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Solar Panels

Author: Rachel Gelb
Category: Home Improvement

Many people are trying to find new ways to go green and with the decreasing prices of solar panels more and more consumers are interested in purchasing them for their homes. Solar panels can help save the environment with the added benefit of saving you a little money. Use these tips as a guide when deciding to purchase and install solar panels for your home.  

Tips for Leasing, Buying, and Installing Solar Panels:

Discuss with your Energy Company.
 Before getting into the details it is important to calculate the average number of sunny days a year in your area to make sure solar panels will be beneficial. Ask the energy company about a net metering program. These programs allow you to measure the difference between what homeowners pay the utility company for their energy purchased and the cost of energy homeowners provide the utility company from the collection through solar panels.  Ask about the local, state, and federal laws concerning the standards and codes of the solar panels.

Inquire About Tax Credits.  Find out the amount of tax credits you will receive for the amount of energy that is generated. Ask about the length of time you will receive tax credits. Be sure to understand the process to receive the tax credits and note any important filing dates for the credits.  Ask if you will be taxed on the credits.

Choose a Business.  Once you have decided that solar panels are right for your home or yard it is time to research businesses who lease, sell, and install them. Ask friends and family members who have solar panels installed for suggestions. Check out reliable businesses through to read reviews and complaints.

Settle All the Details.  Compare costs and decide if it is more beneficial to lease or purchase the solar panels. Decide if the panels will have more light exposure on your house or in your yard. Find out if the federal or state government will receive the benefits. Be sure to know the length of the contract. Ask what will happen if the business promises a certain percentage of savings from your utility bill and the amount of savings is not achieved.  

Understand the Fees.  Ask if there is a cancellation fee. Find out who pays for a repair if damage occurs during the installation. Ask if there is a fee to remove and replace the solar panels if you need your roof replaced. If you decide to move homes ask if there is a fee to move the solar panels. If the environment of your new home cannot accommodate the solar panels ask what the fee would be to cancel.

About the Author: Rachel Gelb is Communications and Marketing Manager for BBB serving Eastern Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island and Vermont. Find Rachel on Google +.

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