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Hunt Home Improvement

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4 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 1 closed in last 12 months
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Problems with Product / Service4
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Total Closed Complaints4

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09/10/2012Problems with Product / Service
11/04/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Additional Notes

Complaint Category: Improper or inferior repair

Complaint: Gutter corners have been leaking for 1.5 years after several repairs. Wall on inside of addition has a crack and has been repaired once and still nee
August 2011 started addition finished nov 20011. Once completed walls cracked and gutters leaked and loose shingles. Customer service is terrible and repairs take months to set appt Owners wife told me that all gutters leak and all drywall cracks. They don't call me I always have to call them and follow up. Last phone call with **** she hung up on me when I asked when temp gutters and down spouts would be done. Temp fix was end of June 2013. **** told me they would add temp down spouts and fix gutters been a month and a half with pipe in yard to road. Also said wall would be fixed when he could find someone reputable. This has been going on for a year and a half of 7 times out for gutters, twice for walls cracked and 3 times for loose shingles. I just want this project done. I would like to hire someone else to fix this and have **** pay for this. If I owed him money he would send me to a collection agency. To many short cuts and shabby work with terrible service.

BUSINESS RESPONSE: According to the customer all the gutter leaked, now just the corners.
The gutter was overflowing because there were not enough downspouts.
When the room addition was done, I told customer the addition needed two more downspouts, but he did not want them.
I finally got him to add the downspouts, at no cost to him, and installed drain tile on top of ground for temporary time to see if that worked.

My office manager called him after it rained, he said it helped, but it is still not good enough.
I did tell him that I would trench the yard for the downspouts, but if what we done is not good enough, I am not doing it.
He did not pay for any yard trenching, drain tile or downspouts.

The wall above the patio door did crack. I hired a reputable drywall company to go fix the crack.
They did and also textured the entire ceiling.
The customer originally wanted flat finished ceilings.
He was told at that time by my guy that he should not do a flat ceiling look on scissor trusses, but the customer did not listen.

The customer called and said that there were a few imperfections in the ceiling, if you stand at a certain angle, at a certain time of day when the sun is shining.
So the drywall company textured his ceiling.
Keep in mind, customer did not pay to have this done, I did. I paid approximately $900.00.

I told the customer to send me the bill to repaint that wall and clean up. Just send me the
Customer called and said that it is $650.00 for wall painting and clean-up.
The wall is very small, and by the way, no receipt.
He said it was cheaper for me this way.

Enclosed are pictures from two other room additions that 1 did not do. Two different
companies did these two room additions.
You will notice both have cracks in wall above door just like our customer has.
These customers that I did not do have the same problem.
It is something that is common in room additions such as these.
The foundation on existing structures does not move in sync with new foundations.
That is why the crack appears.

As far as the shingles coming loose, the first time we went and repaired it, it was the roof on
the main home.
We did not do that roof, but we fixed it, at no charge.
The second time was a ridge cap that came loose.
We fixed it, why is he complaining about that?

When I first went to the customers' home, he told me he could not get anyone to give him an estimate on this addition.
He also could not get the company that did his siding on the home to call him back, so we could match the siding.
That should have been my red flags that no one wants to do anything for him.
His own family told my guy that we are never going to satisfy him.

If I didn't care about our work, why would I hire someone to do repairs and work that customer originally or never paid for?
Why would I send my guy back so many times to adjust gutter so many times?

The building inspector from Galion said we did everything to code.
The inspector from Galion is the most particular inspector we have ever dealt with.
Everything in Galion has to be the way the inspector wants, or it won't pass inspection, and it passed.

Thank You,

Consumer Rebuttal: In response to Hunt Home Improvements comments, dated September 5, 2013 please see the below
issues outlined:

