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Energy Savings Solutions USA, LLC

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4 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 3 closed in last 12 months
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Advertising / Sales Issues3
Problems with Product / Service1
Billing / Collection Issues0
Delivery Issues0
Guarantee / Warranty Issues0
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12/28/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Was involved in Sales Distributor agreement with this company. As I later found out that the agreement to sale the products was not feasible to do.
I went in to a agreement with Energy Saving Solutions on 8/15/2013. As a LED Distributor sales person. I worked in the business for about 10 months total with no sales. I noticed that I was running into the same issue with different business entities. That would not do business with me without the proper paper work setup which was a use tax certificate. At the time I did not know what that was. Until I later did some investigation of my own and found out. I contacted ****** ******** of Energy Savings Solutions and let her know of the problem I was having. She asked me what office of government do she need to call in my state to check on the problem. I never never heard anything back from her about it. So continued to work Thinking it would be handled. As maybe a few more weeks passed * didn't hear anything back I began to realize that there were no initiative being taken to figure out what needed to be done to get the use tax certificate in my state Tennessee. I called there office on several occasions and did not get any responses or had the phone hung up in my face. I even email there Managing Director ***** ***** and never received a response. So called the department of Revenue here for TN and asked to guide me in the right direction on what to do. The told me to go to there site and read about Sales use tax requirements in TN. What I discovered is that A Use tax is required by law for any sales person, solicitor of any sort to have in order to do business or have any sales in TN. Even though Energy Saving Solutions is a out of state entity. If you have any sales people soliciting sales for products that are being shipped into the state. Must have a use tax certificate or they will be committing a Class C misdemeanor. So obviously it is unlawful to do so. And under contract law. This agreement would fall under breach of contract between me and Energy Saving Solutions for having a agreement that was impossible to preform on my part. I paid Energy Savings Solutions $1500 on 8/15/13 and $500 on 8/29/13 As a deposit to get into the business. I also Paid Universal Guardian Acceptance LLC the financier for there distributorship program, roughly $1400 during the time I was paying on the monthly balance for the Distributorship. Which was a total of $13,000. So much time has elapsed and IO never heard anything back from this company until a few months ago I was contacted by a representative of Energy Saving Solutions about a balance I owe them by email. I replied to the email with most of the same thing I stated here that it is and was at the time illegal to solicit any products of any sort to be brought into TN without a use tax certificate. She was not aware of the situation I had with the company as I'm sure she was new. After saying that I never heard thing back from the lady. Which further made me realize that they knew The contract was voidable from the beginning and all proceeds that I paid into the business to them should be refunded. They are a bad company to put people in illegal activity situations and knowingly not do anything about it and should be investigated.

Desired Settlement
I would like to be refunded all the money I put into the business. The money I paid on that account. And to receive a notice that I'm no longer in a contract with them and will never receive any call or email from the ever in the future.

Business Response
All distributors are independent contractors and are therefore required to register themselves in their own local jurisdiction if there are any special local, municipal - county or state laws requiring such registration. According to the state laws of TN ( the distributor) is an independent contractor who BY LAW is REQUIRED to register himself or his sales entity for TN use tax certificate. It clearly states in our contract with independent contractor that this is HIS legal responsibility - not ours. I suggest that he has an attorney review the independent contractor agreement that he signed for clarification on this matter.

12/07/2015Advertising / Sales Issues | Read Complaint Details

Purchased license to sell company product Jan 2014. Product performance deceptively advertised, could not supply product for sales orders, all fraud!
I purchased Energy Saving Solution's license in January 2014 to sell company's brand called "Forever LED Lights". The business model was for licensee to sell licensor's brand of "Forever LED lights" to commercial customers. Licensee proposed to replace a prospect's out of date and inefficient lighting with new efficient and energy saving LED lights, specifically ESS's brand of Forever LED lights. The large savings projected from a retrofit were estimated to provide a very quick ROI to the prospect. In addition a finance program was offered to th customer where the monthly financial savings from reduction of energy consumption would exceed the monthly payments for product, calculated over a certain period of time, so the customer would have positive cash flow.

Licensor provided licensee with training, marketing materials and software, and lighting tool kit to conduct business.

