Hole-y Moley: Dealing With Pothole Problems

January 20, 2017


For anyone that has lived here during a “Michigan Winter,” the deterioration of road conditions is no surprise. Yet, despite knowing that it's coming, nothing can prepare you for what winter and early spring brings: potholes. A lot of them.

Trucks upon trucks have been roaming the streets depositing a mixture of salt and sand everywhere that they go. Which is great! All of us Michiganders appreciate it, especially on excruciatingly cold days when the last thing you want to do is slide off of the road and hit a tree (or fall on your butt while walking to your car). 

We wish we could wave a wand and make all of those potholes magically go away, but with over 250 Accredited Automotive Repair and Towing businesses, we can help get your car back into tip-top shape via a top-notch business here on the west side of the Mitten.

So no matter what the problem is―general repair, tires, alignment, suspension, towing, bodywork―BBB Serving Western Michigan is here to get you out of a (pot)hole. And stay safe out there!


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