Key Staff

BBB Serving Northern Colorado and Wyoming Staff
President/CEO Pamela King
Director of Co-Branding Opportunities Susan McClain
Business Development Consultants  
  Patricia Blair
  Wendy Brothers
  Sharon Gaebl 
  Tina Hickman
  Ashley Kurau
  Mark Trenholm
VP Dispute Resolution and Operations Marcy Sharf
Dispute Resolution and Ad Review Counselor Marcus Rasmussen
Accredited Business Relations Specialist Ashlie Ball
Business and Consumer Services Specialist Kellie Brown
Customer Review and Investigations Specialist Stephen Salazar
VP Communications & Outreach Shelley Polansky
Social Media Specialist John Infante
Marketing Specialist Matt Schechter
Manager of Internet Services Audrea Butler
Data Quality Specialist Emily Baker
Meeting and Event Coordinator/
Safety Group Program Manager
Alicia Davis
Program Coordinator Jennifer Hahnke
Center for Character Ethics Coordinator Keith Bearden
Charity Review Jim Judge
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