Winterize Your Home and Save Money

December 22, 2015


Winterize Your Home & Save Money

At the BBB Serving Western Michigan, one of our goals is to help you get the best value for your hard earned dollars. With cold weather once again on the horizon, one of the best ways you can do that is through energy savings. Here’s how to better winterize your home and save money.


  • Insulation. If your home is not adequately insulated, your heating bills may literally go through the roof. An insulation contractor can help determine an adequate level of insulation and properly install it for you.

  • Change Your Furnace Filters. One simple, inexpensive way to heat your home more efficiently is by making sure you have clean furnace filters. It can also help to have an HVAC professional perform an inspection and tune-up of your heating system.

  • Check for Leaks. Leaks around windows and doors can be major sources of energy loss. Caulk around windows and use felt around doors. If you still have old single pane windows, you may want to consider upgrading your windows, even if you just upgrade a few each year.

  • Maintain your fireplace. Keep your chimney clean to prevent fires, and keep the flue closed when it is not in use to prevent inside air from escaping.

  • Consider Zoned Heating. Zoned heating manages the heat in your home, directing it only to rooms that you are using. You can also have a timed thermostat installed to better manage heat when no one is home. Contact a heating and cooling specialist to check out your options.


  • Energy Efficient Lighting. Darkness comes early this time of year. You can brighten the night more efficiently with new LED lighting in and around your home. Visit one of the area’s home improvement stores or contact a local electrician to get ideas.

  • Use Window Insulation Kits. Window insulation kits, with plastic sheeting, can be remarkably helpful. These can be found at local hardware and home improvement stores for just a few dollars. Be sure to take out that window air conditioner over the winter too!

  • Consider a New Furnace. This is especially important if your furnace is 20 years old or older. Today’s energy efficient furnaces will pay for themselves in a few years. A local HVAC company can explain the benefits of today’s energy efficient heating systems.

  • Dress warmly. One simple tip is to dress warmly and turn your thermostat down a few degrees.  Closing off the heat vents in unused rooms will also help save energy.


Stay comfortable this winter while still saving energy; check with a BBB Accredited Business to get started!