8/6/2014 We purchased a Mobilizer, 2 DRWR Legal filing cabinet with lid on 3/07/14 and we received the product 10 days later. The box that it was shipped in was open/unsealed. We did not attempt to put the filing cabinet together until 4/20/14 because we were moving. I contacted them and told them about the dented opened box, that the paint on the cabinet was blistered and had runs in it, and I also told them that we could not assemble the cabinet because the metal was milled incorrectly and the pieces didn't fit together. They told me that since it was more than 30 days since my purchase, it was their policy that we could not return the product, and they offered no solution to resolve the matter. We have since had someone else look at the cabinet and try to assemble it and they came to the same conclusion that the product was milled incorrectly and that the cabinet is an inferior and unusable product.
This customer had a NEGATIVE experience with this business.
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by Judy N. on 8/6/2014 | Submit a Customer Review
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