1) Company deceptively advertises life span and savings of 50 years of their product and a 50 year life time warranty

Their licensor provided product training webinars, marketing materials, and energy savings analysis software imply a life span of Energy Saving Solution's "Forever LED Lights" of 50 year and energy and financial savings of 50 years. Company sales contract reported immediate 50 years savings with sale. Company back up these claims with a life time warranty, serviced and backed up by provider McKusker Company.

After several weeks in the filed attempting to make sales by face to face presentations, joining trade associations and exhibiting at trade shows it became apparent that the 50 year life time claim and warranty created suspicion and lack of trust from a prospective customer, clearly harming the chance of a sales.
On numerous occasions i questioned ***** ***** on how the lights last longer and if he will replace them ;forever; if they fail as strongly implied on all company provided materials. On numerous occasions in an irritated manner he assured me the Forever LED lights had superior components and that if any failed he would replace them as many times as they failed over 50 years. I made sure to ask him this in front of then sales manager *** ****** because even he had become suspicious, and this is when ***** ***** became irritable but still verbally assured they lasted or would be replaced "forever". As customer skepticism continued towards the end of April 2014 I decided to contact the warranty provider McKusker Company who serviced and backed up the warranty in case of ESS not remaining in business. They clearly told me it was a once time replacement warranty based on the average life span of LED lights at time of customer's purchase.

2) Company could not deliver products ordered in timely manner
My first sale was to a clothing retailer for approx 50 lights and $2,200 in early Feb 2014. As of mid-May 2014 less than half the order had been delivered and customer complained they were not the lights he ordered. ESS did not reposed to customers complaints or request for refund. My 2nd sale was for 12 sample lights and after 6 weeks of customer canceled his test order.

3) Company's 'support' was detrimental to licenses success.
- Licensor refused to let licensees network or be in contact with one another to discuss best practices and get support.
- Licensor was not available to assist licensee by email, phone or in person when licensee had product questions during a sales appointment
- Licensee refused to provide any trade references making it impossible to sell product
4) Company's main source of revenue was from selling licenses. They could not supply product licensor had purchased license to sell, or provide licensee with an established operating system. It took over 4 months, 2,000+ cold calls, 103 presentations, joining trade associations, exhibited at trade expos and investing $5,000+ in promoting company brand to give up the dream accept this was a complete scam.

Desired Settlement
I want a refund of license and verifyable business costs incurred during my ill fated experieince as a licensee.

Business Response
Regarding Case # XXXXXXXX
******* ********

1) We have honored Energy Saving Solutions has been in business for many
years serving 100s of customers and selling lots of LED Lighting. All of
the LED Lights we sell come with a Lifetime replacement guarantee should any
of our long lasting LED lights fail. To date there has not been one single
customer that Energy Saving Solutions has not honored our warranty with.
Clearly if you can't believe in something - it is hard to sell it. This
seems to be the case with Mr. ********.

2) The ONE SALE that Mr ******** DID make in his very short tenure as an
energy saving solutions distributor - our customer owned a small women's
boutique clothing shop. Customer was VERY particular with regard to the
light output and color temperature of the lights. He tested 3 different
sets of lights for brightness and color temperature of the light. Some of
the lights tested were not normal stock items and had to be CUSTOM
MANUFACTURED and shipped from overseas before he received them. This added
additional time frustrated both Mr. ******** and the customer. Once the
customer finally signed off on the lights that he wanted after much time and
testing - we had to manufacture and ship these from overseas - because these
lights because they were not a regular stock item. In short Mr ******** did
not manage the customers expectations properly with regards to how long
custom orders take with multiple trials of several different lights. A
unique consultative service that we offer to service our customer's lighting
needs better.

3) I personally have had dozens of face to face meetings with Mr ******** -
including 2 lunch meetings and time at my own home with Mr ********
supporting him. In addition, 100s of email exchanges, 73+ hours of
support hours logged with our internal dealer support staff. It was in part
because of Mr. ******** that we added more support staff. We could not have
supported him any more. We have over 50+ trade references always and
readily available within our proposal generation software ( case studies are
automatically generated from proposals) and we have video testimonials from
our customers on our website - click this link for example:

4) Being a distributor with Energy Saving Solutions requires a distributor
to explain things in a way customers can clearly understand. Managing
customer expectations properly, understanding the product and warranty and
emphasizing the massive savings that LED Lights will bring to the customer.
If it is true that he has made all of the cold calls as presentations as he
claimed then he should have had more commercial success as a distributor.
The proposal generation software only shows a scant amount of proposals
generated. Meaning Mr. ******** is simply not good at sales. It is up to
the distributor that joins Energy Saving Solutions as a distributor to
create dozens of proposals and close a certain percentage of these - which
Mr ******** has failed to do.

