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Select Vehicle Marketing

Phone: (402) 933-0333

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Customer Complaints Summary

16 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 4 closed in last 12 months
Complaint TypeTotal Closed Complaints
Advertising / Sales Issues4
Billing / Collection Issues1
Delivery Issues1
Guarantee / Warranty Issues4
Problems with Product / Service6
Total Closed Complaints16

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Complaint Resolution Log (16)
10/14/2015Advertising / Sales Issues | Read Complaint Details

relist my cars or refund me
sorry to bother you but i had a case #********* against select vehicle marketing, they agreed to relist my cars (2) until there were sold. the last month i looked at the website and the only have one of my cars listed. i called them 4 times now and they said my add run out but the relist it because i have a contact that said they would list them to they sold. they are not following thru , i have rechecked weekly and they still have not relisted my car and they keep telling me they are

Desired Settlement
they may relist both cars until sold like i paid for or refund my $***

Business Response
We have contacted the customer and resolved this complaint.

Consumer Response
From: **** ********* (mailto:**********************)
Sent: Tuesday, **************** 5:26 PM
To: Better Business Bureau
Subject: Re: BBB Complaint Case# ********* (Ref#****************************)

hello ****** ******, the company did contact me and relisted my cars again and said this would not happen again , so as of now the problem has been solved. thank you for your help

04/23/2015Advertising / Sales Issues | Read Complaint Details

CSR **** ***** is a ******* rep. Please contact me immediately about my case.************. **** *******
**** ***** rep begged me to advertise with him so I did for $*** down. Said he had interested people in my truck and just knew he could sell it fast. I also have my truck adv thru ********* in which I average 3 calls a day and thru Select Vehicle I have received none. Its been over a month now and no calls. I was totally ripped off by **** and demand a complete refund of my $*** or I will file charges thru the attorney generals office immediately. I have attempted to call **** and it took 3 calls to go thru someone else just to speak to him he in turn said he would call me back and still have not heard anything from him.. I believe this was a scam and want to hear back from someone immediately. All I want is a refund or I will pursue this case further.

Desired Settlement
I want my $*** back and you will never get my business ever again. Please call me immediately so I can explain my complaint in more detail.
**** ******* ************

Business Response
After having talked to this client we believe that the complaint was made in error.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)
The manager ***** was very helpful and is more that glad to give me back my money as a refund and even offered to advertise for free if I choose to do so. She was willing to work with me direct to make sure this happens.

03/19/2015Guarantee / Warranty Issues | Read Complaint Details

I had the plane sold and they didn't get back to me in time to make the sale.

Desired Settlement

Business Response
We have been in contact with Mr. *******. He has stated that his complaint was made in error and that he would like to withdraw his complaint.

02/12/2015Advertising / Sales Issues | Read Complaint Details

i listed two *********************** with select vehicle marketing cost me $*** and they told me and i have it in writing ad package listed until your property is sold i went on their website and they do not have neither of my cars advertised and i have called i sometimes get a recorder and have left message and they are not calling back they took my money and did not keep advertising i want them to put my cars back on the website are return my money

Desired Settlement
refund my $*** or put my cars back on the site for sale

10/13/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

this Co. didn't come close to supplying the service I paid for.
The vehicle still shows sold on web sites and was never sold,
co. is a scam crooked
On ******** I had a ********** listed with this co.paid them $****** to list & sell vehicle all I thought was going great, some 10 day's later the vehicle bid was close to reserve price, got a call from ***** ***** thinking we should except bid, and I said yes, so a **** ***** from *************** was high bidder, he called me two days later to confirm and bring certified check in the ammount of $*********,never heard a word from him since then, now remember the next highest bidder was only $****** under his bid, it was never offered to him, I recieved a phone call from **** ***** explaning what had happened and that **** was leaving a few days for personal business, but would probably go ahead and purchase ** but of corse at a discounted price, this seemed fishey to me like he had known **** or **** was a friend of his insted of offering to the next highest bidder "fax report showed vehicle total loss storm damage *******************, but with clean title not branded, which was really nothing on a *********** low milage ** exactly as I described and pictures don't lie.
After this this co. has done nothing to help me what so ever, **** ***** will not return messages from his personal or business phones, he will not respond to E-mail, he in my own personal opinion is a scam artist, and wouldn't be suprised if he and Mr. ***** may have something shady, maybe even fraud or something illegal going on, but in my own opinion triple a raitings with BBB is a joke, triple f rating might pass.

