Judging Criteria
Learn more about the 6 Principles of TRUST! that the judges use when reviewing your application

Criteria 1: Transformation at the Top

Leadership Commitment to Ethical Practices
Leaders are reflective and intentionally work to increase the manifestation of their own high character in the organization’s culture. Ethical enterprising leaders know that positive character traits are an essential guide to life and work. They strive to live and lead accordingly and they intentionally seek feedback in order to make personal improvements.

Criteria 2: Reinforce and Build

Communication of Ethical Practices 
Leaders reinforce and build a culture of high character ethics. The leader and leadership team intentionally behave and communicate with one another, employees, and stakeholders in ways that are consistent with their beliefs. Their actions follow their words which intentionally reinforces the character culture of their organization and builds a high performance business model. 

Criteria 3: Unite the Team

Leadership Practices to Unify the Organization
Leaders unify the organization around clear purpose and compelling convictions. The leader and leadership team work consistently to ensure clarity of purposes and an adherence to clear convictions that motivate and unite stakeholders. By doing so, they establish and emphasize the “whys” of an organization – why work here, why be a customer, why be a supplier, why we are who we are. 

 Criteria 4: Steer Performance

Organizational Commitment to Performance Management Practices
Leaders guide organizational performance by implementing high competency management practices. High character must be accompanied by high competency. The leader and leadership team continually manage performance by establishing goals, measuring achievement and allocating just rewards. They establish practices that represent their commitments to the future and the means for the organization to achieve those commitments. 

Criteria 5: Treasure People

Organizational Commitment to Ethical Human Resources Practices
Leaders prize the intrinsic value of people. The leader and the leadership team adopt and implement human resource practices that prepare, continually support/recognize and provide opportunities for growth of all staff members. 

Criteria 6: !Enthusiastically Reinvest

Organizational Commitment to the Community
The leader and leadership team transfer their ethical beliefs by their active engagement with their industry and the communities from which the organization derives its customers, workforce, vendors, investors, and governance.