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4 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 3 closed in last 12 months
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Billing / Collection Issues1
Problems with Product / Service3
Advertising / Sales Issues0
Delivery Issues0
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Complaint Resolution Log (4)
04/25/2016Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Front Range Exteriors was hired to stain one side of my log home. They were given both the exact stain name and a bucket of stain to use for comparison. They also recorded the stain color name on their forms. After all this, they applied the wrong color to stain to the house. I have attempted through many email and a face-to-face meetings to get them to fix the problem. To date, they have admitted that they applied the wrong color stain, but they are refusing to fix it. They stated that they will not charge me for applying the wrong color stain, but will not fix the color miss match problem. This is not satisfactory to me because one side of my house no longer matches the other sides of my house. In its present state, the house does not look right and their work has devalued the house.
While accompanying Front Range Exteriors, we visited their paint and stain expert and supplier. The picture attached is a sample of the wrong stain (dark) and the correct stain (light) on the same piece of wood taken with their stain expert. It is easy to see that this isn't a slight mismatch in color difference, but a significant one.
I am sure that they do not want to fix it because it would be costly to make it right, but that is not my problem. They stained my house the wrong color, admitted to staining it the wrong color and now they don't want to fix it. Their response is that it, "looks good enough." This type of response is unacceptable. My desire is for them to fix the problem, and make the house look correct.

Desired Settlement
They need to make the side of the house where they stained it look like the rest of the house. They claim to be the painting and staining experts, but it is my opinion that they will need to sand the stain off they applied and re-stain the side of the house the correct color. They will also need to skim coat the chink (the area between the logs) to match the rest of the house.

Business Response
At Front Range Exteriors, we value giving our customers a high level of skill in the work we do, as well as satisfaction with the service and interaction throughout our projects. It is unfortunate that Mr. ***** is not satisfied with the results of his choices in this job, but all of his complaints are over decisions he made and approved along the way.

Staining a surface is different than painting it, in the way that as stain is applied, the color will become more complex and darker with each application, like layering stained glass. It was recommended for Mr. ***** to contract us for the entire front area of the house for this reason, but he chose to limit the scope of the job to a section of wall instead. We warned him that it would be darker than the other areas, and he was agreeable.

Industry standard with staining log homes is to stain the chinking by default. To avoid staining the chinking is more complicated than just taping it off. It requires a substantially higher amount of labor, which Mr. ***** did not discuss with us as part of the contract.

The stain Mr. ***** gave us to match was not a brand we use, and he was made aware and agreed to an exact match being unlikely. When our painter was ready to apply the stain, he noted the difference in color, with the new stain being darker, and waited until we consulted with Mr. ***** before proceeding. The job's project manager communicated with Mr. ***** at this point that the stain was darker than his original stain, and Mr. ***** gave the go-ahead to proceed.

After the job was completed, we did not get any negative feedback from ***** until we asked him to remit payment ($584 for the entire job). At that point, Mr. ***** seemed to change his concern every time someone talked to him, and between production and myself as the owner, we were forced to invest a disproportionately large amount of time in meeting with Tom and discussing the situation, to try to make him happy.

Ultimately, we gave him the choice of freeing him from the entire bill (making the work we performed free of charge), or having him pay his bill in exchange for us staining the rest of the front of the house for free. Mr. ***** chose to forego his bill, and then started demanding us to stain the rest of the front of the house on threat of taking us to court.

We feel that we went above and beyond our responsibility to make Mr. ***** happy, even performing the job for free, but in the end this is a customer unhappy with the choices he made, and we've done our best in good faith to achieve satisfaction.

Consumer Response
I have been out of the country for the past 10 days and unavavliable during this period of Upon returning, noticed that this complaint has been closed. It is not closed in my opinion and I would like to add further comment. Please contact me

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I completely disagree with Front Range Exteriors. They commented, "We feel we have tried to make everything right with this customer in good faith." They stained one side of my house the wrong color and are not willing to fix it. How is that trying to make everything right?
The solutions they have offered is to stain another section of my house the wrong color, while the rest of my house would continue to be a different color. How is that trying to make everything right?
I have clearly stated the facts in my previous responses. Front Range Exteriors continues not to address these facts.
I feel strongly that if someone from the BBB would meet with me, they could quickly see an obvious mistake was made by Front Range Exteriors.

