Ask About A Charity



Inquiries from the public help BBB identify which charities will be the subject of an evaluative report. (Charities can also request to be evaluated at their own initiative.) 
If there is a charity you would like information on, which you did not see listed on our report list you can ask us about the organization by contacting us at or 519-673-3222.

We will forward you any information we have on file about the organization. Even if we do not have information your inquiry helps us generate evaluations, since we decide which charities to evaluate based upon inquiries from the public.

Generally, if a charity is not on our report list, we do not have a current report on the charity. However, we are continuously updating reports, and generating new evaluations. We may be able to provide you with some basic information in the interim until the report is finalized.

File A Complaint

If you have a complaint about a charitable organization we will forward your filing to the organization and request that appropriate action be taken. Concerns about charity managment, or other issues relevant to our standards will be reviewed and when appropriate included in our written reports.