BBB Torch Awards for Ethics Nomination
Nominations for the 2019 BBB Torch Awards for Ethics are open.

About the Program:
The BBB Torch Awards program shines the spotlight on businesses and nonprofits that exemplify outstanding ethics. The program has recognized trustworthy businesses since 1999 and launched the nonprofit category in 2016.

How it Works:
Nominated organizations are reviewed to ensure they meet our minimum requirements to participate. If an organization chooses to participate, they are paired with a team of university students during fall semester who will work with nominees to discover the ways the organization meets the award criteria based on BBB's six TRUST! Principles. The students write the application paper on behalf of the nominee with your collaborative input. Judging occurs in January 2019 with the award winners celebrated in April, 2019. The deadline to submit nominations or to self-nominate is July 13.

Program Benefits:
Nominees that participate in the process receive the following benefits:

  • Mention as a award applicant in the following places: press releases, blog posts, social media posts, local advertisements and BBB's website.
  • Opportunity to showcase your organization by working with university students who value an out-of-the-classroom learning experience.

If you are named a winner, you receive the following recognition:

  • Presentation of award and organizational recognition at the April 2018 luncheon celebration in front more than 450 community members
  • Winner announcements and recognition in press releases and social media
  • Dedicated winner profile page on BBB's website
  • Three-minute professionally produced video that plays at the April luncheon celebration. You receive a copy to be used in your own marketing materials, website, etc.

Past Winner Comments
"As an insurance broker, we do not have a tangible product that is given to our clients. Rather, each day we give them our promise; a promise to consistently and sincerely serve our clients ethically in all aspects of their business. The importance of ethics and the transparency of integrity has been a core value of Flood and Peterson since the agency's inception. As the recipient of the 2017 BBB Torch Award in Business Ethics, it is an honor and a differentiator for our employees, culture and community." - Royal Lovell, Chairman & CEO, Flood and Peterson

"Winning the BBB Torch Award for Ethics was not only a great honor, but it helped elevate recognition of our food bank throughout the region. As a nonprofit, we are responsible not only to those we serve but also to our donors and the community at large. The BBB Torch Award is a wonderful way to demonstrate to our stakeholders that we take these responsibilities seriously and we operate with the highest of ethical standards on a day to day basis. And, because the BBB is so well known and held in such high regard, we are able to use this award to show independent recognition of our internal practices to funders, donors, volunteers, and the larger community." - Bob O'Connor, Executive Director, Weld Food Bank

"Receiving the BBB Torch Award for Ethics was a game-changer for Basic Beginnings Early Learning Center. The resulting publicity drew the community's attention to our business' ethical practices in a way that our own advertising could not have achieved. Showing our BBB Torch Award to potential new customers gives them a different understanding of our business and its priorities. Perhaps the most significant advantage, however, was internal. Our team of employees gained a new pride for their commitment to integrity in every aspect of our business operation, and new additions to our team are quickly made aware of Basic Beginnings' reputation as a business that can be trusted with all things, including your children." - Jan Lawrence, Director, Basic Beginnings

For more information about this program, contact Alicia Davis, Education & Outreach Manager at 970-488-2045 or