I recieved a phone call from Frank said he had read my att. letter to **** ***** and wanted to help and re list the rv this was 9/3/2014, he did seem straight and before I realized what I was doing agreed to an additional $309.00, I put a dispute in to master charge called **** ***** on both phone's and told him to re instate the $309.00 and not to list the rv, since then not a reply what so ever from Mr. *****, does this seem like a well established honest triple a rated co?
I did talk to Frank since then he said he was going to straighten everything up and make it right, so far I've not seen anything, so he may be intertwined with the rest of schisters.
By the way I had to attach the E-mail sent to **** ***** to a E-mail sent to Kristina Pokorny which stated what I had done concearing the hail damage done to rv through Va.DMV, Investigative div. Va.DMV and State Farm Insurance Co.and it really amounted to nothing, and also asked for his help and expertise on what too do, no reply what so ever.
I am a straight foward person honest as the day is long and believe if I had been well served by Select Vehicle Marketing I would not be doing today what I am doing, I believe if you pay for a service, then you should recieve no more no less than what the service calls for, in this instance this Co. never reached first base, and I do really and truly believe this Co is a total 100% sham and consists of nothing but scam trained personel, including the main scam artist being **** *****, I believe he should be investigated by the governing body who is in charge of prosecuting people like him, I also believe that anybody employed or has ties to this co. should also be investigated & prosicuted, there is something wrong somewhere and I believe it to be illegal.


Desired Settlement

as I stated in my complaint I am not after anything other than what I have paid Select Vehicle Marketing, and that is a total of $******.
First payment ********--$******
Second payment ********--$******
I am serious when I say I believe these people should be investigated, or they can prove otherwise what the **** has gone on with my experience and what they have provided me for my investment, I really believe that they cost me $********** by simply not offering the second highest bidder the **, and after all I believe there were as many as seven bidders bidding on this ** no I believe there is a snake in the wood pile somewhere and may also lead back to **************.

Business Response
Both parties, Select Vehicle Marketing and Mr. ******** have agreed to drop the complaint.

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07/19/2016Problems with Product / Service
03/23/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

I paid $*** for these guys to sell my car, I was promised certain durations of marketing on sites, and those promises were never fulfilled.
I have emails that state I was going to get 21 total days on ****, but that never happened. I was also told in phone calls that I would have 90 days on sites like **********, and my car hasn't show up on ********** since around the middle of *******, and I paid Select Vehicle Marketing on the ***************, and as of the date of this complaint that's less than 90 days. So, I didn't get what I promised from them on their claims of **** services, or on **********, which is what I paid them for. I was working with **** *******. On ************ I sent him an email saying the following "So, other than two phone calls in the last month offering your companies services to sell the *******, I haven't heard from you... So I just wanted to check in and get a status update." To this day, I haven't heard back from him. At the same time, I have received about 5 calls from Select Vehicle Marketing offering to sell my car for me, the same car that they're already supposed to be selling for me. The first guy I told him their company was already selling my car, and he apologized for calling me and said that this kind of thing wasn't supposed to happen and that he'd look into it for me to tell me why it wasn't flagging my car correctly. Well, that obviously didn't work as I have had several more calls offering to sell my car for me. The company charged me $*** to my **************** card on **********, Order ID : ************. The sheer lack of communication from them (with the exception of spam calling me to sell my car) infuriates me and helps solidify my gut feeling that this business is a sham.

Desired Settlement
Plain and simple, I want a refund, at the very least my full $****** back to my **************** card.

