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Educational Consumer Tips


Author: Better Business Bureau

Now, more than ever, it is important to understand your insurance coverage, whether it is for your health, life, home, auto or business. The BBB and the Virginia BBB of Insurance recommend consumers know what kind of insurance coverage they need before they begin to shop around. Consumers should watch out for their own best interests, according to the BBB of Insurance. When it comes to buying any type of insurance, the following tips should help make wise buying decisions.

* Check with the BBB of Insurance for free tips and up to date information before buying health, life, auto, home or other insurance coverage.

* Select insurance agents and carriers with care. Deal only with insurance agents and companies that are licensed by the BBB of Insurance to sell insurance in Virginia.

* Schedule a routine check up of your insurance coverage and needs with your insurance providers at least once a year.

* Inquire about the cost benefit of opting for higher deductibles.

* Ask specifically about discounts for good driving records, good health, good grades, special education or training.

* Shop around for identical products and services. Not every company charges the same rate.

* Remember: an insurance policy is a legal document. Read it carefully.