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Customer Complaints Summary

8 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 2 closed in last 12 months
Complaint TypeTotal Closed Complaints
Advertising / Sales Issues1
Billing / Collection Issues1
Guarantee / Warranty Issues2
Problems with Product / Service4
Delivery Issues0
Total Closed Complaints8

Complaint Breakdown by Resolution

Complaint Resolution Log (8)BBB Closure Definitions
06/06/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Additional Notes

Complaint: Sirs/Madams:I am issuing a complaint today regarding Trugreen lawn service. I paid for a year contract with them which was guaranteed, and on January 21,2014 they sent me an email containing a survey, to which I replied that I was not satisfied with their services and I would not be renewing their services for the next year. Instead of stopping services, I received additional monthly bills and they now claim that I had not notified them to stop service, and that I now owe them $157.36. They have turned my account in to a collection agency, ********** ******** Inc, with more claims that I owe them money. I did notify them that I would not renew services because the service they provided was not good and did not meet my needs.I do not feel I owe them any money, and I do not wish to receive any more letters from a collection agency. Please assist me with this matter. Thank you.

Initial Business Response
******* ******* did complete a survey on 2/16/2014 in which case I have included a copy with this email to reference.
The first application was applied on 1/14/2014, which was prior to the survey that was taken. The notes on the survey and customers account state a message was left on the phone number on file for the customer to call back so we could resolve the concerns ******* ******* was having. The survey stated "you don't do wrath (assuming typo should have said what) you said". However, comments did not mention anything about discontinuing the service which is why we came back out on 3/8/2014 for the next regular service visit.
In spite of the documentation on file, we are committed to service excellence and regret that we weren't able to meet ******* *******'s expectations during the short time span we were servicing the property. Due to our committment, TruGreen will cease the collection process of attempting to collect on the debt totaling $157.36 effective immediately. Please let me know if you have any additional questions or concerns.

Below is a copy of the survey:
Survey Information
Organization Lawn Care Survey (***)
Date of Survey 2/16/XXXX X:XX AM
Survey Mode Web
IP Address
Device Type Windows
Loyalty Number XXXXXXXXXX
Offer Code ****
Redemption Code ****
Tags - none -
Survey Results
Ask Email? No
Survey Type Lawn: Email
Route # ***
Tenure 1
Please rate your overall satisfaction with your lawn care service. 2
How likely are you to recommend your lawn care service to a friend or colleague? 1
Please tell us in your own words, what is the primary reason for the recommendation score that you just gave us?
Comment: you don't do wath you said
Were you at home during your most recent lawn care service? Yes
Did your specialist knock on your door or ring the doorbell prior to beginning the service? No, Specialist did not knock on my door or ring my doorbell prior to beginning the service
Your level of satisfaction with our weed control efforts. 1
Tenure 1 year
Contact Method: Phone number on account
Incident Status
Open CALL BACK REQUIRED: This customer has expressed concerns with their service. Please contact the customer ASAP, record the action taken, and update the status of the call back.
Posted by automated survey system at 2/16/XXXX X:XX AM
In Process:Left message for customer to call back to discuss
Posted by ***** ******** at 2/22/XXXX XX:XX AM

Complaint Resolution: Company resolved the complaint issues. The consumer acknowledged acceptance to BBB.

08/02/2013Guarantee / Warranty Issues | Read Complaint Details

Additional Notes

Complaint Category: Failure to honor service under the terms of warranties

Complaint: Haven't had any sign of treatments working in two months. The last three treatments were all applied before it stormed/rained for hours.
The first treatment was great. I would say about 25% of the weeds started to die. Then next three times went horribly. They would only treat right before a thunderstorm. You can only request 1 service call in-between treatments, if the scheduled treatment doesn't take. I had four treatments. In May, my first treatment was awesome. Then in June, I had a treatment and made a service call because it thunder stormed within an hour after they initially came. It then thunder stormed right after my requested service call. So after the service call, I requested another. And they said to wait 3 weeks or it could ruin my turf. I understood so I waited. Well in three weeks (July now) they treated again (I assumed it was a service call) but since it was scheduled (even though the last two treatments washed away) they charged me. And guess what, it thunder stormed again that same day. At this time I haven't seen a single thing die since May, they could be watering my grass and not using any chemicals anymore for all I know. Also when I signed up over the phone they quoted and have been charging me for 36,000+ sq. ft. all their treatment paperwork says they applied to 28,831 sq. ft. So I'm being over charged from the get go. Well I called and cancelled after not seeing any results in three treatments. They called me trying to win my business and offered me 1/2 off one of the two scheduled treatments I owed them for. I requested they clear the bill and wait a few months but they insisted I pay them for the treatments that didn't work. They weren't interested in keeping me so I'm parting my ways. While they will insist the rain helps, I understand a little rain would help work it in but a thunderstorm just a few hours after application totally dilutes/washes away the small amount of chemicals they applied in the first place.