Business Response
We have tried to contact Mr. ******** on multiple occasions to discuss his review. We have record of updating him during his listing with our company. It is our belief that that his complaint lies with another company and was made in error.

12/05/2014Advertising / Sales Issues | Read Complaint Details

I paid this company, in part because of your rating, to provide a sale service for one of my farm equip pcs. Lied Lied Lied
These guys found my farm equipment for sale on *********** and contacted me multiple times re there services which was that they would effectively use a variety of their resources to sell our equipment. The last call we were told that they 'had a buyer' and for $*** they would sell it for us, make us more than we were asking, which was a minimum of $****. So we sent $*** via credit card. They listed on **** with a reserve price, which was never bid on. Then that was the end. We emailed and called for days. Finally a manager returned 1 call and was very sorry and was going to get to the bottom of the 'I have a buyer' promise from the salesman. No call was ever followed up on. We are out $*** and now can not get through to them. And let me reiterate, the fact that they were highly rated by you was a large part of my decision to pay them for this service. I am sure this is a total scam, they take money from people with broken promises and lies making it seem like they have immediate buyers.

Desired Settlement
I would like a full refund in the amount paid of $******. I'd also like to ask for them to be banned from ****. They are a reckless and dishonest seller.

Business Response
I spoke with the client and it appears that the complaint was made in error.

08/05/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Terms of service were to maintain advertisement of my vehicle on ***** reserve auction until sold.
The company now says it requires more money.
********** I received the following proposal from Select Vehicle Marketing:
The ONE TIME fee for our service is $*** and includes: marketing your aircraft on our websites, the Select Vehicle Marketing live feed, the **** reserve auction, and our affiliates UNTIL SOLD. Please feel free to check us out on the Better Business Bureau and see our A+ rating. I'm in the office until 3:30 CST

I entered into an agreement with them and they placed the item on *****. They requested an additonal $50 to place the item on ***** the first time which I thought was unusual but agreed to the additional charge because it was explained this was a special auction.The item failed to sell.
Select Vehicle Marketing requested additional payment to continue to use *****. I have spoken to them several times during the past 6 months. The spokesperson admits the sales agent did not represent their program correctly to me as evidenced by the proposal presented above. ( This proposal is an exact copy of their proposal to me)

Each time I call, I am told they will take this to Senior Management but I hear nothing from them.

Desired Settlement
Select Vehicle Marketing is not willing to perform the marketing of this item as agreed and seem uninterested in continuing. I think it best to terminate the agreement and receive a refund of all monies paid to Select Vehicle Marketing.

Business Response
Mr. ********* was sent an email that, in part, contained the above mentioned excerpt. The excerpt from the email indicates various services we will provide including but not limited to, "marketing your aircraft on our websites, the Select Vehicle Marketing live feed, the **** reserve auction, and our affiliates UNTIL SOLD".
The email states that we will market on "our affiliates until sold", NOT ****! The only mention of **** is, "the **** reserve auction". Not auction(s).
When Mr. ********* originally took advantage of this play on words or misinterpretation, I could almost see his point, (and as cliche as it may seem, we always try to make our customers happy). So we gave Mr. ********* the benefit of the doubt and offered him several free services to compensate for the mix up. Additionally, the original account manager that sent the email was asked to refrain from sending similarly worded emails to avoid a similar misinterpretation. Mr. ********* agreed that the additional services would more than compensate for the difference in interpretation of the email.
Now, after six months, we have given Mr. ********* several ******** dollars in free advertising and marketing, he has sold his aircraft and only now, after it sold, he wants a refund of his original fee.
I believe we have more than honored our commitment to Mr. *********. We will not be issuing him a refund.

Consumer Response /* (***0, 12, 2014/08/04) */
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I will forward the entire e-mail received from the business to dispute the response that the "until sold" portion did not include the ***** auction.
The aircraft has not been sold.
The additional options offered to me were refused due to the fact they would cost me additional funds up to $***. At no time did I agree to anything to compensate for their failure to fulfill their stated obligation.
Since I refused their offers I do not understand how they would consider that as compensation for their failure to perform.

