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BBB Accredited Business since 12/29/2011

Tundra Restaurant Supply, Inc.

Phone: (888) 388-6372

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Customer Complaints Summary

9 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 2 closed in last 12 months
Complaint TypeTotal Closed Complaints
Advertising / Sales Issues1
Billing / Collection Issues4
Delivery Issues2
Problems with Product / Service2
Guarantee / Warranty Issues0
Total Closed Complaints9

Complaint Breakdown by ResolutionAbout Complaint Details

Complaint Resolution Log (9)BBB Closure Definitions
06/23/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

I was guaranteed next day delivery on an essential item to my restaurant, It was not delivered next day and I was never allowed to speak to supervisor
I am the owner ******** ****** ******* we have two locations, one in the DTC and one in LODO. I also am partner in several other restaurant and bars on the front range.
We have used Tundra in the past, and other than a few minor instances, charging for return shipping for example, and one major instance in our buildout five years ago, they have been decent enough to deal with. However, things changed last month...
We, as a salad restauarant, use a commercial grade lettuce spinner as we wash an unbelievable amount of lettuce each day. My Manager, ******* ********* called me early one morning to say that the motor was done, and we needed to get a new machine before the next day. Anyhow, as it was still early, he was on the line with Tundra as I was speaking to several of their competitors. We made the decision to use eTundra as my manager was "guaranteed to have the item their the next day if the order was placed before 10am". This employees name was ******* ******** The product did not show up until two days later, after we had paid an additional $*** for next day delivery. We were initially told that we would receive the whole amount for expedited delivery back as a credit, then the next day told very curtly that we would only receive $*** of the over $*** we paid for shipping.
My manager, ******* spoke with ******* several times, left several messages to no avail. I called and spoke to her asking to be in touch with her supervisor, **** I believe his name was. **** who headed "customer service" would not hear me out and was perhaps the rudest "customer service" person I have spoke to... ever. Soon after I emailed ******* again several times with a detailed summation of what transpired in an attempt to get her to fwd this on to her supervisors, not **** but who ever else in Sales. I never heard from anyone so I have repeatedly sent emails asking for supervisors information as well as sent messages to the website looking for answers.
The bottom line is that this cost me well over the actual price of the piece of equipment. First of all, If I knew the spinner was going to take 2 days to be delivered, I could have driven and picked one up from an outlet for a thousand dollars less than Tundra's price, secondly, the labor hours added to having to run to my other store to use their equipment, the potential quality issues used in doing so, and finally, having to buy pre washed and dried lettuce costing me in the end well over $1500 in difference in the end. All I would like back is the total $*** for next day delivery, that we were "guaranteed" to have. Furthermore, if we were not told by ******* that we would get the entire delivery amount refunded after the product was delivered we would have returned the item!!
As a small business owner I do not feel it is right to get pushed around by dishonest actions and this was clearly the case on the part of tundra.

Desired Settlement
I would like the full amount of next day delivery, which was over $***.

Business Response
This item was ordered on Tuesday 04/29 by ******* from ******** ****** Salad Works for next day air delivery. It normally takes this vendor 3 days just to get it out the door regardless of ship via. Selecting a specific expedited option for shipping only comes into play after the vendor in question has processed the order and is ready to ship. You can view that info here which is consistent with what was relayed to ******* during phone order: *****://***************/****************/*********-supplies/salad-spinners/electrolux-dito-XXXXXX-greens-machine-stainless-steel-electric-vegetable-dryer/. The customer support representative mentioned above went out of her way to contact the vendor and try to get the item out faster. She got verbal commitment from the vendor to ship it 04/30 next day air UPS tracking #*****XXXXXXXXXXXXX for Thursday 05/01 delivery. She contacted ******* directly and, b/c he had already paid for next day shipping, issued a credit in freight because it would take a day longer to arrive. Originally ******* was charged $677.65 for next day air shipping. The cost to ship the item 2nd day air instead of next day was $447.41. We credited ******** ******** Salad Works $****** for the difference in shipping price since it was a day late. At the time ******* seemed fine with this resolution. We felt that the resolution was fair given the circumstances.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Many factors in their response are complete fallacies; the bottom line is their sales representative guaranteed us the product would be there the next day. I will never do business with this company again, and I will advise anyone I cross paths with that they have dishonest practices. I have written a letter to the Colorado Restaurant Association and I will make sure to let members of my restaurant group know as well. Very disappointing when a big company thinks they can take advantage of a small business.

Final Business Response
We attempted to reach the customer on 6/9. On 6/10 a full credit was issued for the remaining shipping in question. The customer should see that credit within the next 72 hours. If he does not within that time he can reach out to us directly for an updated status. As always we apologize for any inconvenience. We believed our original course of action to be fair but understand that those assumptions may fall short when being evaluated be the final customer.

