Poudre Valley Rural Electric Association Inc
2016 Torch Awards for Ethics Winner - Medium Business Category

Poudre Valley REA


Poudre Valley Rural Electric Association is an electric cooperative serving approximately 39,500 members in Larimer, Boulder and Weld Counties.

Transformation at the Top
The entire management and supervisory team has attended The Oz Principle training and utilizes tenants of the training on a daily basis with emphasis on the core philosophy of “Staying Above the Line” and creating and maintaining a workplace built on trust and respect.

Reinforce and Build
New hires are presented with the company’s Code of Ethics, mission and values on the first day coupled with a discussion about what makes the organization what it is. They also meet with each executive team member who shares his or her own personal code of ethics and how those translate companywide.

Unite the Team
Every meeting begins with a safety roundtable regardless of how many are in attendance. In addition, PVREA administers an annual survey to employees that asks how they feel about their performance as well as those of their peers and management team. The goal is to evaluate the company internally and improve the company from the inside out.

Steer Performance
PVREA is working on a two-year strategic plan, the goal of which is to transform the company into an employee-powered company where everyone, no matter the position, contributes. The company’s Strategy Team, consisting of representatives from each department, ensures goals are relevant, attainable, measurable and stemming directing from the mission and vision statements.

Treasure People
PVREA employees are stakeholders in their own professional development and work closely with their supervisors to ensure that their chartered course is being supported by the necessary training and resources.

! Enthusiastically Reinvest
PVREA implemented a Raptor Protection Program and works with schools, scout troops, wildlife biologists and the Colorado Division of Wildlife in building and relocating nests away from energized power lines. In addition, the company supports a variety of groups and events in the communities it serves through sponsorships and participation.