Conclusion: Like many distributorships some distributors have massive
success and some don't Clearly Mr ******** is one that did not have any
commercial success and wants to put the blame for his failure on our
company. We have done exceedingly more to support Mr ******** than any of
our 100's of distributors nationwide. Our contract clearly states that
there are no refunds or return of sample lighting products from

Consumer Response
***Document Attached***
The reply from licensor is a carefully written legal document that avoids the issues raised about licensor not being able to supply product in an accurate or timely manner, deceptive representation of product and warranty, refusing to supply trade references, refusing to allow contact between licenses, support that was detrimental to my success. I should have been the 'dream licensee'. Not only did I make over 2000 cold calls, 109 appointments with savings analysis, and my very best full time effort, I also invested funds in company brand, online marketing, high end marketing and trade exhibit materials, exhibiting at several trade expos, joining multiple trade associations. Over time I opened doors to fantastic opportunities with property management companies, hotels, office and apartment managers and school districts, however licensor refused to supply trade references on every single occasion, making it impossible to close sales. You can't expect companies and organizations of that magnitude to make significant investments without quality trade references. During my 5 month spell as a licensee I visited the ESS head office several times because I could not get response by phone or email. I heard the license sales staff using strong arm deceptive closing tactics, full of inaccurate details and too good to be true claims. Peter had a large staff turnover one of which was a sales manager by the name of *** ********* Hw was hired to try and help licensees close sales, but he quit just a couple of months later when he discovered Peter could not supply the lights fore the sales he closed. Ultimately Peter *****'s business was all about selling licenses with no product for licensees to sell. Once he did build a network of licensees large enough to take product sales seriously he could not follow through with a reliable operating system for licensees to follow, product delivery, and most of all basic honesty. Looking back It would have been much easier to close sales based on building trust and relationships with the prospect for a product with a beleivable performance and warranty claim. Trying to sell forever led lights with claims of 50 year life spans and life time warranties had the opposite effect. Peter ***** and his Energy Saving Solutions has hurt a lot of very naive and trusting people, myself included, desperately looking for a job and falling for something that was too good to be true. I paid cash for the license but there are many others who are stuck with unpaid high interest loans. If you google search Peter ***** in south florida it is so easy to find him and see that his background is littered with law suites. A long history of fraud. I am not expecting Peter to give me a penny back of my $15,000 losses but I hope all who reads this will avoid him, ESS and any new company he has created since like a plague. Be warned!

Final Business Response
Regarding Case # XXXXXXXX

******* ********

Energy Saving Solutions has hundreds of satisfied clients who are enjoying the brilliant light output from the long-lasting Forever LED Lights(r) Tens of thousands or lights have been sold through our distributors. We have clients that range from standalone bicycle shops to national fast food franchises, hospitals, cities and school districts. I have personally have introduced you to many local businesses that have purchased Forever LED Lights(r)

I am truly sorry that you found your experience with Energy Saving Solutions unproductive. I hope that your career path leads you in a direction that best suits you.

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I have stated the issues clearly and the truth is Energy Savings Solutions does not have hundreds of satisfied clients but they do have hundreds of unsatisfied licenses. ***** ***** has not answered any of my accusations and facts and just white washes it over with untruthful claims. Be warned, do NOT purchase and Energy Saving Solutions license or any offerings from other companies ***** ***** forms. I am not satisfied with the solution and I am not going to go further with this no matter what additional replies he may have. Be warned do not do business with ***** *****, Energy Saving Solutions oe any other LED light offerings from ***** *****.

