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Educational Consumer Tips

Vacation Offers

Author: Better Business Bureau

Never agree to purchase anything over the phone or through the mail until you see the written contract. Once you receive the contract, make sure the written material confirms everything you were told over the phone or received in the mail. Don't be pressured by any company to give them an immediate decision until you are sure that the vacation offer is as good a deal as it seems. Simply tell the company that you would like the opportunity to check this out and you'll call them back in a few days. Before you decide to accept this vacation offer and before you give any money, you should understand the requirements and conditions of the offer to determine if they meet your needs. Determine the complete cost involved when accepting the offer and then do comparative shopping with a local travel agency before making your final decision. Be sure to fully understand the company's terms and conditions as well as any refund or cancellation policy prior to agreeing to accept the offer or giving any money.