Miramont Lifestyle Fitness
2016 Torch Awards for Ethics Winner - Large Business Category

Miramont Lifestyle Fitness

Miramont Lifestyle Fitness, founded in 1979 by Cliff Buchholz, is a family owned athletic club with three locations in Fort Collins and one in Loveland. The business offers health and wellness services for all ages, including programs that inspire children to live a lifestyle of fitness. 

Transformation at the Top
Miramont is a team-based company where staff and club members are considered members of the “family.” To maintain cohesiveness, upper management is involved in employee training – the COO heads up a five-hour orientation –  and financial records are part of the company’s “open book” policy.

Reinforce & Build
Miramont strives to not only make sure employees always practice ethical behaviors, but that the business itself is always ethically strong. Anyone within the company can ask or obtain information on all aspects of the business and the company’s COO keeps his door open for one and all.

Unite the Team
Innovation is encouraged and rewarded at annual reviews and via “Challenging the System,” a system designed to allow employees to bring ideas as well as concerns to upper management. Monthly team-member events range from a volleyball tournament to a family picnic by the pool and are heavily attended and well-regarded by the team.

Steer Performance
Bimonthly small-group financial meetings attended by the comptroller, COO and four to six department heads at a time provide the framework to set goals, examine how current strategies are working and to brainstorm improvements.

Treasure People
Miramont is committed to helping team members take responsibility for their personal character growth through heightened awareness of the company’s purpose and values, by modeling good character, and by praising and celebrating good character in others.

!Enthusiastically Reinvest
Miramont Cares, a 501(c)3 was created in 2014 to provide education and resources in support of health and well-being in Northern Colorado.The company’s annual fundraiser, Colorado Moves to End Cancer, now totals more than $170,000 for local cancer research, with more than $60,000 donated in 2015 alone.