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Liberty Security Systems Inc

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Customer Complaints Summary

10 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 4 closed in last 12 months
Complaint TypeTotal Closed Complaints
Advertising / Sales Issues3
Problems with Product / Service7
Billing / Collection Issues0
Delivery Issues0
Guarantee / Warranty Issues0
Total Closed Complaints10

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Complaint Resolution Log (10)
02/12/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

On Nov 23 2014 at approx. 2:00 am I awoke to a cold house to find my thermostat that is connected to the alarm panel had shut off. I contacted ******** which is the company I must go through for problems with my unit. I was told a technician would call me in regards to the problem. Finally I received a call from a tech five days later on Dec 5 2014. Since the thermostat had been working again he went over something on the phone eg. that there was no schedule set that could affect the heat and that the thermostat was reading properly. He called again on I believe Dec 9 2014 just to check if all was working. On Dec 12 2014 I awoke at 6:30 am to find the thermostat turned off again. I again called ******** to report the issue and once again I was told a tech would be in contact I made a comment to him regarding the length of time it took for the tech to call last time. He assured me he would put a rush on it and I would receive a call on Monday Dec 15 2014. I received no call and had to call myself a week later on Dec 19 2014 to demand a response to the reoccurring issue. I again spoke to a tech who again wanted to trouble shoot over the phone which I refused to do again because obviously there is an issue with the thermostat that needs addressing by a repairman and there was no need to go through the same steps as last time as that did not resolve the problem, he then proceeded to tell me someone would call to set up an appointment for a service call, again I am waiting for service. I am now expected to wait for Liberty to send out a repair person, how long will I wait this time. The reason I am placing the complaint against Liberty is because we are informed to go through ******** for any problems however the first six months after install is the responsibility of Liberty to repair ( my alarm system was installed on July 28 2014) and I have gotten no call from them in regards to this issue to have the thermostat inspected by a trained repair tech. ***************************************************************************** I have not had an issue with the thermostat until I had this alarm panel installed.

Desired Settlement
I want this company to cancel the contract we have with them. This is my second complaint in less than six months in regards to customer service and we would really appreciate not dealing with this company any longer.

Business Response
Our records indicate that ********** cancelled this customer January 30, 2015.
We have spoken to the customer today and have confirmed they are cancelled and are no longer being monitored.

08/20/2014Advertising / Sales Issues | Read Complaint Details

The salesman came to my house the evening of august 11 in ********** alberta. He was overtly flirtatious and asked me very personal questions about how I manage my security and my house lay out. I didn't divulge anything that a person couldn't see from the outside (number of doors etc), but asked me a few times about how many times I locked up. company seemed legit, so he gave me some papers and made a set time to come back once I talked with my husband. ********************************************************************************************************************************************

Desired Settlement
guarantee that any information they took of mine will not be used

Business Response
I have reviewed the complaint and have been able to determine our Sales Representatives working in the ********** area on 08/11/2014.

I have spoken with our Sales Manager in the area and he confirmed that he will shred all information obtain from ******* **** on this day. Liberty will also address our Sales Representatives approach at the door and provide the proper coaching requirements.

We would like to apologize to ******* on behalf of Liberty if she felt uncomfortable in anyway with a representative our Liberty's.


06/13/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Came to my door offering $1000 value of equipment for free when signing contract. Said not to worry about it as there was a 10 day trial period to see if I like it, if not i can simply call and cancel.

After 5 days of not using the system once, and therefore being unsatisfied with the equipment, I called to cancel the services. They said it could not be done until I spoke to a representative who came to my home. They guaranteed my the rep would arrive before 4, which is when I had to leave for several appointments. However, I ended up waiting all night with no sign of the person showing up (having to reschedule previous commitments), and all attempts to contact the company during my wait failed. ***************************************************************************************************************************

Desired Settlement
I want to cancel the services of Liberty Security

Business Response
Liberty contacted the ***** (Customer) yesterday 06/10/2014 and scheduled the equipment removal for today 06/11/2014 @ 10:30am - Once the equipment has been removed Liberty will cancel the customers account for both monitoring / billing purposes with no Agreement penalty.

