Have a specific geographic area to serve, as chartered by the Council of BBBs
  • Help businesses present themselves and communicate clearly
  • Help consumers make informed pre-purchase decisions
  • Keep records on all sorts of transaction-related disputes over a three-year period
  • Monitor area advertising for pricing issues, claims, and fairness
  • Offer arbitration where appropriate
  • Offer free reports 24 hours/day on an automated phone line and web site
  • Offer its accredited businesses a quick alert about problems that are brewing
  • Promote integrity and “fair play” in business
  • Report “the facts as we know them”
  • Require that its accredited businesses have achieved—and maintain—certain standards of conducting business
  • Share and teach what it learns about business trends
  • Work to inform the public and businesses about marketplace issues of concern


The BBB does Not

  • Accept complaints anonymously
  • Approve, disapprove, endorse or recommend any company, product or service
  • Assume at the onset that any allegation is true or untrue
  • Get involved in criminal cases (other than recommend that law enforcement get involved)
  • Get involved in medical transactions (doctor/patient), except in routine billing matters
  • Get involved in private-party transactions (i.e., garage sales)
  • Practice law or give legal advice
  • Pursue punitive damages in dispute resolution
  • Serve as a collection agency
  • Transfer materials or goods between parties

Our mission is to foster and promote a safe and ethical marketplace. To receive the best service from us, please:

DO use this web site to obtain free reports to check a company’s reliability before making make a major purchase. You will also find other consumer information, and if necessary, the form to file a complaint.

DO encourage other people who may not have web access to call the BBB’s 24-hour, free automated line at 303.758.2100 to check a company’s reliability before making a major purchase.

DO let us know when you have had a bad marketplace experience. Our data (and thus our ability to make evaluations of a company’s performance) is only as accurate as the public input we receive.

DO try to contact the management of the company with whom you have a dispute before you turn to the BBB.

DO understand that complaints must be submitted in writing and must be signed.
We cannot accept complaints anonymously.

DON’T use libelous, slanderous or profane language in your complaint. We will return it to you for revision.

DO include all information you have about the company with whom you have a dispute. If we can’t locate the firm or cannot reach them, we won’t be able to help.

DON’T simply cc: us on a piece of correspondence if you intend us to open the dispute resolution process. To be considered a complaint, the letter must be addressed directly to the BBB.

DO understand that we will refer you to other Colorado entities and agencies for certain kinds of disputes which we cannot handle: employer/employee, medical issues beyond billing, criminal matters, family law/divorce/paternity, or disputes with any branch of government.