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Educational Consumer Tips

Buying Clubs

Author: Better Business Bureau
Category: Finance

The BBB® suggests that if you are considering membership in a buying club, first compare the prices and services of the club to retail stores and other such services.

Consider the amount of merchandise you would have to buy to make up for the cost of the membership. For example, if you pay $500.00 to join the club, and everything you buy is at a 25% discount, you would need to spend about $2000.00 before making up for the membership fee. The more you spend to join the club, the more merchandise you would have to buy before saving any money through the club.

Make sure the type of merchandise offered is what you desire and understand the policies of the organization with regard to the following: how you order merchandise, methods of payment, finance charges, refunds and exchanges, and warranty rights.

Take time to understand thoroughly the contract before signing and keep a copy of the contract for yourself.

Make sure all oral promises are put in writing.

Be wary if the club will not let you see prices and catalogs or will not tell you the brand names of the products offered before signing the contract.