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Thank you for your interest in becoming part of our trust community. BBB Accreditation is how companies earn the opportunity to be recognized for being committed to standards and best practices, going above and beyond in their commitment to trust in the marketplace. 


Application Process fee required*

Applicants with at least one year in business may complete the online application. Once received, your application will be thoroughly reviewed and researched for adherence to BBB Standards for Trust and BBB Code of Advertising. Applications are subject to final approval by BBB's Board of Directors.  

If your application is approved,  you will receive detailed communication via email and US mail regarding your new BBB Accreditation.  

If your application is not approved, you will be notified and issued a full refund of the accreditation fee payment.

Please contact BBB at or call 860-740-4500, ext. 102 with any questions regarding this process. Click to see the Advantages of BBB Accreditation.

*Accreditation fee is required with application.  Submitting an accreditation fee does not guarantee or imply approved accreditation.


Let's Begin!  Select the BBB Representative you’ve been working with.  If you have not made contact with  BBB, please choose the first selection, “I was not contacted by a Representative or I don’t remember”. 

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