M & E Painting
2017 BBB Torch Awards for Ethics Winner - Medium Business Category

M&E PaintingMatt Shoup founded M&E Painting in 2005, shortly after marrying his college sweetheart Emily. From humble roots operating out of their condo, M&E Painting has grown to service the Northern Colorado area with a variety of interior and exterior painting and staining services. When Matt started the company, he focused on the values of accountability and communication. Those traits have allowed M&E Painting to grow beyond a painting company into a vibrant and active member of the Loveland community.

Transformation at the Top
M&E Painting's success and growth really got started after Matt realized he needed to carefully craft and take responsibility for the culture of his company. This realization led to staffing changes that refocused the company's energy and allowed it to escape a cycle of unpaid bills, incomplete documentation, and unhappy customers.

Matt reinforces that culture at M&E Painting with an emphasis on transparency, which is the logical outcome of combining communication and accountability. The leadership team at M&E Painting is quick to take responsibility for mistakes and to institute the corrective action necessary to continue improving the company.

Reinforce and Build
High performance has a specific meaning at M&E Painting. It is not just the number of houses an employee can paint or the amount of work they can bill. It also means treating customers and coworkers with respect and upholding the values of the company. To that end, M&E's employee handbook has special focus on ethical standards and an employee's responsibility to exhibit those standards at all times. Customer surveys are also taken after each job to assess customer service, head off any future problems, and recognize employees who go above and beyond.

Unite the Team
M&E Painting's goal of creating a "fun and tight-knit" environment starts with the hiring process. The first stage of the application process at M&E Painting starts with a potential employee answering why the company's mission and values are important to them. Then comes multiple interviews with different staff to get a true feel of how an employee will fit in with the team.

That upfront work allows for an environment where employees can connect through informal activities like playing video games during lunch, without sacrificing performance or ethical standards. And M&E Painting holds quarterly events for employees and their families to encourage further connection.

Steer Performance
M&E Painting uses a goal-setting and evaluation strategy that ensures information and feedback flows in all directions of the organization. Goals are set departmentally, but are based on strategic goals for the entire company. That strategy is driven by M&E Painting's mission of enhancing the community by inspiring leaders to impact lives.

To facilitate feedback, M&E Painting holds weekly face-to-face meetings where business goals and progress are discussed. Employees receive quarterly one-on-one evaluations. And "Rave Reviews" recognize instances where employees went above and beyond in their performance or customer service.

Treasure People
M&E Painting seeks to have its employees grow not just as painters but as leaders. The company provides for many leadership development opportunities including local leadership groups, dues for leadership classes, and trips to leadership development conferences. M&E Painting's extensive feedback and review system checks in on this progress and ensures that employees are getting support to build on strengths while improving weaker areas.

Enthusiastically Reinvest!
Free Paint Makeovers are a signature example of how M&E Painting have used their talent and expertise to reinvest in the local community. Families going through difficult times are provided with a free house painting. This not only eliminates a major expense and home maintenance task, but also helps brighten spirits. On one occasion, two equally deserving families were nominated to receive the Free Paint Makeover so the M&E Painting staff decided to donate their time, work for free, and do both houses. Matt and his company also donate time and money to a variety of local causes from youth sports to disease research to educational opportunities.