Final Business Response

03/03/2016Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

We had a leaking problem in stucco and found this company to fix our problem: signed a contract.
5 Jan 16: Met production manager - he explained process of a wet application (spray, back roll, and spray of elastomeric paint to stucco).
Instead of a crew of painters to do this work - one person with a sprayer painted 60% of the house solo with no back roll and began removing paper from windows.
We called production manager - he arrived and discussed with sub that paint is not being applied as per contract.
6 Jan 16: PM met with painter - discussed issue - solo painter again began rolling. By 1pm 2 other painters arrived and finished the entire house including cleanup by 3:30 or 4pm. Contract requires coordination with subcontractor to perform walkthrough - there was never contact between us (homeowner) and crew lead - we assume he showed up second day but never made contact or arrangement for walkthrough so the job could be complete. Contacted this day by billing - explained no walkthrough with crew - they wanted 1/2 down - we explained let's meet with crew lead and perform walk and we will pay in full.
7 Jan 16: contacted by billing - for payment. Due to weather (snow) we have not inspected house but have seem some obvious problem areas and need crew lead walk through and we will pay.
President called leaving aggressive voice mail implying we are playing games - contract states he gets paid immediately when job is complete.
President left another harassing vm same day stating he is turning job over to collections and we will get no warranty and pay collections fees.
Left work early to contact President (Matt) - he would not answer. contacted production manager - he contacted billing - they contacted us - we paid bill explaining we have not had a walkthrough and we feel we are pressured into paying without a proper close to project. They promised we would get attention only after we paid bill in full. We discussed displeasure and requested a call from President to discuss.
President called - thankful we paid. we discussed our displeasure about being forced - he said we violated contract. then he accused us of not caring about our project or house since we did not make ourselves available to crew leader.
1) we have never met crew lead
2) we prepped entire house to ensure quality job - crew did no prep, or repairs to stucco as indicated in contract. They did very poor job powerwashing and we re-powerwashed to ensure good job.
3) No crew showed until we contacted PM who contacted president - who showed on jobsite for 30 mins then accused us of leaving before job complete - even though we had no contact to know when job would be complete
4) president accuses us of playing games
5) clear indication of missing spots of paint, overspray, painted over wasp nests pointed out to painter (not crew leader) who ignored and painted over
6) president said we got extra paint he paid for to ensure backrolling/wet application - but he was there only 30 mins and crew completed backroll in under 3 hours??
7) bottom line - during the call, the president (Matt) would not even give us the privilege to finish a sentence trying to discuss our concerns - he argued and talked over us constantly to the point nothing was resolved.
This man should not interface with customers ever.

Desired Settlement
A elastomeric paint application to the house following the contract they stated during sales pitch and during production manager explanation of job on first day. if that is not possible, written warranty stating if house walls leak during rainstorm they will repaint. if that is not possible, a refund and apology from the president in writing.

Business Response
The proper amount of product or more has been applied to this house and a walk through and touch ups have been completed.
We cannot warrant that the home will not leak again as the leak was certainly not coming "through" the stucco system in the first place. The coating waterproofs the surface of the stucco and protects against water penetration and damage from freeze and thaw cycles to the stucco itself. The entire system keeps water out of the house. If the stucco has been properly done originally there is 1/8 inch of stucco, 7/8 inch of cement brown coat, 2 layers of felt paper and 7/16 inch sheathing. Water is not going through that.
Any leaks they may be experiencing are most likely coming from the roof or through the windows due to a cracked frame from full capture sumps in the windows filling with water and freezing. Our experience would indicate that the windows are the issue here as we see this problem often. The customer was advised before the signing of the contract that the windows were the likely source of his problem.
Our standard warranty of 7 years labor 25 years material applies. We would be happy to provide that in writing. This warrants the specific performance of the coating only. It does not cover water penetration into the house as this is not the function of the coating nor was that ever the issue concerning the leak(s).
The customer unfortunately entered this process with some preconceived notions that were wrong and our estimator could not correct these notions. Mainly the source of the original problem (the leak).

