Trust Sentiment Index Webinar

November 01, 2017


Join the Better Business Bureau (BBB) for an exclusive webinar about trust in the marketplace and how you, as a business owner, can benefit from this new research. 

Trust is a critical strategic asset in the contemporary marketplace, not just a nice thing to have (Prahalad, 2011). When consumers begin researching products and/or service options, trust is an essential factor in determining which businesses they consider and which ones they ignore. However, everyone is different when it comes to personal trust levels, and while some people start from a higher point of trust, others are more skeptical expecting businesses to earn their trust.

When consumers engage with a business for the first time, where do they fall on the trust sentiment scale? Do they start from a higher point of trust, so businesses can only lose that trust? Or are they more skeptical, requiring businesses to earn their trust? How does this differ by generation and type of business? And how is trust earned or lost along the consumer journey?

To better understand consumers’ sentiment about trust, in collaboration with Nielsen, BBB created the first ever BBB Trust Sentiment IndexSM to answer these important questions.


We invite you to join us for a look at the BBB Trust Sentiment IndexSM

Date: November 7, 2017

Time: 1:00 PM – 2:00PM eastern


Webinar ID: 679-592-731

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