12/11/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Order product arrived damaged / reshipped product still damaged
Order table from Tundra on there Amazon Store paid 261.16 product arrived extremely damaged. Contacted Tundra direct, they ask what was wrong with product explained the damage and sent 9 pictures showing overall damage, table unusable at the time. I stated was in lite cardboard box and contents inside moved around freely creating all damages as well. The said they will ship out new table and have it packed better. I agreed.. They were sending call slip for 1st table offered me to buy for 79.09 so they would have to ship back.

They charged me full price for damaged table and charged me 182.07 for second table that came in just as damaged. 80lb table wrapped in two cardboard boxes but all contents were not even secure down yet again. they have shipped me two tables unusable and and charged me 442.00

I wanted new tables, if I wanted scratch and dent I could of went to a used wholesale shop and got this for 80.00 that would have been in better shape then this **** they sent me, not to mention the waste of time, as well as we need this for our new kitchen area, so I had to go buy cheap tables at a Walmart to use as prep tables .. not very eye pleasing to my customers.

I went off there review from there website, which makes me believe that these were self written by the company.

I want this issue resolved, The table price agreement for the first damaged table is to be 79.09 as agreed in our email, thus I sent this table out locally to be repaired. as for the second table .. well this claim is still new and active and on going....

Desired Settlement
we are looking for the credit back to credit card for the first table less the $80.00 that we agreed as for the second, they either offer a scratch or dent price or ship us another table that is not beat to **** and back.

When I purchase a new car I expect when its shipped to my dealer it arrives as I expect and get what I pay for. Just because this is a table makes it no different from the car. I purchased a product, once my card is charged it is my product and i am new owner. so all in all they damaged or created opportunity to damaged my product. so they are held responsible to replace this product undamaged.

Business Response
Customer had originally ordered a product from Tundra Restaurant Supply's Amazon Marketplace, for a total of $261.21; This price included shipping cost of $55.61
The customer contacted Tundra directly to explain that the original order arrived in a heavily damaged condition, and provided supplemental photos as well. The damage was not argued, as we do not ship the item directly from our warehouse, and have no control on the packaging. We offered to replace this damaged item in full.
From there, we were to issue a call tag, and started to ship a new one in replacement, free of charge; but needed a card on file in case the first was never sent back. This was handled in this manner because the customer was in a time sensitive matter to receive this item, as we normally wait until the damaged return has been picked up before we send the replacement.
The customer then stated that they would keep the first table in its damaged condition if I could offer them a discount for it, as this had already shipped and the customer had been charged for it. Since it was charged in full, I could offer a partial refund as a courtesy credit for the amount of $79.05; and the customer accepted.
The second item sent as a replacement, also arrived heavily damaged. However, since the customer decided to keep the first damaged item at a discount, this was not a replacement, and instead was a new order; thus charged $205.60, minus the shipping cost of $55.61
Once we were informed of the second damaged item received, we set another call tag to return the second damaged item. At the same time, the customer complained to the previous credit amount issued. We issued another partial refund as a courtesy credit in the amount of $80.05; totaling a partial refund of $159.10
We are currently awaiting the arrival of the prepaid call tag via UPS, and once we are contacted that it has been picked up for return shipment, we will issue a full refund in the amount of $205.60 for this second damaged item.
As of Tuesday, November 26th 2013, the customer is satisfied with the stated agreement through both verbal and written confirmation.

06/07/2013Billing / Collection Issues | Read Complaint Details

Shipping Address
Billing Address

Confirmation No.:

Order No.:

Customer No.:

Invoice No.:
When I placed my order on line it said the was going to be $24.19 no more no less. Then I was charged $3.63 on 05-02-2013 then 24.19 on 05-07-2013. The company also misrepresents what they are selling THE5000247011. I only received one spatula and was told I could purchase more and be charged for each one seperatetly.
6-Piece 10. 5" Rubber Spatula w/Wooden Handle Set
6 Pack



24.19***** ******* ********************said you would automatically side with him. I am not trying to get anything for free but this company is doing providing proper order totals for customers placing orders. This should be addressed.

Desired Settlement
The company should charge you only $24.19 if that is what the total says. I was charged 3.63 on 05-02-2013 then 24.19 on 05-07-2013. When received my email confirmation it only said my total that would be charged is $24.19 not plus $3.63 which is $27.82. The arrogance of **** saying you will side with Etundra is off putting

Business' Initial Response
We have contacted the customer to resolve and look forward to working with her again in the future.

We at Tundra acknowledge that we can always do a better job in communicating the nuances that occur around when customers are invoiced and how that relates to when orders shipped.

In this particular instance, one of the items in the original order was backordered by the manufacturer, but we chose to ship the rest of the order first so that the customer would not have to wait for everything. B/c we invoice our customers once their order/items ship that means that we invoiced for a partial order first and then followed up later with another (2nd) invoice once the backordered item ultimately shipped.