Consumer Response
The company lies. We discussed the leak through the stucco with their salesman, who informed us this is common and that "elastomeric paint applied to the house using their process of spray and wet rolling will protect the house from 100mph wind driven rain" - guaranteed.
FrontRangeExteriors did not estimate the paint needed for the house (that is why he states "proper amount or more product has been applied"). The owner was mad he had to buy more paint - that is his company's mistake for not estimating the job properly.
Finally, the company did not manage their subcontractors. Only a single painter showed up to paint (he sprayed 60% of the house with zero wet rolling). The paint was not applied to the house properly. That is when the owner became belligerent with us for not immediately paying the bill when the subs were "finished". He would not listen to any of our concerns, instead he threatened us with collections and loss of what he calls a warranty. The warranty meant he would have the subs come out and "touch up". I took a day off of work to supervise the single painter who returned to finish the job (only after I paid in full). In the end, they touched up any places where I could see thru the paint (there were at least 25 spots (some huge sections of walls, corners, and especially the entire wall that leaks) I had to point out - like the sub and the on-site operations manager couldn't see what I could see). I did not get the elastomeric paintjob promised by the salesman and the operations lead and now the owner is trying to say stucco doesn't leak and I came to them with some preconceived notion. Lies.
Bottom Line: Buyers beware. If you expect to hire this company to paint a house for you - be prepare to meet the subs, manage the subs, coordinate a review of the subs work, etc. A professional painting firm will ensure the subs paint your house professionally. They would not expect you to manage their subs to get a quality work. FrontRangeExteriors is NOT a professional company.

Final Business Response
Please refer to previous response.

12/22/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Front Range oversaw projects from hail storm damage to home (5/21/2014). One project was the installation of a gutter guard to replace our Gutter Helmet. Front Range (F.R.) charged $655.89 (out of the insurance allowed amount of $685.45), whih was paid to them by ENT Credit Union, Dec. 2014. This summer, I noticed problems with the gutter guard product. I contacted F.R. Eric, production mgr. from F.R. came with people from a gutter business in August. All agreed it was not done properly. Eric was to be back in touch. I did not hear back. Later, I noticed water dripping off roof during a gentle rain. There is enough space between the gutter and fascia board that water drips in-between. I contacted Matt, the owner of F. R. to request refund of gutter protection so we can get it replaced. He agreed to repaint where paint is coming off gutter, and to fill holes in fascia board where bolts have come out around gutter guard installation. Matt contends that in discussing this product with myself and my husband initially, that he would NOT recommend using the Gutter Helmet style (the product we had in place at time of hail storm, which was working), and encouraged us to use "the tray system called bulldog". Neither of us remember that conversation. We would definitely remember if we had been told:
1. This product is cannot be warranted because the manufacturer says it cannot be installed properly for a Dutch-styled roof like ours.
2. It will come apart where the sections overlap each other
3. It will be dented and uneven after installation
4. The small bolts we use to hold the gutter guard in place do not go through the pre-drilled holes in the product, and they will in fact start falling out of the fascia board by summer. The gutter guard will then pop up from the gutter.
5. It will not keep rain water from your roof from going between the gutter and the fascia board.
These are problems I described to Matt in text messages sent 8/3/15 and 9/2/15, along with pictures of problem. I asked if he'd please come out to see all the above listed problems for himself. He reiterated his offer to paint, fill holes, and remove gutter guard, and said there'd be no refund. He then asked that I end the text conversation.
We need $ to replace the damaged product F.R. installed. We would like help with this problem. Note: It looks like only 1 picture uploaded in the next section. I have 3 pictures I tried to upload. Please let me know if they didn't come across.

Desired Settlement
We would like a refund for the $655.89, plus repainting of gutters, and caulking of bolt holes after removal of damaged gutter guard.

Business Response
At Front Range Exteriors, our primary focus is giving customers the best products and service we can for the best possible value. We have over a thousand happy customers. Ms. ******* is correct that the installed gutter guard was not the best product for the needs of her home. Last year (2014), when Matt estimated the job, he recommended the proper gutter guard, but this customer insisted upon the guard that was ultimately installed. He strongly discouraged Ms. ******* from the improper gutter guard she wanted, specifically went over the pros and cons of the different systems, how the guard she wanted wasn't a good fit for her gutters, and that the guard she wanted would not be covered under a warranty because it was not proper for good installation. However, she insisted upon its installation anyway.

