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Why do Customers trust BBB?

Every month more than 12 million customers visit looking for trustworthy businesses. No matter whether they are looking for online businesses or local contractors, BBB helps them find a business they can trust.


Why become BBB Accredited?

BBB Accreditation is about showing who and what you are to your customers. It's about aligning your values with ours. But it's also about growing your business. BBB has various to help you and your business.

  • Advertise BBB Accreditation - Our BBB logo is available in both online and offline formats to show customers you've met the BBB Code of Business Practices. Use it on your website, ads, quotes, business cards and office space to highlight your BBB Accreditation.
  • Customize your BBB Business Profile - Our Business Profiles are a great way to tell customers about who you are and what you are. Upload photos and videos to tell a story about your business, but also talk about products and services you offer, your hours of operation, service area and more.
  • Receive Quotes - BBB's Request-a-Quote program is a way for customers to request quotes from one or more BBB Accredited Businesses and find the right fit for both yours and their needs.
  • Save Money - BBB Accreditation offers you the ability to save money on insurance, gas, credit card processing and various other services that you, your business or your employees might need

What does BBB Accreditation cost?

BBB Accreditation dues are set by our Board of Directors and based on the number of full time employees you have. We have numerous payment options to help you pay off your yearly dues and they are 100% tax deductible. Once you finish the application, a BBB representative will reach out to complete the process.

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Part 2: Find your Business
Part 3: Enter your Application
Part 4: Pay your Invoice
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