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DaVinci Floors & Granite

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4 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 1 closed in last 12 months
Complaint TypeTotal Closed Complaints
Delivery Issues1
Problems with Product / Service3
Advertising / Sales Issues0
Billing / Collection Issues0
Guarantee / Warranty Issues0
Total Closed Complaints4

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Complaint Resolution Log (4)
10/24/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Product did not perform. DaVinci promised to replace product. They failed to report for service on agreed date and do not return phone calls.

In June 2012, I contracted DaVinci to redo the grout in my master bathroom, floor, shower and tub. The owner sold me the product and service as a 'permanent solution.' I was told that I would never have to worry about the color of the grout again.

A few months after the colorant was applied, it began to lift off in strips. I called DaVinci on October 29, 2012 and spoke to the owner advising her of the problem. At that time, the owner agreed to redo the shower floor and we agreed the work would be performed after January 2013.

I made several phone calls to DaVinci over the winter of 2013 to schedule the work. These phone calls were either not returned or I was told they would call me back to set a date and then no one ever called. Finally, through persistence on my part, a date was set in the spring.

I called DaVinci's office to confirm the date early in the week and was told we were on the schedule. I arranged my schedule to be home for the service. The day before the scheduled service date, I received a voice message stating they could not do the work on the scheduled day. The message said they would be in touch to reschedule the work but no one contacted me to reschedule. I had to call several times and was told I needed to speak to the owner to reschedule the work. It took several calls to speak to her.

Finally she and I agreed to reschedule the work for June 12, 2013. The owner told me it would not be the original serviceman and that the worker would arrive early, around 8AM-8:30AM. Based on this conversation, I again arranged my schedule to be home for the service. At 8AM, I was sitting here waiting for the worker to arrive. At 9:30AM, no one had arrived and no one had called to explain the delay.

At 9:30AM, I called DaVinci's Medina office and spoke to an employee. She advised she was running late and had just arrived at work and had no idea about my job. She said my job was not on the schedule. She said she would check the status and call me back. She did not call that day and no one from DaVinci has contacted me to apologize for the no show or to reschedule the work.

Davinci sold me a product and service that did not hold up to their promise. I wasted 2 days waiting for their serviceman to do the work.

On June 12, 2013, I sent DaVinci a letter outlining the events and requested a refund. In the letter, I stated that if I did not receive a response within 15 days I would file a complaint with the BBB. On July 24, 2013, I sent a second copy of the letter certified mail. It was received by the owner on July 27.

No one from DaVinci has contacted me and I have not received the promised service or the requested refund.

Desired Settlement
Full refund in the amount of $460. I am requesting a refund instead of the service. My experience with DaVinci and their service work is poor. They don't show up and they don't call. I will need to have another company do the work, therefore, I am requesting a refund.

Business Response

We agree with the missed appt. Our installer that was schedule hurt himself. I believe this was explained. I am not 100% sure but pretty sure. In regards to appointments she picked her best availability. Again if memory serves me correctly the appointment was made 30 days ahead of time. (Not by our doing)
We don't agree with the lack of phone calls to the customer. I have tried several attempts to contact Ms *****. One attempt the call was answered by a gentleman. I am to assume Mr. *****. The reason this sticks out in my mind is after the 3 plus years we have done business with the *****'s Due to his travel schedule it is rare for him to be home. I have made these calls with my cell and they can be documented.

I would love the opportunity to speak with them, in regards to this matter. If a refund is requested I have no issue with the shower portion of the refund and even would give them the product at no charge. We consider them a valued customer. We have done several projects with them and have also helped them out with other (service insurance issues). I have a retail store and keep regular hours. (9am to 5pm) But I cannot solve issues for them if they do not return my call.

The purchase method was a credit card and we do not keep credit card numbers on file. That would be the way we would process the refund. The customer would have to visit our store in order for us to conduct this transaction.

Also I only received a letter via certified mail. Not disputing one was sent prior but we do not have record having received it.
One last note we are not disputing the product in the shower did not work. The product did work on other areas. Our feeling it may not have been prepped properly and that was the reason for the service call that was missed.

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
To date I have not received the letter that was supposedly mailed. It typically does not take over a week for mail to travel through Medina.

The proposed refund amount of $125 is not sufficient. It is true that DaVinci also treated the bathroom floor and tub deck. The primary reason I had the work done was for the shower floor. DaVinci suggested doing the other areas but the shower was always my concern and now I still have a problem in the shower. In fact, my problem is greater now than before they did any work. Before the shower floor is retreated, it will need to have the work they did stripped off. This is the type of small job that most providers of tile service do not want to bother doing. I will have trouble finding someone to do the work and it will probably cost me $250. Then there is the inconvenience and aggravation factor for which DaVinci has caused me with their no shows and lack of response until I filed this claim.

I would accept 50% of the original cost or a $230 refund.

Final Business Response
I sent out a letter to Mrs ***** on Monday, with regards to her credit....$125.00.. I did think I would hear back from her yet...She paid by credit card and she will need to stop in and I can credit her credit card for this amount.. We did her Bathroom Floor and Tub Deck too.. She has had no issue with either of those.. So that is the reason a full credit won't done at this time.. I know you called yesterday. (******** misplaced your direct line # so I figured I would email you instead.)

