BBB Advertising Opportunities


By advertising on BBB's website your business can reach thousands of local customers each month. Our online and offline advertising packages are exclusive to BBB Accredited Businesses.

Why Radio?

Particularly strong market penetration throughout most of the day when TV is less utilized. Radio has a multiplier effect on other media (increased recall of TV, newspaper and Internet ads). A Radio-TV combination improves brand exposure and reach as most Canadians watch TV in the evening.

  • $1100/month
  • 192 occasions
  • Over 50% of AM980 listeners own their own home with a household income of $50k+
  • Over 42,474 listeners weekly 
  • Connect to an educated audience that are decision makers (owners, managers, professionals)


Fresh Radio

  • $1000/month
  • 25 x 30 second commercials

  • 10 x 10 second hourly sponsorship
  • 5 x 60 second pre-emptible BBB business profile of the 

    month weekly (20 total)
  • BBB business Profile of the month Mind Grind Appearance – 

    last Wednesday of every month

  • $460/month
  • Featured with the BBB’s commerical on 40 occassions


    4 week Mix96.7 News/Traffic Sponsorship
  • Mix96.7 reaches over 49,000 listeners weekly


Discounted price for one year agreements

  • We will convert your ad to the correct size dimensions to be placed online
  • We can help with creating your ad
  • Limited sponsors per category

Featured Directory Listings
Put your business on top: right where consumers are looking!

An average of 31,000 consumers visit your local BBB website every month looking for trustworthy businesses - the Featured Listings program gives you the opportunity to be at the top of that list. Be where they’re looking, when they’re looking. Sponsored 

Featured Listings

  • Starting at $60/month
  • Rotating positions
  • Logo included

Video Banner Ad:
Feature your company throughout BBB’s website.

  • Custom designed, animated and static banner
  • Alignment with related educational videos
  • Placement on high-traffic pages on BBB website
  • $160/month
  • No long term commitment required

Front Page Banner Ad:
Feature your company BBB’s front page:

  • Custom designed banner
  • Clicks through to your Business Review
  • Consumers connect first with your trusted company in seconds.
  • $500/year


Contact us at or 519-673-3222 for more information.