Business' Initial Response
Contact Name and Title: **** ********
Contact Phone: XXXXXXXXXX
Contact Email: ***************
I met with this customer on 7/22/13 after receiving this complaint. Overall, his lawn looks good. He did however have weeds along edges of house because he removed some shrubs which left areas bare. The water runoff from the house which doesn't have gutters is causing the ground to be saturated. The moist conditions and no turf is the root cause for weeds in these areas. The best form of weed control is a thick turf and without grass, weed control will be minimum.
Our records reflect we treated the lawn on 4/24/13 and that application was paid on 5/15/13. We also performed a spring fertilization to his remaining shrubs on 5/28/13. However, we credited that balance because Mr. ********* claimed he wasn't aware it was a separate charge. We serviced the lawn again on 6/3/13 and did complete the service call that he requested on 6/17/13. Each of these visits also included fertilizer along with weed control. While our granular fertilizer does require water in order to be activated, our herbicides can certainly not be as effective in heavy down pours. Unfortunately, 2013 has been a challenging year with consistent daily showers. The only solution we would have had to his concern was not to come at all this year as it has rained practically daily since his service began. As mentioned earlier, a thick turf will help with weed control; fertilizer was applied to assist with the growth and overall health.
We did also show back up on 7/11/13 to treat the lawn again as it was then time for his next treatment. However, the data entry department credited that balance too on 7/19/13 because he felt that treatment should have been another service call. My evaluation of the lawn on 7/22/13 revealed that his lawns turf overall looked good. The primary problem area was along the house with no turf, which will be difficult for us to control until grass is established. We treated the lawn 4 times and the shrubs once. Mr. ********* paid for one, one was a service call, we credited two, and now he owes one. I did commit to Mr. that if he wanted to continue the service, we would be glad to treat the area around the house with vegetation control at no additional charge if he would be willing to sod the area to establish growth or landscape the area to his satisfaction. I am currently awaiting his return phone call pertaining to that solution but feel he is responsible for the remaining balance of $142.18.

Complaint Resolution: Company addressed the complaint issues. The consumer failed to acknowledge acceptance to BBB.

07/12/2013Billing / Collection Issues | Read Complaint Details

Additional Notes

Complaint Category: None of the Above - Credit, Billing or Collection Complaint Issue

Complaint: Harassment for payment of services I did not authorize.
I purchased a yearly contract in 2011 with TruGreen. While under contract, the only contact I received from TruGreen was their attempt to sale something extra to me. After their December 2012 treatment, I received a bill for one application. I called to inquire about the charge and was told my contract was up, so I was now being billed for additional applications. I was told by the representative I had received mail correspondence from TruGreen informing me that my contract was up, and because I did not respond, the company assumed I wanted continued applications. I do not recall receiving any such notice. I informed the representative I did not authorize any applications following the end of my contract, therefore I am not responsible for payment. I canceled our contract that day. One week later, TruGreen returned to our house for an additional application, and my husband stopped the technicians. I now receive phone calls once, sometimes twice a day from (404) XXX-XXXX wanting payment.

Business' Initial Response
TruGreen's program is continuous from year to year until we are told otherwise which is why we continued to treating Mrs. ******* lawn in 2012 as well as began again in 2013. This information is provided verbally during our recorded auditing process once the account is originally activated. TruGreen also sends a welcome aboard letter immediately following activation that also states we continue from year to year until we are told otherwise. All invoices left at the door throughout those years state that we continue services year after year as well. The purpose of the renewal process is to ensure convenience for our customers along with our desire to continue to provide optimum results year after year. However, we certainly do not intend to mislead anyone and because of our commitment, TruGreen will gladly credit the balance from the March application from Mrs. ******* account. We hope this solution meets her expectations and that she will reach out to us if we can help her with her lawn care needs in the future.

Complaint Resolution: Company resolved the complaint issues. The consumer acknowledged acceptance to BBB.