As expected, we received complaints from Ms. ******* following the large rain storms of this year (2015) when the gutter guard began to fail. Out of courtesy, we offered to remove the undesirable gutter guard, fill any holes, and repaint the area. Ms. ******* has chosen to make a BBB complaint instead.

We feel that we did our best to discourage Ms ******* from purchasing the gutter guard that she would inevitably have issues with, short of walking away from the job. We also offered in good faith to remove them after her dissatisfaction, fix, and re-paint the area free of charge. However, after the effort we put into this project to sell her an appropriate product, and her multiple instances of disregard for Matt's recommendations and warnings, it would be inappropriate for us to refund her as she desires.

Consumer Response
***Document Attached***
I don't think 3 of the pictures uploaded correctly. Will try again.

Final Consumer Response
I received the offer for mediation, which I would like to pursue after consideration by Front Range of the following additional information and change in desired resolution.
On 10/14/15, ******* adjuster, Gary *******, came to review the gutter situation. I emailed Front Range and texted the owner, Matt, to ask if someone from F.R. could be present to discuss any differences that might arise. I was notified that no one from F.R. would be coming. These are the findings as per ******* adjuster:
1. ******* approved gutter guard replacement for 58.25 LF on the south side of house. Gary found that roofers took off 58.25 LF on north side of home that was not damaged, and they did not replace it. It was in good shape and should have been replaced. (Product is clip-on style.) Gary said that if there was any additional damage seen by F.R. when installing roof, F.R. needed to communicate that so ******* could take pictures and adjust the claim for added replacement. That was NOT done and adding the extra 58.25 LF "was not within ******* scope". F.R. did not communicate their reasons for taking all of the gutter guard down. Their charges to ******* are for 58.25 linear feet only - yet all 116.5 LF was taken down. 2. The adjuster noted more areas where water has leaked between the eaves and the gutter and raised the question of water damage to the wood behind the gutter. This needs to be fixed and is a separate issue from gutter guard. I have been given the name of a person at Pikes Peak Regional Building who might be willing to look at problem. (The roof passed inspection, but the water drainage problem will hopefully be checked by this person.)
1. We need to replace all 116.5 LF of gutter guard, doubling the replacement cost from $685.45 (allowed by *******) to $1,370.90
2. We need professional gutter installers to look at the gutters and determine what needs to be done to fix the leaking. We did not get to hear the recommendations of the gutter installers who came with Eric back in August. F.R. has currently agreed to sand and paint gutters, but a painter can't assess this kind of damage where there are gaps and possible water damage. We need a professional to determine solution.
Please let me know how to proceed. Thank you.

11/12/2014Billing / Collection Issues | Read Complaint Details

This is my second complaint against this company. My previous complaint is BBB Complaint Case# ******** (Ref#***********-********-*****)‏. The company contacted me on 21 OCT asking if I had mailed the check yet, we did on 10 OCT. The company then stated that they had moved and not gotten forwarded mail. With their continuous refusal to admit they have made any mistake, or attempt to fix any mistake I gave them a poor review on their facebook page. They commented stating that I don't pay my bills. As far as I know this is illegal in debt collection, and also the fact that I DID pay the bill. They quickly deleted their comments but I took screen shots.

Desired Settlement
Again, the work to be completed, and an apology and them to take responsibility for their actions. They still do not acknowledge they did anything wrong, or that I had to fix their mistakes, (my gate and DirecTV Dish) myself.

Business Response
In response to the complaint case initiated by *****************, to address his points:

We received the replacement payment check in question on 28 Oct, which ****** is aware of, as I let him know by email, and he had sent the check by certified mail. The original check sent was received two days later, post-marked on 14 Oct. The reason why it was delayed in the mail had nothing to do with our old address, and we don't know why the post office had issue with that letter, but we are currently holding the original (voided) check to dispose of once we receive instruction from **********. We are now awaiting the final check, and then our business will be concluded, and the roof warranty will be available.

