Benefits of BBB Accreditation


BBB Accredited Businesses receive many valuable benefits. Below is a short summary of the many programs and services offered exclusively to Accredited Businesses:

Public Confidence
You gain public trust and confidence through the BBB’s efforts in helping the public recognize that legitimate firms care about and are doing something to maintain their trust. The BBB’s job is to make sure every dollar spent in the marketplace is spent with legitimate businesses.

Business Credibility

The BBB enjoys 98% name recognition according to a recent Gallup Poll. 70% of consumers say they are more likely to buy from a company designated as a BBB Accredited Business (Princeton Survey Research Associates)


The statement that you’re a BBB Accredited Business in good standing says, “I am an ethical business who cares about my community." The BBB Logo or plaque prominently displayed at your place of business, or in advertisements, gives a favorable first impression and a competitive advantage.

BBB Materials to Promote Your Accreditation

Through BBB Accreditation, we provide you with BBB Plaques and BBB Decals that are marketing tools which immediately identify you as a BBB Accredited Business and let people know they are getting involved with an honest and reputable company. You can display them in your place of business, company vehicles or take them with you to trade shows or other exhibits. Available Materials include BBB Door Decals, Vehicle Decals, Vehicle Magnets, Bid Stickers, Counter Card, Plaque, Accreditation Certificates and more! We will email you the BBB Accredited Business logo to use in your advertising, on company literature, invoices and estimates, business cards, and even your company website!

BBB Business Reviews

24/7 BBB Accredited Business Reports are available on the Internet. Consumers also obtain a Reliability Report on your company by calling the BBB. Prospective customers are informed that your company meets the BBB Standards for Trust and are given your BBB Rating. The report includes information about your business and is searchable by company name and/or business category. Also - A no-cost hyperlink is added to your Reliability Report bringing prospective customers directly to your website.

Industry Referral Listings
Consumers looking for a business in your industry can request a listing of BBB Accredited Businesses, which will give you an edge over your competitors and increase your customer base.

Website for your business on
Leverage the power of the internet for your business. More than ever people are using the internet to find businesses they can trust. Expose your business to these consumers with a web site hosted by the BBB. Accredited Businesses can opt to have a web page created with customized and detailed information about their company. All business pages will have the seal of accreditation along with a link to their BBB Reliability Report.

BBB Consumer Guide

The Guide features a directory of BBB Accredited Businesses by business category. Additionally, the Consumer Guide is an invaluable resource loaded with shopping advice and other useful consumer information. Additional advertising options are available.

Anthem Insurance Benefits
The BBB has partnered with Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield to offer Value-Added Benefits that are available at no cost to Accredited Businesses. Anthem offers several products and programs to BBB Accredited Businesses such as: $10,000 Life and AD&D coverage, $2,000/Spouse and $2,000/Child Dependent coverage, and more!

Employee Rx - A Prescription Discount Program
The BBB offers this Prescription Savings Program as a valuable and exclusive benefit to help Accredited Businesses and their employees save money on their prescription medications. In addition to savings on prescriptions, you will enjoy similar cash savings on: Mail Order Prescriptions, Durable Medical Goods, Over-the-Counter Medications, Diabetes Supplies, and Hearing Aid Products & Services.

Request-A-Quote Service

This BBB program provides Accredited Businesses leads that end in results. When consumers visit the BBB website looking for a trustworthy business, they have the option to Request a Quote for services. We then contact our Accredited Business partners with these requests, letting let them know their services are in demand.

AB Only Section of our website

Manage your Accredited Business Program electronically with special access to the AB Only section. View and update your firm’s information, learn about new programs, see stats on your company, order BBB Accreditation products (free of charge), and more.

Dispute Resolution
BBB contacts you quickly concerning any complaints about your company so they can be resolved and avoided in the future. Satisfied customers often become repeat customers and often refer friends and family to your business. We can help your business resolve disputes fairly and without expensive litigation though our conciliation, mediation and arbitration services, which are great alternatives to expensive, and time-consuming, court or government action.

Advertising Review
To encourage ‘truth in advertising,’ the BBB monitors advertising claims that may be false or misleading. This is a valuable tool for maintaining ethical standards among competitors within your industry. The BBB will also review your company’s advertising at no cost.

Monthly Newsletter
The BBB Newsletter is published monthly and sent to all Accredited Businesses. The Newsletter is focused on business news, marketplace activity and scams that affect your business, as well as new programs that help your business achieve greater success.

Unlisted Business Hotline

Accredited Businesses receive direct live assistance and this hotline can be used by all of your employees. This number provides you with instant access to local or national information about businesses or charities that you may be thinking of getting involved with. BBB Accredited Businesses can also contact BBB personnel directly during office hours via the "Accredited Business's Hotline" to receive assistance on updating their report information, checking for a BBB report on unknown vendors or competitors, inquiring on BBB services and programs, or for any other questions they need answered.

Business & Consumer Education
The BBB reduces the number of complaints by educating both businesses and consumers with seminars, speeches and media exposure.

Sponsorship Opportunities

The BBB has various sponsorship opportunities available for your business each year. From our Consumer Guide to our Golf Tournament and Student of Integrity Scholarship Program, there are many ways to align your business with the BBB.

Being a BBB Accredited Business may be one of the best decisions you'll ever make for your business. Your annual dues are cost effective and may be 100% tax deductible as a necessary business expense. You may never know how many customers you’ve gained because of BBB Business Review Reports, but even one business transaction can often pay for a year’s Accreditation.