The two corners of the gutters have leaked from day one, always the corners and two feet over on each side. The gutters also leaked between the house and the actual gutter. Mr. **** did suggest that the size of our roof required two additional downspouts to be installed but wanted to have the water run into our backyard, without burying the drainage runoff. This option was too close to our crawl space so we declined. He did say that if this continues to be an issue in the spring that they would come back out
to install downspouts. The original problem with the gutters was that they were angled to the corners of the house and not to the downspouts. They forgot to install the catch plate in both corners where the two gutters join together. This miss was adding to the water issue in the crawl space due to the corners being directly above the crawl space. Hunt Home Improvement did come out several times to fix these issues, however, not correctly. The gutters are level now, still not angled to downspouts. The
catch plates were installed, however, there continues to be an issue in each corner due to the corners not being sealed correctly. The drip edge is also not correctly installed by the corner units. This is causing water to drip between the house and gutters. We have even placed a wheel barrow to catch the water overflow from the catch plates. (see pictures) **** did eventually come back out to the house and installed temporary downspouts across the lawn, with the tile running out to the side street.
If this assisted with the water running over the corners, they would come back out and bury the tile. After it rained, Mrs. **** did call us to see if the temporary downspouts worked. I told her that they did work but the corners still are leaking water. She said that she would have to talk to Mr. **** about this and call me back. Two weeks went by, without a return phone call. I contacted Mrs. **** informing her
that I called "Call Before You Dig" and want to know when they would bury the tile. She stated that I would never be satisfied and hung up on me. Per the signed contract, dated August 11, 2011, I did pay or gutters AND downspouts to be installed. (see attached contract, page 2).

I agree that we originally wanted a flat ceiling but after seeing the imperfections and cracks when they were done, Mr. **** met with us and stated that texturing the ceiling would take care of this. His own worker said he didn't know why **** didn't hire ************** in the first place, since he was not a drywaller. Cracks went up both sides of cathedral ceiling, down the center of the ceiling, along the side
walls and above the interior door (nonload bearing wall). Even Mr. **** stated he did not understand why the nonload bearing wall would crack, and not up a seam. He said he would have ************** come out and take a look at it to see if they could fix it. ****** was his reputable drywall company of choice. Upon ******'s survey, they stated the only way to fix the imperfections on the flat ceiling and
nonlevel walls, was to tape and texture the ceiling. The cost of ************** was approved by Mr. **** (see attached $700 ************** receipt). Several weeks later, the cracks returned. I personally called ****** to see what their warranty was. They told me that I needed to talk to Mr. ****. They will no longer do business with them because Mr. **** did not pay them for their work. ****** also stated that if the crack is back, that I should be concerned about structural damage to that wall and that something has shifted or moved. This could be check if there was an opening between the existing house attic and the pitch of the new room's roof (per code). However, there is not.

I originally paid a painter $1700 (see attached receipt) to prime and paint the entire room. Due to the imperfects in the drywall, Mr. **** authorized me to have the room repainted. The painter charged me $600 to re-prime and re-paint the room after the cracks were fixed. I paid $50 to have furniture moved out of the room, back into the room, and carpet cleaned (per Mr. ****'s authorization). I paid the painter, expecting reimbursement from Mr. ****. Mr. ****'s own receptionist, when I called to tell her the amounts ($600 and $50), stated that seems very cheap! We need his name to hire him paint for us! Mr. **** refused to pay the entire amount because he felt he went over and beyond to fix this issue. I received a letter with half-payment (see attached letter). I called the office to see why only half payment was received. I explained that Mr. **** agreed to pay to have this work done and that he should be a man of his word. After several phone calls, I finally received the second half of the reimbursement. Compared to the originally $1700 painter charge, I believe that $600 is not excessive and is fair.

Before installing the shingles on the addition, they asked me what color of shingle I wanted. I stated, close match to the existing roof is fine since it's on the back of the house. Once they installed about two rows of shingles, they stated that they did not think the color was close enough and that I would have to pick another color. They returned with samples and another color was chosen by me. After installing half of the roof with this "new" color, they informed my wife that it did not match and to step outside to take a look at it. At this point, we decided to go back to the original color that was chosen (not realizing that I would be charged for extra labor and shingles for half a roof that did not match. I feel I should have not been billed for this - see attached bill). A few weeks after Hunt Home Improvement was complete with our house, I called them back out for several shingles being loose at the pitch (where the new roof met the existing roof), about 3 feet on each side. Two workers tried to say it was not their fault but they would fix it anyway. I believe one worker stated to the other that he could not believe he did not nail down the shingles in that area. After a few more weeks when by, we called a second time to fix more shingles that were loose (see pictures). They proceeded to put about 50-75 more nails down all the way around the roof. This was concerning to me.