11/16/2015Advertising / Sales Issues | Read Complaint Details

This company collected my money and didn't deliver on their commitments and continues to hide behind the written agreement they executed.
I have gotten none of the support presented to me in our initial meeting including the training promised and starter kit of bulbs
I ask for customer references and you are unwilling to give them and tell me to get all of us on a call so you can overcome it.
I was never presented the $500- minimum dealer option that is/was available only the package i purchased for $8000 +
On 8/28 they indicated "The sales manager had moved on to training and development not related to direct training with distributors". That's not true he was gone from the company.
When I sat with Peter ***** and his Sales Manager it was made clear that the level of support I would receive is second to none and all I got was business cards, email, phone extension and some training videos.
When I asked for help on an extremely large national mall chain, I was denied even after expressing this was my first deal and it was rather large. Both Peter ***** and the new replacement sales manager were too busy.
After performing the audit and producing quotes for this large national mall chain, I left several messages for Peter ***** and got no reply until multiple voice messages and emails including my email expressing frustration on 7/28 and my phone message to Peter ***** expressing my frustration the previous Friday. Even after Peter telling me to send counts for a new bulb and he would do a manual quote I was unable to get any information until 2 weeks later when he then told me we don't have any source for it and acted as if you already told me that previously which is nonsense.
The replacement sales manager uses a google voice phone number that you cant call back on.
When I asked to return my demo box I was told .... "Our agreement indicates no refunds or returns". That's unsatisfactory and indicates this company only cares about a quick dollar and not the well being of its brand.
I ask you for the number or contact information for the dealer you spoke of that had a call center and you refused even after saying you could put us together if I wanted. Instead you send me a hip shot script to use.
I ask for the names of some other dealers that are successful and you refuse or avoid it. Makes me wonder why.
During our initial meeting with Peter ***** and the sales manager I expressed my experience with car dealers and asked if ESS had installed LED lights in dealers and the reply was "Yes we've done several dealers" just recently (within the last 2 weeks). I then followed up with Peter approximately 60 days after signing up so I could obtain the references Peter ***** spoke of and Peter said "We haven't done any car dealers and I don't understand why".

While signing the "Dealer agreement" I was told by both Peter ***** and the sales manager "Not to worry" and that I would be totally satisfied with the company so I trusted what they said. Well that's not the case.

I have done my research, spoke with a few other dealers and clearly understand that I'm not the only dissatisfied dealer and the refunds ESS had done previously and are currently being asked for and only hope I get the same consideration. I am not interested in getting into any type of legal issues or court conflict with Peter ***** or ESS and only seek to dissolve our relationship after agreeing on a refund to me for the entire amount I paid in cash to you.

Desired Settlement
$7500 Repaid to me and I will return the demo box and all material provided.

Business Response
We have an A+ rating with the BBB and we have many satisfied distributors and clients. The agreement that we have with ******* ****** as we have with ALL of the distributors that sign an agreement with Energy Saving Solutions is that THEIR RESPONSIBILITY as a distributor is to identify potential prospects, count and identify the light bulbs and fixtures that prospect currently has and enter this information into the proprietary proposal generation software provided so that distributors can create and present proposal for prospective. This distributor is under the false impression that Energy Saving Solutions role is to go out and count lights of potential customers. This seems to be this distributors main complaint. We have call logs with dozens of calls to our distributor support staff which we have answered in a timely and professional manner. I personally have spoken with this distributor dozens of times as well. Energy Saving Solutions is the supplier of lights. Our role is that once the proposal is generated and signed we deliver lights to the client. I have attached distributor agreement that clearly shows our role and distributors role. Additionally distributor contract in paragraph 14 which Mr. ******* has signed and agreed to: " If either party terminates this agreement NO REFUNDS will be issued to distributor." This distributor should be more upset with himself than the company he signed up with. He has not performed his role as distributor and blames our company for his lack of success in selling LED Lights.

We have many distributors that create proposals and have them signed by potential clients. As a result, earn healthy commissions.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Its interesting that everyone I spoke including previous managers from Energy Saving Solutions have all said the same thing.... Paraphrasing here but "This is not a viable business opportunity and ESS should be stopped". Several complaints on and another on BBB with more to come I'm sure.

How many distributors/dealers have been signed and how many have succeeded?
What would they all have to say about this opportunity?
How about we solicit their feedback to see just what everyone has to say.
Why was I not offered the $500 option?
Why would you not want to help your dealers succeed by allowing them to speak with other dealers about their success? All indications are that you don't want other dealers talking among each other because the opportunity isnt what you make it out to be and limited if any success has occurred.

