Centennial Ag Supply Co.
2015 Torch Award for Ethics Winner with 51+ Employees

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Centennial Ag Supply Co., founded in 1976, is a family owned input supply company servicing the Rocky Mountain region with seed, fertilizer, custom application, chemicals, industrial products, research, technology and consultation. Centennial Ag’s 72 employees work out of offices in Colorado, Nebraska and Wyoming.

Transformation at the Top – Centennial Ag Supply’s top leadership meet monthly to discuss the company’s approach toward ethical practices. Six years ago, leaders created and assimilated the company’s core values – integrity, teamwork, value creation, service, quality, compliance and humility. Top and middle managers participate regularly in Dale Carnegie courses and situational leadership training along with team-building exercises.

Reinforce and Build – Every employee is informed about Centennial Ag’s ethical practices during introductory training and orientation. In 2014 the company launched the “We Are Centennial Ag” employee initiative that’s related to internal and external customer service and community outreach. The company regularly recognizes ethical achievements of employees in its newsletter and with rewards.

Unite the Team – Centennial Ag uses written and verbal communication to highlight the organization’s vision, mission, core values, culture description and business purpose. Centennial Ag prides itself on being “one big family” and help is not far away if an employee needs support on the job or at home. Several employees approached management about potential changes in the benefits package that resulted in improved medical, dental and vision benefits in addition to increased paid time off. The company also implemented safety changes suggested by employees.

Steer Performance – “Centennial Ag prides itself and focuses daily on the goal of internal customer service,” said Jake Adler, company president. As a result, the company has put a premium on environmental sustainability, which is tied into safety and compliance. Centennial Ag maintains a research farm in Kersey and research plots at its eastern Colorado locations, which allow the company to provide solutions, not just products, to growers, he added.

Treasure People – Centennial Ag regularly encourages the growth of all employees through classes, seminars, promotion opportunities and other incentives. Employees receive special training tailored to their positions. The company also uses feedback gained from annual surveys to provide better services and improve customer satisfaction.

! Enthusiastically Reinvest – Centennial Ag gives back to the seven communities in which employees live and operate by hosting dinners for local fire departments, sponsoring local high school teams and participating in events such as local fairs and golf tournaments.