04/12/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Additional Notes

Complaint Category: None of the Above - Product Quality Complaint Issue

Complaint: For two summers I paid more than $1200 dollars for service on my lawn. My lawn looks as though it has never been treated.
The representative would leave a note on the door stating they knocked (and they never knocked)I have a doorbell it never rang each time.) The integrity was compromised with this issue. The main issue-with every representative I would be told that my Fescue would be treated and no inventory stated it was treated. I complain and they told me that a manager would investigate. That did not happen either. I finally called and told them to cancel the service. This was summer 2012 and they kept coming, leaving a note that they had treated my lawn. They charged me twice for the same day. The explanation-I had two different treatments but they were not sure. I called again because I paid for one treatment for the day of service and I was told that I they were going to turn the other payment not paid for the same day against my credit. The representative told me that she could only take the complaint and would have someone call me back. I waited a week--no one called me back. I called again and the representative could not explain the charge and told me she would have a manager call me. I had already waited a total of two weeks at that time to have someone rectify the charges. I paid the discrepancy because I did not want it to go against my credit. I feel Tru Green owes me this money back and apology for my horrific lawn full of fescue. I have paid over $1200 dollars the last 2 years and my lawn looks worse than anyone in the neighborhood. My biggest complaint is the process of helping customers and the lack of responsibility to follow through on the service the consumer is paying to receive. I have cancelled my service as of March 9, 2013. I have chosen a highly recommended,reputable, small business to begin my service in April.

Business' Initial Response
Contact Name and Title: ************** GM
Contact Phone:***********
Contact Email: *************
Each time TruGreen services a property we leave a flag as well as an invoice pertaining to the treatments that were performed. In August of 2012, Mrs. ******* account was set up on auto pay status. This process automatically debits the specified account once we treat the lawn. On 10/3/2012, TruGreen treated the lawn. That auto draft of $84 was declined. We returned to apply her next schedule visit on 11/2/2013. That auto draft of $84 was also declined. These services were not applied on the same date, but were actually 2 separate pre-scheduled treatments applied around 4 weeks apart. On 2/1/2013, Mrs. ******* made a partial payment of $84 to cover the October application. On 02/15/2013, TruGreen applied the scheduled Lime application. The auto draft for that treatment was successfully processed. TruGreen's policy is to turn any remaining balances left unpaid over to collections after 120 days. Therefore, the treatment applied in November of 2012 was turned over to collections on 02/28/2013. However, Mrs. ******* did pay the remaining balance of $84 on 3/22/2013 which left her with a zero balance owed. We regret that she had such a bad experience and did not get the proper communication in reference to the balance information. We also regret that she wasn't happy with results and service. TruGreen has a guarantee policy that states "We will work with you until satisfied". Unfortunately, my records do not reflect any complaints pertaining to services of last year prior to now. I have tried to reach out to Mrs. ******* via the telephone number on file to explain and address any concerns she may have. Unfortunately, I do not get an answer or voice mail when calling. I would love to speak with her personally to explain if possible. If she is interested, she can reach me at my desk at ********9280 to discuss further. If I am not at my desk at the time of her call, she can leave a voice mail and I will get back in contact with her immediately upon receiving her message.

Consumer's Final Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I called and gave an accurate phone number. I do not hear the phone downstairs but sleep with my cell next to my bed because i work the midnight shift. I gave customer service the accurate number. I called customer service 6 times and not once did they give me the explanation as listed above. I complained 6 times to this company and they did nothing to rectify the problem with my grass. I explained to the agent that I was cancelling the card for services due to lack of concern for my yard work. I have cancelled my service with them. It is not a customer's fault when complaints are sent to a company and they are not documented. I paid the balance in full because I pay my bills. They did not hold up to the agreement of satisfaction or it would not have taken a complaint to your department to get a manager to respond. I have found a reputable small business that does most of my neighborhood and I can tell a difference already. Tru Green is paid in full but the services rendered were not the services promised.

Business' Final Response
I have tried to reach out to Mrs. ******* to discuss this matter in further detail but have been unsuccessful. The Macon branch recently has taken over the ************ territory and had no previous contact with her pertaining to the issues she has experienced. I sincerely regret that she had a bad experience with TruGreen and would love a chance to personally change her perception of the company. We are committed to customer satisfaction and stand behind that commitment with our guarantee policy. Therefore, TruGreen will refund the amount of her last application of $84.00 to the card ending in 4897. I encourage her to contact me if she would like to discuss the matter in detail and/or if she ever needs anything in the future.

Complaint Resolution: Company addressed the complaint issues. The consumer failed to acknowledge acceptance to BBB.

06/12/2013Advertising / Sales Issues
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12/05/2011Guarantee / Warranty Issues

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