Educational Consumer Tips


Author: Better Business Bureau

There are many purchases that require you to sign a contract, such as ordering merchandise from a door-to-door salesman, hiring a contractor for a home improvement project or obtaining a loan.
Contracts are legal documents that are designed to protect both the consumer and the business involved. A contract allows the business to define, in specific terms, the extent of its obligation for the delivery of a product or service, while committing the consumer to the price to be paid once specifications are met.

ONCE a contract is signed, it generally cannot be changed or broken unless both parties agree.

To protect yourself, the BBB suggests:
- that you read and thoroughly understand the contract BEFORE you sign.
- Be wary of vaguely worded provisions or exclusions.
- Keep a copy of the signed contract.
- Make sure that all oral promises are included in the written contract.
- All parts should be complete BEFORE signing.

NEVER sign a blank contract!

Do NOT be pressured into signing any contract!