Final Business Response
ON ********** we received a call from our client indicating that he sold his aircraft. At this time he also asked for a refund. Again, We have been advertising this aircraft for approximately 6 months and due to that original email and how Mr. ********* interpreted it, we gave him thousands of dollars in free advertising. Mr. ********* is extremely computer savvy and savvy with ****. He knows that **** only offers 7, 10, 21 or 30 day auctions. Not auctions that last forever. He has used the original email and his intentional misinterpretation of it to obtain thousands of dollars in free advertising.
We received numerous reasonable offers none of which our client would accept. Curiously, why wasnt this complaint filed six months. Why now after thousands of dollars in free advertising and notification that the aircraft is sold?
Again, we are not going to issue Mr. ********* a refund.

05/05/2014Guarantee / Warranty Issues | Read Complaint Details

Calls/emails were avoided then when I got response they wanted more money. Car still hasn't been sold after 3 months. THey promised 3 weeks max.
**** was so convincing at first and super friendly and personable on the phone-his email: "I know we can get the $******* the ************ is worth. With the $*** package that I am giving you for $***, you will get front page exposure on major sites like ******, **** and all there sites, the **************, (**********), ********, and many others. we handle all the calls till we have a buyer ready to pay what you are asking, than with your permission, we give them your number. We market it till sold, and there is never any other fee EVER again. I know we can get this sold FAST for you. But check out the site, as you can see, we don't have any *************, because the last 2 we had, sold and we take them down when they sell. But give me a call and we can get this sold for you ASAP"....okay so after being unsure I checked reviews and saw mixed ones--he then had a story about the bad reviews. So I went with it and sure enough after a month and heard nothing from ****--he has some ** story about one buyer who backed out and then said yeah I have a guy i'll call you by the end of the day. Never heard back. After numerous phone calls a new lady calls me saying the **** auction ended and they need another ****** to keep it going. Long story short. All ** and lies. The part that maddens me the most is he typed in his email "We market it till sold, and there is never any other fee EVER again."!!! So why are they asking us for another $******!!! They just want to milk you for every penny and the reviews I read that had the same stories obviously weren't "a competitor company trying to make them look bad" as ******* told me. Those bad reviews are all true and exactly what I went through. Don't get scammed like we did.

Desired Settlement
I am not looking to make a penny. I simply want my $****** back that was used for some non-sense. I would rather invest that into an ad in the newspaper or a more respectable and reputable company that actually does their job and doesn't spend it all day lying to customers and avoiding phone calls/emails.

Business Response
I do not believe that this complaint meets the BBB guidelines as a "postable" compliant. I request that this complaint, resolved or not, never be posted to our BBB page.

I believe the client that filed the complaint will now agree with the above statement.

We were not aware that this customer was dissatisfied. Our phone numbers are sent out in every email and on our site. We have a rule of thumb that the phone isnt allowed to ring more than 3 times before it is answered. We have voice mail set up through cox that has proven to be very reliable.
We were not aware that this customer was not happy until these complaints were filed.
We are a marketing and advertising agency not a broker or car dealer. We do not guarantee that a car will sell through our advertising methods. At the time the complaint was filed by our client the vehicle was actually only advertised for 59 days. Not the "# months" mentioned in the complaint.
We do guarantee that we will market a vehicle until sold as mentioned above however we do have premium services that we have to charge for. We literally have this car all over the internet, on every major car site. We have honored our commitment to the client and will continue to do so until the car sells. We cannot however make someone pull their checkbook out and buy the car.
We have honored our commitment to this client.
Additionally since this complaint, we have talked with the client although we feel that we have honored our original commitment we do not like having disgruntled clients so we are working with this client by offering additionally services free of charge.
This client has a $********** used vehicle. This is a very difficult vehicle to sell. There is only a small percentage of the population that can afford this vehicle. Generally vehicle of this caliber take longer to sell that a ************ for example.

03/25/2016Problems with Product / Service
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