On Facebook, we didn't delete our comments. It was likely flagged as spam and deleted by Facebook, since ********** has been repeating the same bad review all over the internet. We don't attempt to collect debts through Facebook.

To address the desired resolution:

The work has been complete since 5 Oct. The last detail that needed completed for the job was the glass pack needing replaced on one window, delayed because of a mix-up in the interpretation of the insurance paperwork. When we finally received the glass pack from the manufacturer, it was installed within two hours of being delivered to our office. Along every point of contact involving the delayed glass, and the tweaked gate hinge, our production manager was apologetic with ************** (the contracted customer). When we originally heard about the problem with the gate hinge via ******'s voice mail, once we figured out who he was (because he was not our contracted customer), when we called to fix the gate, he had already taken it upon himself to screw the hinge back in. We would have been happy to fix it. We didn't even hear about the satellite dish until well after the work was completed. I also spoke to ****** personally within the week of 20 Oct (when working out the details about the lost check), and apologized for any inconveniences and communication problems he experienced.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
The lies and disrespect continue! Thanks for just calling me by just my last name, that is very professional! I have not contacted you in regards to the original check yet, because contacting your company is a constant head ache. If it was flagged as spam and deleted by Facebook that is because you deleted it off your page. Leaving a poor review for a company you received terrible service from is not spam. I am not sure how you consider asking for payment on there as not trying to collect a payment through Facebook.

The work was not complete on 5 OCT, if it was completed, it was completed sometime after 8 OCT, the day that we closed on our house. The day that your company continued to stonewall with any resolution or paperwork to help me fully close. When I spoke with Front Range in the week leading up to my closing they continuously stated it would be complete by the 8th. On 3 October, when they replaced the glazing, I even told them I would fix the window myself by the 8th or get another company if they could not complete it, and they assured me it would be done on the 6th at the latest.

My wife contacted you 7 days prior to me calling about the damage to the gate, and nobody responded to her, and it took 3 days to respond to my voicemail. It was not simply the hinge was "tweaked", it was ripped out of the post, but once again nobody came out to even look at the damage, so yes I did buy a new hinge and wood and replace it. You obviously were not happy to fix it, as it took over 10 days for you to respond about the damage. You were also aware of damage to the Satellite Dish, but as you are not DirecTV you would be unable to fix it so I am not sure how you claim you would. You spoke with me on the week of the 20th of October because you were attempting to bully my wife, again. I am listed on the contract as ******, I spoke with the rep that came out that day via telephone and also it was my house and my insurance. Your company was preying on the wife of a Service member who was out of the area due to military obligations. You did not apologize, you continue to blame other people and make it seem like its not your fault. As usual, you show your true colors with lies and distortions of fact. I can't wait to send the last check to you, once my insurance figures how to issue it to me, because the mortgage company listed as a co-claiment no longer holds a mortgage on the property. Nobody in your company apologized to ******** about anything, they simply stalled and gave excuses as to why the work was not done. She has been with me for every terrible review I wrote for you, and is more then willing to make them herself and also complain if that makes you feel any better.

Final Business Response
Respectfully, I stand by my previous response. We have been highly apologetic with Mr. **********, and Mrs.****** when we dealt with her directly about any problems. I did misspeak on the date the glass pack was installed. It was actually installed on the 8th of October (not the 5th), the day before ********** made the first complaint, again, literally within 2 hours of being delivered to us.

It is unfortunate we've had these problems with **********. Our actual customer,******, has been a pleasure to work with, and we were in communication with her throughout the project. I still do not understand what possible resolution ********** is trying to achieve. The work is complete, we have apologized for the inconvenience with the gate and insurance paperwork problems of the glass pack for the window. All we await is the final check for services rendered, and our dealings with ********** and****** will be complete.

