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Educational Consumer Tips

Water Quality

Author: Better Business Bureau

Local authorities closely monitor water treatment plants to assure that only safe drinking water is available. If you doubt that your water supply is safe, your water can be tested. The Environmental Protection Agency (E.P.A.) regulates the water pruification industry, and water purifiers must comply with E.P.A. standards. The E.P.A.'s Drinking Water Hotline 800-426-3791 can provide a list of certified water testing labs. You may also want to check the E.P.A.'s website

Your water may meet drinking water standards, however there may still be issues of quality or taste. There are a variety of products that can be used to solve these issues. For instance, water purifiers can range from low-cost, simple filter devices for your kitchen faucet or water pitcher to more expensive, sophisticated systems that treat water as it enters your home. There are many companies that offer water conditioners and purifiers. Make sure you check the business reliability report with the BBB before you purchase.