Facebook Business Pages: Simplified

May 05, 2017


To say that having an online presence as a business is a good practice would be to state the obvious; nowadays, people spend an exorbitant amount of time online, and increasing the number of contact points with your business is a great way to increase general knowledge of your business.


In today’s world, businesses seem to always be walking a fine line. Caring too much what their customer’s think, versus not caring enough. Being too involved in their communities, versus not being involved at all. Utilizing too much social media, versus not wanting to use any. It can be a delicate, exhausting, time-consuming balancing act, but it doesn’t have to be.


Having a website for your business is practically a necessity, but it can be hard to gauge what other social media is worth putting the effort into. Our recommendation is to keep your website, but invest your time into one or two social media platforms. It’s enough to stay involved with your customers, and just enough to allow you to focus on building a less segmented audience.


A fantastic choice for a versatile and multi-faceted social media platform is Facebook; creating a Facebook Business Page acts as a “second website” of sorts. It’s already optimized for mobile devices, which means less work for you and anyone with a smartphone can interact with your business. It’s exceedingly simple to publish posts, and makes it easy to interact with your customers as well as other businesses. It’s a simple to set up using these steps.



There’s an important feature about Facebook Business Pages that we should also mention: very specific, very targeted advertising capabilities.


Facebook allows you to create and run relatively inexpensive advertising campaigns over its interface, specifically targeting audiences of your choosing based on Location, Demographics, Interests, Behavior, Connections, and Partner Categories. You pick the graphics, set the budget, pick your targets, and write the copy and then Facebook’s algorithms will go to work for you. And since Facebook can be visited via smartphone as well as desktop computers, you’ll want to make sure that everything that goes into your advertising conforms to both views.


For Accredited Businesses, BBB will help your business run Facebook Advertising Campaigns for as little at $50 through our Co-Op Advertising Program; an easy way to effectively reach your target audiences easier and more efficiently.


Here are a few other general tips you should keep in mind when using Facebook for business purposes:

  • This page is meant to promote your business; keeping things professional, both in regards to posts and comments, is a must.

  • All it takes is one rude response to a customer’s comment to alienate other customers that come across your page.

  • You should aim to post approximately twice per day; you don’t want to overwhelm the people that have liked your page with content, but it’s important to keep some of their online focus on your business.

  • Facebook also has a Business Pages mobile app. If you have a smartphone and want the ability to manage your page on the go, it’s free to download and extremely helpful.


Learn more about participating in BBB’s Co-Op Advertising Program.