As of today, 11-10-14, we have had 380 customers in the year of 2014, plus or minus a few, and 99% of them are very happy with our quality, products, and service. As with any business, there will always be issues from time to time, unforeseen complications, etc., and we try to handle them as best we can with the customer's happiness in mind. Customer service comes first. We have similarly tried to fix the problems with the late delivery of the glass pack (it's a special-ordered thermal unit that needs to be manufactured; not something you can just pick up from a home improvement store) and the tweaked gate hinge as best we can, although we've obviously had some communication problems with ******. I must point out that his last response is a good example of that, which shows that we've attempted communicating with him about the voided check, and he has refused communication, because he "didn't want to deal with the headache". Despite our efforts to smooth things over with this customer, it appears that ********** has made up his mind to be unreasonable and inconsolable. It is unclear as to what resolution he desires, since the work is complete, and the 'late check' situation is resolved.

Like with all of our customers, we'd love nothing more than for ********** and****** to find satisfaction in the work we performed, our assistance in their insurance claim, our service, and our handling of the problems that presented themselves. If all he wants is an apology, as loosely stated in his desired resolution, they've gotten plenty along the way, and I'll say again, ******, that I'm sorry we've had these communication issues, and that the glass pack took the time it did to be created and delivered. I'd hope that our speedy responsiveness in installing it when we finally received it will help you understand and move on. Once final payment is in, we'll be able to write the warranty that you can present to the new home-owners, and if you ever need anything else with the property, we'll be happy to help however we can.

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Respectfully, you still address me and my wife by simply our last name, which is rude and disrespectful. My wife, ********, stopped speaking with your company due to your rude and abusive "customer service" and lies. In my last response, that I don't want to deal with you on the cancelled check, is because I do not wish to speak with you without a 3rd party, such as the BBB monitoring your words, because as was pointed out you lied, or "misspoke" about the facts. As far as the glass pack, you are standing by that it took from 16 September until 8 October to get it in? That the glass did not arrive until 23 days after you stated the work would be done in your contract? You did not even measure for the glass until the week before you installed it, despite ******** repeatedly calling and to find out when the final date for completion would be, so we could close on our house without issues. Inconsolable is a laugh. What has your company done to attempt to fix this? The day of my closing when your employee "***" said he would be in at 7 to give us an invoice so we could attempt to close, and my wife contacted him at 730, he said he was just in the office at 7, not that he would be working on the documents we needed at 7. You still have made no attempt at an apology. You speak out of both sides of your mouth, with a half apology and then half insulting me and my family. You have done nothing to try to fix anything or make it right, you had until my closing to make any attempt to fix anything and have not, you continue to disrespect my family and not acknowledge that you made a mistake. You can blame whoever you want for the mistake, but the fact is your company did not deliver what it promised it would. You still refuse to acknowledge that my name is on your contract, and make quips about how we are "inconsolable." I am unsure of how you handled anything "The best you could", when in fact nothing was done. If you could point out any attempt your company made to do anything about supposedly completing the work over 23 days late, or the damage you caused my property I would love to see it. You can not fix my wife crying as we sat in the office waiting to close without the final documents or the work being complete as your company said it would be numerous times, or the abuse that your company has put us through. I highly doubt that the other 380 supposed customers are happy with you, if they are that goes to show that you singled us out, viewing a female whose husband was away for the Army as a target of opportunity for your company to do poor work, damage property, not complete work at all or late and try to do so with out repercussions. You continue to try to paint yourself in a light where you did nothing wrong. Fact: Your company ripped my gate off the hinges and dropped something on my satellite dish and ignored her call for 7 days and mine for 3, before even contacting me about the damage you did. Fact your company got paint all over our house from the deck. Fact your company took over 23 days after your contract said to supposedly finish the work on the house. Fact you were attempting to bully me on a bad review and slander me for a check you had. Fact, you continue to lie about the dates you did things as was proven in your response. You have not addressed any of these issues, only try to deflect blame from your poorly managed and rude company. There is no apology from your company, only more insults directed at us. Again, if it makes you feel better my wife ********, which is her name as opposed to "Brown" as you feel is appropriate to call her, will file her own complaints and reviews of your terrible service and lies as well. You still have made no valid attempt to fix anything. ******** and I will also be reporting your tactics and business practices of deceit and disrespect to Soldiers and their families to Fort Carson and Peterson AFB, so they can attempt to warn other military members of what your company will do to them. Have a blessed and safe Veteran's days.

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