5K Foam Fest Canceled; No Refunds Offered

July 23, 2014

A “5K Foam Fest” event scheduled for July 26 in Grand Rapids has been cancelled, Raceand registered runners may be out of luck in efforts to get their money back.  Advance registration fees ranged up to $90 to Round House Racing which is based in Utah and has a “C” rating with BBB. Many racing events were scheduled across the country in 2014, and last week they were all cancelled. Calls to the company’s business line are not answered. Its website (5Kfoamfest.com) states that Foam Fest does not issue refunds or partial refunds regardless of circumstances.  A website announcement on the www.5Kfoamfest.com website has this message for disappointed runners:

While the 5k Foam Fest no longer has staff or funds and will not be able to respond to individual emails or phone calls, we will provide additional email updates as information becomes available. As we face bankruptcy we ask for your forgiveness and patience.

Participants may file complaints at bbb.org in regard to Round House Racing and, if payment was made by credit card, registrants should also contact their credit card companies.  Because Round House Racing is based in Utah, any bankruptcy filing may be done there.

If you are considering participating in an event of this nature, BBB advises:

  • Check the organizer’s rating at bbb.org and research them online.
  • Contact the event venue to confirm the event is scheduled.
  • Understand all terms and conditions - especially refund policies.
  • Pay fees by credit card in case you need to dispute the charge at a later date.
  • If the event is promoted as a charitable fundraiser, determine if any part of registration fees are considered a charitable donation for tax purposes. Also, check out the charity at bbb.org to make sure your donation is going to a trustworthy organization. 

This was the language of the promotion for the Foam Fest 5K Event: “All Roads Lead To Foam!!! The 5k Foam Fest is the newest and craziest race to hit the nation! Smiling and running don't usually go hand in hand but the 5K Foam Fest is an amazing mix of foam, mud and obstacles thus making fitness fun. Whether you like it dirty or clean the 5k Foam Fest has something for everyone. Imagine the excitement of a mud run combined with foam, ginormous inflatable obstacles, army crawls, foam, colossal walls, mud pits, cargo net climbs, foam, body washer, moon walk, foam, slip'n slides and water obstacles (did we mention foam). The 5k Foam Fest is a fun and exciting challenge for the experienced and beginner runners alike. The 5k Foam Fest makes exercising an absolute party for you and your friends.”