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Educational Consumer Tips

How-To Build Positive Relationship With Your HOA

Author: Better Business Bureau

For current and future homeowners looking to build a mutually beneficial relationship with their homeowners association, BBB offers the following tips:

Understand the purpose. The purpose of an HOA is to help maintain the quality and value of properties in a housing community. Keeping this in mind when reviewing regulations imposed by an HOA allows homeowners to gain a better understanding of why they are in place.

Review the rules. The Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions document outlines all requirements for living in a community with an HOA. Future homeowners should review the CC and Rs before purchasing a home to make sure they agree living with the regulations. Current homeowners should reference the CC and Rs anytime they are unsure of whether or not the HOA is acting in good faith.

Know the Board. Typically, property owners within the community are elected to the board of directors and run the HOA. Getting to know board members allows homeowners to feel more involved in the decision-making process, especially if final decisions are made solely by the board.

Use the right contact. Some HOAs enlist the services of a property management company to help oversee property maintenance, hire contractors, advise its board members and handle day-to-day operations. If your community has hired a property management company, ask for its contact information, as they will be your point of contact should any issues arise.

Get outside help when necessary. Consumers who have tried to resolve any issues or problems with the HOA or property management company, but still feel dissatisfied can contact BBB at