Why would you not provide a few names and phone contact for happy customers to potential clients so they can make contact for references?

Would you like me to invite the list of unhappy dealers that feel scammed by ESS? I'm happy to invite them to chime in so we can finally understand whether or not what I'm saying is accurate. They all have he same issue

I Look forward to your reply

Final Business Response
Successful distributors get in front of as many companies as possible that desire to save money by replacing their LED Lighting ( with no-up-front out of pocket expense to the end customer), create proposals using our easy to use proposal generation software and close a portion of these deals. We have given all of the tools to this distributor so that he can have commercial success. This distributor has hardly produced any proposals and has not closed one single deal. For the tens of thousands of LED Lights sold through our distributors and channel partners, we have done our part and delivered lights. When the distributor does what they are supposed to do the customer and distributors win. We have spent an inordinate amount of time with this distributor - our support team answering technical questions, assisting whenever needed. There is nothing more we can do.

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Interesting how all of my key points including but not limited to the many dealers/distributors that feel the same way I do, The company fails to address. Please close this file and publish my complaint for the world to see. ESS needs to be stopped. Next call is to the attorney general

06/17/2015Advertising / Sales Issues | Read Complaint Details

after spending $10,000.00 for business and support
and told I would have 2 sales reps working for me who already had deals. neither rep had anything
I purchased program in June 2014. after they received check the sales rep was no longer with co. I tried to get support from office calling every day, receive nothing.the 2 reps who were under me 1 never started the other wont return sales mgr. wrote a script fo me to advertise for reps, only thing I received. I received 12 rep inqueries,they called office for traing,never heard from them again.dont know if they inlisted their services or what?. I continued to call for help until Feb. 2015 and asked for my money back, no deal. CEO called and said ,my people dont have time to help you with everything. he also stated I CANT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT MY REPS TOLD YOU, to get you to pay for program. Since Jan. 2015 when I called the operator, when someone answers forwards me to someone.So I understand this business is being run out of the employees homes, so they must not have an office anymore.
The fact of the matter is I was told things that were not true and now I wont even try to sell products because I dont even know if company exists.and I,am out $10,000.00.

Desired Settlement
I,am seeking 75% of cost back and I will return the material that was sent to me. I understand company had to pay there sales rep commission plus shipping charges, this would be $7500.00 returned to me. I did use some of the brochures but will return the rest.I have found comments from other people who dealt with this company and found many people have had bad experiences with company. I only wish I could have found them earlier and I would never have dealt with these people, cause I
really dont have time to hire a lawyer as I work a full time job. That is why company was going to find reps to help me to sell products which they never did after they got my money

Business Response
This is simply a case of a independent contractor / distributor that never has NEVER put forth an effort nor initiated any proposals and expects results / sales commissions without putting in the work. Now he expects a refund for products tools and training he has purchased to become an independent contractor sales rep / distributor. Our agreement clearly states no refunds.

We have had dozens of conversations with this independent sales rep to no avail. We repeatedly tell him that it is UP TO HIM to produce proposals and sales. All of the verbal communications with him have been to that effect. Our independent contractor / distributor agreement clearly indicates that his role is to generate proposals and sell. Our role is to deliver goods. The distributor is an independent contractor and is solely responsible for soliciting business and getting sales. Period. No other written or verbal agreement we have with anyone says otherwise. It is clearly stated in the distributor agreement that independent sales reps ( distributors)can build their own teams if they desire to do so. It is also clearly stated in our distributor agreement that if distributor does not generate sales or is unhappy for whatever reason they may at ANY TIME terminate agreement with our company ( which he has not done as of today ) It also is clear in our agreement that there is a strict NO REFUND policy. As such we are not willing to refund distributor for products purchased. We have been extremely patient with this distributor on all of the calls received by him. We have taken his call every time he calls us. We repeatedly tell him on every call the same thing. "you are responsible for your own sales and we are here to deliver goods that you sell" I have repeatedly encouraged him to do proposals and his answer is that he doesn't have the time to solicit business. He has always had the opportunity to hire others to sell for him He has not done that. We have been very responsive and extremely patient. We have a very good staff at our office who route calls very well. Our receptionist and professional and courteous office staff have always passed ***** to us from this distributor. We even offered to another local independent contractor (distributor of our product who has had a considerable amount of commercial success to work with him) That didn't work out either.