DaVinci Floors & Granite

11/03/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Botched drywall job in master bath. Promised to fix never did.
Date of service 2/23/2015 invoice #****. I hired DaVinci Floors and Granite to remodel my master bathroom. They removed mirrors from the wall that the builder installed which caused damaged to the drywall. They attempted to repair this which left the wall lumpy and unsightly. Asked on numerous occasions that they hire a drywaller to repair. They did not do this. I also ordered and paid for custom mirrors that are suppose to match my cabinets. I did not receive the mirrors.

Desired Settlement
I want them to hire a drywaller to repair the wall in my masterbath. And I want the custom mirrors I bought and paid for.

Business Response
Contact Name and Title: Susan B*****
Contact Phone: **********
Contact Email:
Yes we were contracted to do work in Mrs ***** Bathroom which we did and finished. If She refers back to her contract she will see in the line item for Wall repair and Paint she omitted and decided to take care of herself. We did do some drywall and patch work at no charge. In addition we had procured different mirrors for her because we both agreed it was to much wood. The mirrors we bought and installed were to large so we opted for a smaller version. (she purchased we installed. She was completed in March of this year. She contacted us for a service call on some cracked tile she never discussed mirror issues then ? She did want her base for stairs installed and later changed her mind so we refunded her the difference. We have never not taken care of issues that have arised regarding her project. If she would like to discuss things further I would be more then happy to.

Susan * B***
DaVinci Floors & Granite

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
There was not a specific charge on my contract regarding drywall because as Sue and I discussed prior to the job we weren't sure if there was going to be drywall damage behind my shower so it wouldn't be feasible to give me a quote to fix it. I did paint the bathroom myself not because I wanted to but because my bathroom was off line for almost six months and I wanted to try and speed things up. There was constantly a reason why things could not be done. They would not call or tx and there would be days and weeks where no work would be done. I talked to Sue on several occasions about fixing the drywall above my sink. She said they would and actually suggested at one point she would do it herself. Never happened. As for the base for my stairs I did not "change my mind" . I stopped in Sues show room on August 10th to discuss the Trim Don was scheduled to install August 17th he was a no call no show. Rescheduled Again work not completed was told they had to rip the board down not the right size. Rescheduled again work not completed was told by Don the installer that the wood is the wrong profile. Cant do it Txed Sue and was told it was the right wood they were doing a plith wood installation. If this is the case why was the installer not aware of what he was doing. Most Importantly why was I the customer not informed about what they were doing. At this point I was feed up and asked for a refund.

Final Business Response
Sent this also via USPS with attached Estimate.

Enclosed is a copy of your estimate. There were 2 line items that we removed one was for electrical which your husband took care of. The paint and drywall repair which was also taken off. We have our painter prep and paint because that is his specialty. I did the few repairs for you that you are unhappy with at no charge. I did offer to come over and take care of it for you and I could still do that. But at no time were you charged for a service that you did not receive. If you did not like something or wanted something changed I always took care of it for you. I will continue to do so.
If you want to have the walls address we can have this done for you. Tony is amazing at prep and paint I can have it put on his schedule. You can work with him directly if you choose or he can work through DaVinci. I am sure it would not be only a $100 to 150 at most he would have just a few hours to patch and repaint.
The Delay on your project were the cabinets. We took care of everything in our control as fast as we could. I still have your text regarding the cabinets being worth the wait.
When we completed the main project we then started working on the kitchen plans. ***** other then the molding I thought we were pretty well wrapped up on your project. I admit I did forget we had your molding. Until you stopped in and we put you on the schedule. We did arrive on the day we were scheduled to repair a few tiles in the bathroom but had to trim down the molding on the stairs so we rescheduled you. When the molding was not what you thought I agreed to refund you.
I will say this again I would love to help resolve any issues that you have. Feel free to contact me regarding any of the above and will be happy to take care of this for you.

10/21/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

The owner is rude, unprofessional & unreliable. The labor results were great despite the lack of communication & not showing up multiple times.