05/26/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** ****** told us that we will not get charged and get my money back if we decide to remove the system within 10 business days, and he also told me that the technology guy will drill a hole onto my wall but they will cover it for me if I decide to remove the system within 10 business days. Therefore, I decide to give it a try. ****** was the one who filled out all the information, and ****** was talking with us. ************************************************************************************************ While my brother and I were talking to ******, we asked about the refund and the hole on my wall again, and his answer is yes, we can get your money back and they will cover the hole for me if I cancel the contract within 10 business days. When I sign on the contract, I asked ****** again about the refund. I pointed at the amount she had on the contract ($208.95) and asked her "Will I get this money back when I cancel the contact within 10 business days?" she said yes. *************************************************************** They sent a technology guy to install the system right away even though it was almost 9 pm already. ********************************************************
***************************************************************************************************************************************** I decided to cancel the contract and ask them to remove the system. On May 12, 2014 Monday morning at 9:17am, I called the liberty security company and told them that I would like to remove the system and cancel my contract. I asked the lady over the phone about the refund, and she told me that they are not going to refund the fees to me. She told me that she will have ****** to contact me to talk about the refund. When ****** called me at 12:06pm on Monday, she kept asking why I want to remove the system, and she passed the phone to her manager - ******. ****** asked me again why I want to remove the system, and he said that's fine. I asked about the refund and the hole on my wall, and he said the installation fee is not refundable and they will not take care the hole. I said you told me that I can get my money back if I cancel the contract within 10 business days, and he said it stated installation fee is not refundable on our contract. I asked him, "what about the hole on my wall, you guys will cover it for me, right?" he answered "No, I didn't say that." I said "You did." And then he said "I will talk to the technology guy and see what they can do." ****** told me they will arrange somebody to remove the system for me so she will call me back to let me know the time. *****************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************
On May 12, 2014 Monday afternoon around 5:25pm, ****** finally called me. She told that she has talked to her boss and the $208.95 she has put down on the contract was actually for the activation fee not the installation fee. She was telling me that they did not charge any installation fee from me and the activation fee was actually charged for activate the system and it wasn't charged by them so they have no right to refund this money back to me. As you can see, she had $199 (before GST) beside the installation fee on the contract. I also did pointed at the after tax total ($208.95) and asked her if I can get this money back when I cancel the contract within 10 business days. Her answer was yes, but now she was arguing that this $208.95 was for activation fee which was not refundable, and it was stated on the contract.******************************************************************************************************************************
********************************************************************************************************************** The girl said they cannot refund the activation fee to me as this is on the contract. I said this is not what your representatives told me, and I asked her few times if I will get the money back and ****** said yes. ******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************

Desired Settlement
refund and cancel my contract with no cancellation fee and cover the hole they made on my wall

Business Response
Liberty attended the customers premises on 05/13/2014 and removed the equipment installed & filled / repaired the hole from the panel removal.

The customers account has been fully cancelled as of today 05/14/2014. I have reviewed & confirmed that the customer was never charged for any monitoring or installation fees and will not be charged.

All issues on this customers account have been resolved to Liberty's understanding.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
They only mentioned the monitoring and installation fees in their response. What about the activation fee? This is the fee they keep saying they have the right to charge me and not refund it to me. Can they confirm that the activation fee will never be charged on me?

Final Business Response
Liberty has not and will not be processing any installation and/or activation fee related to this customers account now or in the future.

I have also confirmed that the monitoring station cancelled the customers account for both monitoring / billing services effective 05/15/2014.

The monitoring station verified that no payments for monitoring services were processed and therefore no refund is required.

Thank You

07/30/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

july XX XXXX the camera was installed. the contract was signed on June XX XXXX the model of the camera is ********** ****** was the installation tech and **** was the lady I talked to who gave us the measure of the camera so my common law and I could decide where to put the camera before the tech came to hook it up for us. **** told me it was a guy named *** who was going to come to our house it was not him and she did not call me to let me know they were sending someone else in his place. lisa said it would take 5 hours ****** was done in 2 hours. I feel I was lied to and they were not honest with me. They did not call me to let me know they were putting the camera in a different spot or my input of the situation

Desired Settlement
They want to charge me again to come out and redo it again and I don't think I should get charged for a second service call when I was not notified of the change of the tech person who was coming out to install the camera or the spot where the camera was going to be placed.

Business Response
Liberty Security has spoken with ******* and have advised her that we would waive the service call fee for the relocation of the camera.

