Project Self-Sufficiency of Loveland-Fort Collins
2016 BBB Torch Awards for Ethics Winner - Nonprofit

Project Self-Sufficiency of Loveland-Fort Collins assists low-income, single parents in their efforts to achieve economic independence and become free from community and government assistance while building and maintaining strong, healthy families.

Transformation at the Top
“Key drivers of my ethics are compassion and understanding toward others who may not be making the same choices that I might make, but understanding that their circumstances are different and likely more challenging,” said Tracy Mead, executive director. “It is my role to lead and inspire right or ethical behavior in those around me based on facilitation of the full understanding or education of the variables, the situation, and the perspectives or realities of those involved.”

Reinforce & Build
Inclusive language, unconditional positive regard paired with respectful boundaries, the right to self-determination and equity are apparent in both written and verbal communications. In addition, ethical practices are examined and reinforced during monthly adviser team meetings and in-service trainings.

Unite the Team
In 2014, staff engaged in a process to define organizational values with the following six chosen: empowerment, opportunity, respect, connectedness, excellence, accountability. “We believe these values apply to all stakeholders – staff, donors, participants, volunteers and even other nonprofits,” Tracy said.

Steer Performance
Team members are asked to identify and commit to a training goal each year that will enhance their competency. In addition, program evaluation and support for innovative program development is part of the nonprofit’s commitment, one result being a revamped, time-sensitive intake process.

Treasure People
Upon hire, all new employees train with current staff, which reinforces accountability and builds connectedness. Staff members who demonstrate meritorious commitment to the standards and practices of the organization are often asked to take on additional duties.

! Enthusiastically Reinvest
Project Self-Sufficiency has developed partnerships with organizations that hold similar ethical standards and practices to broaden the impact of its work and to share critical resources. This past year the nonprofit joined United Way’s Working Families Thrive Collaborative to influence system changes to better serve working families in the community.