Complaint Response Date bumped because: Holiday

05/20/2013Billing / Collection Issues | Read Complaint Details

I placed an order on their website and approved a total of $76.09 in shipping/items. They charged me three times for a total of $97.30 without notice.
I placed an order on for a bread display and two sets of Tongs. I used a coupon code - ****** - which gave me a $17.00 discount. The total when I checked out was $76.09 with shipping ($76.60 bread box, $1.27x2 for Tongs, $13.95 shipping, $17.00 discount code).

My order went through, but then I was called by a representative saying my credit card was not working. We had another issue with it as well, so I gave them my Debit card. Over the next two days - 3/28 and 3/29 - I was charged three times totally $97.30. ($78.82, $1.92, and $16.56 for a total charge of $97.30). I also received an invoice in the mail listing these charges saying I had paid a "down payment" of $16.56 and then giving me these other two charges as some kind of balance. They never listed my coupon code and the shipping was different and they added 7cents in sales tax?

Bottom line, I could have bought these products for less elsewhere but used them because they offered the coupon code. Now to get my money back they want me to pay return shipping and risk a re-stocking fee.

I have emailed them three times and called twice and received no response whatsoever.

I simply want a refund for $21.21 and an email apology for the inconvenience. I also believe they need to provide an actual email receipt (the confirmation they send has no totals in it - suspicious, but I was able to log in and see a weird breakdown of the charges - again, different from the invoice they sent and different from what I approved.)

Thank you,


Desired Settlement
I want an email apology as this has been a huge waste of my time, but is a matter of principle and I would like my card refunded the $21.21 they overcharged me.

Business' Initial Response
We contacted ***** directly after receiving the notification of complaint today. *****'s order definitely experienced a credit tendering issue. We have discussed the situation with ***** and issued a credit to her today, 4/9/13.

Consumer's Final Response
We were charged three different times for an amount $21.21 over what we approved for a web order. No refund has been received to date.
I previously filed case #XXXXXXXX describing the charges we received - three in total - that was $21.21 over. I contacted them by phone and email multiple times and received no response regarding this matter. After we filed the case, I finally received a call and while the gentleman seemed agitated and a little less than concerned at how severe this type of issue actually is (unauthorized debits), he did assure me that they had confirmed I was overcharged and would refund this amount. I received a "receipt" stating that they had refunded this amount on 4/9. I have followed my statement and contacted my bank twice over the last two weeks. It has been a total of 10 business days and I have not received the promised refund. I close the prior case in good faith, but as I have not received a refund to date (and I told them I could provide bank statements) I am resubmitting a case as this seems to be the only way to get them to take the matter seriously. Thank you!

Again, this has been a substantial waste of my time over a small amount of money, but I believe that as they have had complaints about this business practice before, that more customers need to continue to call them on it. I'm just one of the ones that has pushed back, I know this has likely happened to a number of other people.

I simply want a refund of the $21.21 and that this remain a reference on their record if it happens again.

Business' Final Response
We were able to confirm that the refund was in fact issued and have followed up to confirm that the customer received.

05/13/2013Billing / Collection Issues | Read Complaint Details

eTundra made an unauthorized charge to my Visa for a bill that was paid by Visa, in full on 10/4/12.

I purchased compost bags from eTundra in Oct. 2012. I paid by Visa at the time of my order and I received my order a week later. In January 2013, I received a "past due statement" from eTundra. After checking my Visa statement and seeing that the charge was made, I called the company. I spoke to ******* at extension ****. She told me that the charge was mistakenly double charged. She said that the original payment of $55.88 was found, but accidentally applied to another account. She told me that she would fix the problem and to disregard the statement. The following month, I received another "past due statement". I contacted the company again and asked to speak with a manager. I was transferred to ***** at extension ****. I left him a message, providing him the details of the previous charge. He called me back stating that everything would be taken care, sorry for the confusion, and thank you for my business. I have since received a "past due statement" every month from eTundra, and every month I call and leave a message for ***** at extension ****. He has yet to return any of my calls. Today I received an email from ******* ******* at eTundra. The email states "A recent audit of our records indicates that we failed to charge the full amount to your credit card for the enclosed transaction(s). This audit period was from September 24, 2012 thru February 11, 2013. We've included detail to support the transaction made to your credit card today." They charged my credit card $77.80. The original bill was $55.88 and was paid at the time of the order on 10/4/12.

Sent from my iPad

Desired Settlement

Business' Initial Response
Please see attached.

Consumer's Final Response
(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)
**** contacted and apologized for all of the wrong doing on their part. He told me that ******* supposedly had been calling a wrong phone number (one digit off from mine), even though the phone number in their system was my correct phone number. He ensured that the problem would be resolved and asked ******* to credit me the full amount. **** then followed up with me again to make sure I was satisfied with the outcome. I told him that as long as I am not charged again, or receive another outstanding invoice for an item that I did NOT order I was satisfied. I appreciate the effort on ****'s part to resolve this matter. Certainly, needs to do something about their collections policy.

Business' Final Response
The last attempted contact with the customer was made on 5/1/13. We have issued a full credit in the amount of $77.80 but have not yet gotten a response from the customer.

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