Liberty Security has scheduled a service call with ******* for Monday 07/29/2013 at 7:30pm to complete the camera relocation request.

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06/09/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Entered into 3 year contract (Apr-2012 to Apr-2015) for residential security system with Liberty. They installed additional sensors and panel into my home. They agreed that the panel and sensors belongs to me after 3 year contract. They put installer code and dealer code in the panel at the time of installation.

Now I have cancelled the contract fulfilling the term of agreement and have requested to provide the installer and dealer code. These codes are required for other monitoring companies to modify the programming in the panel.


As a consumer, I feel it is not right and against the ethics of the business practice. I contacted and humbly requested to provide the codes. In reply, they have sent the email as below:

"Wanted to send a quick email to let you know that we do not give out our installer or dealer codes for panels. If you go with another company, they will have to change out the panel for you. "

It is my gentle request to help me in this situation.

I can forward this email to BBB organisation as an when required.

Desired Settlement
I have just asked them to provide the installer and dealer codes OR they can set all the factory default codes into the panel.

Business Response
Contact Name and Title: ****** *****, V.P. Ops
Contact Phone: ************ ext ***
Contact Email: *******
We apologize for any inconvenience, however, the code for security alarm panels are specific to each security alarm dealer/monitoring company. This highly confidential information is not shared in our industry as competitor dealers would then have the ability to reprogram security alarm panels at will.

It is standard practise that a new panel would be installed if a customers moves from one monitoring company to another.

Also, the new dealer/monitoring company has the ability to change this customer's panel back to factory setting. This would required a little extra work on that dealers part to reprogram.

We trust this is sufficient information assist in this matters.

Please contact me directly if I can be of further assistance.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
The other companies were not able to reset. I would again request Liberty to reset the panel to factory default by their employee, if don't want to share the code. For your kind information, I am not interested to know the code at all.

Dear sir, All I wish is to reset the panel. If they can send the technician to my home and reset by themselves will be much appreciated.

Final Business Response
Mr ***** indicated that he put the panel back to factory default settings on his own, therefore we did not need to send a technician to site.

12/15/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

The liberty company took over pre existing security company and said that the service will stay same at same price. We have paid $17/month to the pre-existing security company for a year frm Nov 4th 2013 to Nov 3rd 2014. Liberty company make the hotel owner ******************************** sign the contract $45/month ******************************************************************************* Now he got a new bill from liberty and find out the service price almost 3times expensive than previous one. ***********************************************************************************************************

Desired Settlement
Liberty company keep saying that we have to pay $2,500 for terminating the contract. We just want to get out the contract without penelty ******************************************************************************************

Business Response
Hi ********

Sorry, I apologize for the last email that was very vague. For ***** ****, I will still follow up but the last note I have on the account is:
"Customer called in upset that they were only paying $17/mth & when they got the system switched over they are now paying $44.99/mth. She feels that because there was nothing wrong with that system she doesnt wanna continue with our system. I explained, she signed a 60 Month Agreement @ $44.99/mth & that is the lowest rate we offer. She feels that she is paying too much money for a system & wanted it cancelled. I advised her that, she signed that rate & we are a different company with different equipment. She hung up on me. Thx."

Which was noted on Oct. 17, 2014.

Thanks again,

02/11/2014Advertising / Sales Issues | Read Complaint Details

Please refer to the attached / online document.
Subject: Complaint regarding security contract between **** ******** and *********
- June 8, 2013 a Saturday ******** rep comes to door offering free security system valued at $1,000.00 if I displayed their sign in front of my house for period of one year. For what I believe was almost an hour was a sales pitch on all the benefits of a security system for free. For free, for free is all I was being told.
- Only when I apparently seemed ready to accept the offer was the subject of contract mentioned for monthly service charge. I was actually startled because I was so sure I
understood it was free. I'm not usually that gullible but I didn't even think of turning them down and ask them to leave. Something I would normally have done.
- The cost 45.00 per month plus taxes but I would be eligible for a discount if I signed a contract. The cost would be reduced to 35.00 per month
- The contract had to be written up for full price pending approval by their head office for reduced rate. The discount they promised never happened.
I signed contract for what I believe was for 2 years.
I was told I had no choice but to charge to my ****. (Now I see contract has space for paying by cheque option)
They were here for what seemed like 3 hours, and I was in a great deal of pain and exhausted so I would have done and signed anything to have them leave.
- I never wanted an alarm system. My sister had one and I hated how she had to rush
to enter security code. I felt I could not deal with that with my mobility restrictions.
- Their solution was to keep the remote activator/deactivator on top of monitoring screen located by front door instead of using password. Seemed ok idea at the time ************************************************************************************************************************************************************************
At the time I saw nothing wrong with that *************************************************************************