From the moment we met *****, she ordered a sample we clearly stated we did not want and made us wait a week for it. When it came in it was the color we specifically said we didn't want and her response was that she knew best and "Frankly, what you like will not look good." So thats why she ordered that sample. Then, after we ordered our tile we asked to change our minds since it wasn't being shipped yet. So I contacted her and asked to cancel and she said, "if it is being shipped I can't cancel," which is understandable. So she called me back and informed me that she could not confirm it was being shipped but we still could not cancel, despite it not being confirmed. They started their labor on Monday, Tuesday they did not show up and when I called she said the tile hadn't come in and that she would call me Tue evening if they wouldn't be coming to work on Wed. Wednesday ***** called at 9am when they were supposed to be there and said that the tile didn't come in. We had a lengthy conversation during which I asked her why I was not called the previous evening as promised and she just said it was because she still didn't have the tile which was no excuse. I explained if you set an expectation for a customer, you follow through no matter what information you have for them. That day we went out to buy our own tile, last minute (after shopping for tile for months and finally making a decision) just so we could get things done since we were without appliances for days on end. She did offer to have her laborers pick up the tile but we didn't trust them to do so since we had already had so many problems with the company. She told me she was going to "move a mountain" which apparently was just her sending over the laborers who were already supposed to be there working as previously planned. She said it was not our fault and it was not her fault that the tile never came, taking no responsibilty. Then Monday she left me a message saying the guys wouldn't be there until later (yet again, third day in a row they either did not show or did not show on time) and I left her a message saying to leave me a voicemail with details since I was at work. She left me a message saying to call her (ignoring my request) So, I left her another saying to leave me details on a voicemail as I had asked and she continuted to bother me at my place of employment completely disregarding my multiple requests. Then she actually went so far as to text message me which is absolutely unprofessional. I must say, this was the absolute worst customer experience I have ever dealt with. Her laborers did a fantastic job and were extremely nice. We have no complaints about the work that was done whatsoever, we just missed days of work and were without appliances for over a week due to *****'s unprofessionalism and multiple days of cancelation or no show. After it all, she did not offer us any discount for the inconvenience and days of work missed. This type of a business practice is one that needs to be addressed and changed to ensure future customers at the mercy of this business do not have the same experience, going without appliances for over a week and missing days of work due to cancellations and no shows.

Desired Settlement
For our inconvenience, we would appreciate some sort of a refund being as that not only did we have to deal with this for a week, constantly having problems but we had to purchase our own tile and unload it last minute. We feel a 20% discount would be reasonable for the inconvenience we dealt with for a week.

Business Response
******* called me on the phone from work and requested a measure on the 11th I quickly responded. She had a bad experience with Home Depot on her timeline. So she asked if I would installed customer supplied tile. I said we do.
I measured the next day The 12th and Mr ***** and I discussed the quality of different tiles and overall look. I suggested taking another look and I would have a few tile boards pulled in their price range (that were better quality and have a better color flow) Mr ***** came in and looked and asked if we could order a bigger sample. ******** my office manager had it ordered before he left our store. Their quote was prepared and emailed It did not take a week it took 3 working days. (plus the weekend) (She did not have to wait she could have gone with her original selection.) He then stopped in on the way to work 2 days later and stated she did not like the sample and could we find something else. I believe Mr ***** was looking for a better quality tile. Mr & Mrs ***** came in Sept 26th at 9am and selected another tile. I suggested she take the sample home and we were going to be at the anyway house and if I did not hear from them. I would continue the order. They gave me a down payment of 1/2, on the 26th of Sept.
She called me Monday the 29th at 2:30 pm and asked if she could cancel that tile order. She found the exact same thing at ***** for $1.99 and could I match or cancel I said let me check. I could not match price so, I called Tile Manufactor and they said it was processed and ready to ship or it had already shipped. She was not 100% I called Mrs ***** and said it was to late . And the tile would be here Wed or Thurs. By this time we had subfloor delivered with mortar and were starting to install it. Monday and Tues. (29th & 30th) Monday 29th Fiber-rock (subfloor) was laid, Tues the 30th They mortared it in. THEY WERE THERE. WED Oct 1 we had no tile yet so no one was there. KEEP IN MIND SHE WAS TOLD TILE WOULD BE IN WED OR THURS. She called me and I explained, told her as soon as I received confirmation of time and shipping I would let her know. I found out at 8:45 on the 2nd I called her at 9am Thurs morning and told her to get her tile that the shippment was late I would refuse it. I was more concerned about getting her done. I offer to pick it up for her and suggested she double check to make sure die lots were matching so there would be no issue. She had her tile by 11:30 Thurs the 2nd we were there at noon installing it (520 sq ft). I told her dont take it out of your truck the guys would handle it. I had added a 2nd crew on Friday he was there at 7:30 am The stayed until 5:30 6pm to get caught up and we worked all day Sat too. So when I told her I would move a mountain we did. She was completed on Monday Oct 6th as Promised. Her husband came in Tues and Paid in full and said it looks great and would be back for carpet???????
They removed their own appliance we did not. He had moved them several days before we started to demo the floor. We were there for 1 week exactly how long we said we would be there. This included cutting down doors, installing transitions and resetting toilet.
I am sorry I made color suggestions. I never used the phrase "I know best"...Certain colors go together better then others. I am here for guidance If she was offended by my comments she could have found different tile and installation elsewhere.
The only day we were not there was Wed (I HAD NO TILE) there was nothing to do. SHe was made aware of this that the tile would take a couple of days to come in. She complained on one line item I did not contact her and then she complained I contacted her too much. I GIVE UP...
Regarding fault of a 2nd party shipping carrier no that is not my fault and I did take responsiblity of your job and still got it done on time and perfect.
My voicemail on Monday said ***** would be there to grout but transitions would not be installed until after or later in afternoon. (can't walk on wet grout) Again job 100% completed on Monday (AS PROMISED)
I am sorry she had a bad experience. That her job was done on time and perfect and she saved $462 on her tile. We will not honor a refund for following our contract

07/15/2013Delivery Issues

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BBB Business Reviews generally cover a three-year reporting period. BBB Business Reviews are subject to change at any time.