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2015 Torch Awards for Ethics Winner with 1-10 Employees

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Metric Motors, acquired by Dan Moyer in 2005, has been servicing foreign and American cars since 1976. The business is Loveland’s first Green Garage and has won local paper’s Readers’ Choice Award for Best Auto Service Provider in 2012, 2013 and 2014.

Transformation at the Top
In an industry that is often viewed in a poor light, Dan Moyer said Metric Motors’ goal is to stand out by conducting business with the highest level of integrity and ethical standards. “We’ve worked hard to earn a good reputation and high level of customer loyalty. But uncompromising integrity and ethics is more than being good for business – it’s about being a good corporate citizen and its about being the right thing to do. With these principles as Metric Motors’ foundation, Moyer has successfully built a culture that positively affects his community.

Reinforce and Build
Moyer has laid out effective guidelines to clearly state and reinforce what Metric Motors wants its employee character to represent and to provide the best possible work environment. Moyer says communication is key to keeping employees aligned with Metric Motors’ mission statement and to ensure constant growth and improvement in all areas. He encourages use of a “quick test” – Is it good for the car? Does the vehicle need the repair? Is it good for the customer? Is it in the customer’s interest to perform the repair? – to help employees address and ethically approach certain situations. 

Unite the Team
At Metric Motors, customers and suppliers are as much a part of the team as employees. “It’s important that customers know they can rely on Metric Motors and know that we stand behind our work,” Moyer says, adding “We do business with suppliers that provide a good product delivered in a timely basis and that stand behind their products.”

Steer Performance
Monday morning meetings is Moyer’s opportunity to update employees on company performance and goals. Annual goal establishment and employee reviews incorporate personal life goals as well. Technicians perform quality assurance checks on each other’s work to verify the quality of the work.
Treasure PeopleIn addition to technical knowledge and skill, Moyer’s hiring process evaluates the applicant’s character and if they would be a good fit for the team and company culture. Metric Motors pays for all employee training with the result not only being increased skill sets, but increased employee motivation and commitment to the job.

! Enthusiastically Reinvest
A few of Metric Motors efforts to support the community include:

  • Monthly recycling of more than 50 gallons of used antifreeze, 200 gallons of used oil, 500 pounds of paper/cardboard, 550 pounds of glass/plastic and 1,000 pounds of scrap metal.
  • $1,200 raised by employees during No-Shave November for men’s prostate cancer research with funds matched by the company.
  • Donation of repair work through Loveland Homeless Connect.

Moyer personally supports Ensight Skills Center, Alternatives to Violence and Project Self-Sufficiency.