- The rep had me sign the contract ***************************. I was not given any time to read the contract. Even though it was a Saturday they insisted on coming back that evening to install the device. **********************************************************************************************************************************. It took about 2 hours.
- I have included a copy of the contract which is illegible just as the original is. The contract shows it is for 60 month. *******************************************************************************************
- If you look at my printed name on the contract you will see that I could not even spell my own name at that time. The signature on the contract is nothing like my own signature. They say I signed 3 documents but I only have one. Also if there were other documents that I supposedly signed on the same day the signature would obviously be similar.
I have never been able to turn on the system when I leave the house. Due to disability I take too long to exit the house.
- It took me months to realize they were charging my visa. *************************************************************************
- I didn't find out that I had signed a five year contract until I contacted them to try and shorten the contract as I was not using the system. I would either forget to turn it on or forget I had turned it on I kept sounding the alarm because I didn't know it was on so I stopped using it. To this day I still cringe when I open a door.
- In November I contacted them to explain the situation. They insisted the contract was valid. On my insistence they agreed to review it. They wanted me to provide copies of my signature and documentation from my doctor. (in the form of the disability application I made at my work). I advised them at the time that I was unplugging the device as I did not want to pay for hydro on a system I was not using.
I did not feel comfortable providing my medical documentation to them as there is no expectation of confidentiality from them. I was also feeling lied to during the sale so did not trust them at that point therefore wanted everything in writing. I sent them the email on December 9, 2013 requesting they do so. To this day I have not received a reply.
- Instead on December 20 I received a registered letter telling me (without them admitting they knew it was unplugged) that they will not be held liable if I don't plug the thing back. ****************************************************************

- They leave me not recourse but to file a complaint. I'm hoping a third party will help
ensure that my medical information is secure and that the company is dealing with me in good faith unlike when they sold me the contract.
- I truly believe they knew I was incapable of making an informed decision and took
advantage of that fact. I believe that on that day I was told I was signing for 2 years
when in fact they had put 5 years on the contract knowing I could not read it. Attached is:
Copy of contract with signature, (page 3 contract terms is illegible even on the original copy. Item 1-3
Medical evaluation from my doctor ************************************************************************************************************************************************************ item 4-5
A document containing my correct signature and printed name. Item 6
Copy of email exchanged. Item 7
Registered letter from ******** Item 8

Desired Settlement
To resolve this issue I request ******** refund all charges made to my **** card for their services. To remove any and all devices installed as soon as possible. The removal of all signs and labels they affixed to my house and placed in my front yard.

Business Response
Contact Name and Title: **** ********* Director
Contact Phone: **************
Contact Email: *********
Liberty Security has spoken with **** ******** on several occasions between 11/08/2013 to the last contact and/or correspondence date of 12/10/2013. During these conversations Liberty Security asked the customer to provide medical documentation supporting her statements so that Liberty could review and take the appropriate steps to resolve the customers issues and concerns. To date the documentation has never been received until today as it was included in the BBB complaint documents.

01/24/2013 @4:24pm (MST) - I have called and left a message at ****'s home number: XXX-XXX-XXXX to contact me regarding the BBB complaint. Left a message asking **** to call me back to discuss her issues and concerns so that we may come to a resolution.

Final Business Response
Contact Name and Title: **** ********* Director
Contact Phone: ************
Contact Email: *********
01/28/2014 - Called & spoke with **** and have advised her that Liberty Security agrees to attend to remove her security system. Advised **** that she will be contacted by our Sub Contractor in the area ****** to schedule a date / time for the removal.

Once the equipment has been removed Liberty Security will ****'s account cancelled with the monitoring / billing company Reliance Protectron with no balance of Agreement penalty. I have also advised **** that Liberty will instruct ******** ********** to refund any monitoring fees paid since the date of installation in June 2013. Advised **** that Liberty Security will not be responsible for any repair to holes due to the system removal.

08/31/2015Advertising / Sales Issues

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