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Educational Consumer Tips

Tips on Purchasing Propane

Author: Better Business Bureau

- Shop Around.  Compare your local propane prices with several suppliers.  Since the price of propane is not regulated, the cost can vary greatly.  Some companies may price propane based on usage; ask if the price you are quoted is based on consumption or has any other stipulations.

- Talk to your neighbors.  Who are they using and why?

- Understand your contract.  Keep a signed, dated copy of any contract you sign.  Never agree to a contract or changing the terms of your contract without having all the information in writing.

- Check your tank level well before the winter season and order a fill as necessary.

- Buy in off season.  Buying LP gas in the summer may also have a financial benefit since prices tend to be lower then.

- Own the tank.  A consumer that owns his or her own tank may have it filled by any provider.  If one provider is backed up making cold-weather deliveries, another may be available immediately.  Owning an LP gas tank rather than renting has financial benefits, too.  Owners do not have to pay tank rental fees and shop for the best price on gas.