Window ledges are angled "in" toward the inside of the house instead of "out" to allow water run-off. I question Mr. **** of the installation of these windows at the time they were being installed. I showed Mr. **** our existing windows that did angled "out" and he stated those were installed incorrectly. He stated that all windows are installed angled "in" and that this was normal. I have since contacted several window installers that states this is incorrect and that I will have problems down the road such as wavy ledges and water leaking. (see pictures)

I have worked in the car business for 20 years and I hear every day that "we are shopping your deal with other car dealers". Our common response it to "give me your best deal and we will beat it by $100 to earn your business". Why would I tell Mr. **** of any of our other estimates? We had two other estimates for this work. Mr. **** commented about our siding & gutter installer would not even return our call. Well, he moved out of the state. The comment my family made was that I was very particular, not that I would never be satisfied (I believe this was Mr. ****'s receptionist's comment). I should expect to be satisfied when I spend any kind of money, big or small. In the past ten years, we have had a shed built, siding & gutters installed, replacement windows, roof, furnace & air conditioner, kitchen remodel, carpet upstairs and downstairs, and a fire place refinished (all by different business professionals) and have no complaints on any of their work, because their work was completed satisfactorily and professionally.

Building Inspector- ****
The final inspection did pass - with comments. The comments were never addressed by Mr. ****; therefore, the inspection was never officially signed off on and remains open to this day. (see attached) Mr. **** did come out to the house to discuss the water issue in the crawl space. He recognized that there was water (this was "normal" for new construction) and stated to wait until the spring. If the water continued in the spring, it would be addressed at that time. He also stated that since this was not a living space, it was fine to have water in the crawl space. The building inspector state that drain tile should have been installed in the footer of the addition, as well as backfilled with gravel (either of which was not done). We noticed that the water never did try up, but continued, due to the warm beginning to the winter. We did not feel comfortable waiting until spring, and therefore, decided to have ********* come in to protect our foundation as well as ensure our finished basement was not affected. We spent $750 for this service.

Clean Up
As stated in our contract, "clean up all job debris and haul away" was agreed upon. I personally spend an hour every Sunday during the construction time cleaning up pop cans, debris in the yard, nails in the gutter and in the flower beds and foundation of addition. They had a three foot by five foot pile of dirt in my backyard (from digging the foundation) that stated that I "owned" the dirt and I was responsible for the removal. After I pointed this section out on the contract, they finally agreed to remove the pile as best they could, leaving tire ruts and clay behind. Two years later, I am still trying to get my yard put back together, filling in the ruts and removing the clay.

I believe Mr. **** was hoping I would hire someone else to fix these stated problems and that I would just "go away". There were continuous delays in addressing my issues. I believe he was waiting out my warranty on this work by constantly stalling. Not being an expert in construction, I fear what I do not know and what I cannot see. The things I can see are gutters leaking, cracks in non-load bearing wall, drain tiles that were not installed causing water issues, temporary downspouts still not installed, window ledges angled "in" toward the house (not "out" for run-off), and a new "dip" in my roof where the old meets the new. As stated before, I am not an expert in construction but even I know the mentioned are not correct.

I would like all the above mentioned fixed by a reputable contractor I choose, not Hunt Home Improvement, but at their expense. I would like a full inspection to ensure any other "hidden" issues are addressed and corrected.
Thank you, **********

Business Rebuttal: As a good faith gesture, I am willing to write a check for $2,000.00 to **********.

In return, I want a release form stating that Hunt Home Improvement is not liable for any and all past, present and future liabilities, anyone personally associated with Hunt Home Improvement, including ************.

I will send the check to the Better Business Bureau, once they call my office and send me a copy of the release.

Thank You,

Consumer Rebuttal: Mr. ****'s comments on signing a waiver of liability is, to me, an admission of guilt. The $2000 as a good faith gesture to walk away is unreasonable. The cost of correcting all the mistakes is unknown at this time. He signed a contract and so did we, in which we paid in full before the punchlist was ever completed.

Again, we would like to hire a contractor to put a hole from our house attic to the new addition attic so see why the roof board is sagging and why our non-load bearing wall is cracking. With this they will also inspect the window ledges that are angled in, the gutter drip edges, the gutter corners that are leaking, and bury the drain tile. We will turn in the estimate and Mr. **** will pay to have this work done.

This work should have been completed correctly as per the original contract. Furthermore, we will not sign a waiver of liability or take his good faith gesture of $2000. Again, we signed a contract for this addition and so did he. We have fulfilled our part by paying in-full. Mr. **** needs to fulfill his obligation of the contract and pay to have the work completed correctly.

Thank you,

Complaint Resolution: BBB determined the company made a reasonable offer to resolve the issues, but the consumer did not accept the offer.

07/11/2013Problems with Product / Service
09/25/2012Problems with Product / Service

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