Simply put you can lead a horse to water but can't make him drink. Lesson learned you cannot be successful in sales without working or creating proposals. Simple case of I want it all but don't want to put in an effort.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I bought this business with the belief that the salesman who sold me had 2 people who wanted to come in and rep for me. this never happened. as far as taking my calls on July 2nd 2014 I decided no 1 was willing to help me so I started keeping recorda of when I called and when I talked to someone. Betwee 7/2/2014 and 12/3/2014 I placed 28 calls to ESS no reply 28 times. 1 call back to my home ph. which then they left a mess. I talked to the CEO 3 times and always the same answer,we dont have time to help you. I was told that another rep in Greenwood In. had sold the city all new street lights, not true it was the police Dept and community center.I have come to find out that there was no one that you could believe in this company. as for the rep who tried to help me, wrong, he tried to hire me before I bought in to company,now he wont return calls.I have placed adds to hire reps and got many calls, I have to get them signed up through ESS to be able to sell, after they talk to ESS they never talked to me again. I work 12 to 14 hours a day in my construction job and I only bought this biz. knowing that ESS would help me find reps and train them. Seeems as soon as I bought in the salesman quit and I was left out in the cold.I have went out on my days off and left brochures at businees and colleges but got no where. I NEVER would have bought this Biz. if I knew I would not get support from company.

Final Business Response
The LED Lighting business grew from nothing over the past 8 years to a $25.7 Billion industry. We have a number of successful reps that go out and do proposals and get business. The agreement we have with all of our distributors is the same: We give them the tools to be successful (sample lighting, inventory, software to produce quotes, demonstration case, recorded trainings, more ) and they procure the business by conducting lighting audits and closing business. Mr. **** ******** has done NO AUDITS, ZERO PROPOSALS in over a year with our company. Therefore Mr. ******** has had NO SUCCESS. Our agreement with all of our reps is the same: We provide the tools, we pay 100% of the markup that that reps place on the goods and they keep 100% of the commission. We cannot possibly be responsible for Mr. ******** (or any of our distributor's successes) without the DISTRIBUTOR going out and finding the business. Lights are everywhere. Our agreement with Mr. ******** clearly states his role and ours. We have done our part, he has not done his. Our agreement also CLEARLY STATES no refunds. We cannot re-sell pre-owed lighting nor do we know how, when, where or what frequency the lighting inventory sent to him has been used, if at all. We are always here to answer any customer service calls from distributors or end clients. Mr. ********'s calls are always answered by our friendly receptionist and forwarded to one of our dedicated staff's office extensions. The opportunity to sell LED Lighting exists now more than ever. I suggest that Mr. ******** takes some time and goes out to introduce the idea of zero up front out of pocket LED Lighting to potential clients and make a real effort. Alternatively, he may transfer his rights to the distributorship to someone else with our approval and recoup his money back this way.

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Mr ***** forgets that his rep. agreed to help me find and train reps under me since I have a full time job.
His rep also said they have leads coming into office every day and any in my area would be forwarded to me. not 1 has come my way, in a business of $25.7 billion u would think someone in my area would b looking. Now as far as response to by calls to office 28 of my calls were not answered. I sent over a dozen potential reps tp be trained for me to them, they never called me back after talking to office. I checked google seeking info on ESS. seems a website by the name of RIPOFF has had complaints from other people finding poor results with ESS.I tried to find company reps for ESS on google,no luck. I cant in good faith seek sales when I dont even know if ESS is in business.
One would think if they have a product to sell they would want to help their distributors make money so they can make money, but maybe there just happy selling distributor kits.The only thing I know for sure is getting the truth out of anyone there is bad for me I never caught this earlier, every thing I have done was in good faith to start a business, an HONEST business,but I learned operate like a honest company.
I hope people investgate this compay thoughly so they find out what kind of company this is so other people are not taken by there slick tougne stories, like telling potenial distributors a city in Indiana is putting all new ESS street lights up and the rep made $171,000.00 in 2014.Stories like that sold me but it was false. No i dont except Mr Steins answers because they only tell his side, and as he said, he cant be responsible for what his sales people may have said to make a deal. As far as a resolution from ESS there has been no offer to except. Thank You BBB

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