Travel Tip: Tired of Hotels? Opt for a Vacation Home Rental

July 23, 2014

For those traveling on a budget, hotel stays can often make or break your bank account. Vacation AirpaneThis summer, instead of booking with a hotel, why not consider a vacation home rental?

Rental agencies and websites like VRBOHomeaway and Airbnb offer cheaper alternatives to hotels. Some offer entire houses to rent and others, like Airbnb, offer rooms for rent if you’re making a quick trip.

What happens is, homeowners post the details and photos of their property that they are looking to rent. They include the dates available, price range and contact information. Some listings are pet friendly too!

Most listings have customer reviews from other guests who have stayed at the property. Airbnb actually lets homeowners review their house guests! Also, the possibilities are endless when it comes to locations. You can pick from destinations around the world and it is likely that you will find a vacation rental.

As always, with this type of listing it’s best to exercise your best judgement and be cautious of any deal that looks too good to be true.

Here are some quick tips to avoid a rental scam:

  • Check out the property before paying anything. Do an online search of the property, with names, phone numbers and addresses in the ad.

  • Communicate with the homeowner or agent. Try to talk over the phone, not via email. Be careful of foreign area codes or strange American ones.

  • Don’t pay with a debit card. Credit cards or PayPal are the safest options. Never use a debit card or wire transfer.