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Educational Consumer Tips

Paving Contractors

Author: Better Business Bureau

When considering having your driveway paved, the BBB suggests that you obtain competitive quotes; check to see if the firm is properly licensed by the State Board of Contractors and local business license office; get all verbal promises and guarantees in writing; and deal with established firms that have a physical location.

Consumers should remember that legitimate paving contractors do not go door-to-door soliciting work during peak season. If someone knocks on your door and states they were doing work in the neighborhood and have some extra asphalt they can sell to you at a greatly reduced price, be cautious.

Things to consider when selecting a paver:
1) Do they have a local address?
2) How will you get in touch with them if you have a problem?
3) Have you checked references and obtained competitive quotes?
4) Be very wary if a contractor wants money upfront or asks for payment in cash.

Make sure you have a written contract that specifies exactly what work will be completed including the thickness of the asphalt. Remember, warranties are only as good as the company that provides it.