Spring Remodeling Makes for Year-Round Value

May 09, 2016

Spring Remodeling Makes for Year-Round Value 

Winter is often perceived as the "nesting" season, when homeowners are prone to "cozy up" indoors and enjoy their home's warmth, but spring is the time to open the doors, breathe in the fresh air and get started on those home improvements that have been awaiting your attention. Whether you undertake do-it-yourself projects or have more extensive work in mind, the new season sometimes demands that you let your home "bloom" just like your garden.

Waiting for Spring

There is no better time to expand a patio, add a sitting wall, install a planter, set a gazebo in the yard, or build a potting shed. Beautify the backyard or plant a kitchen garden. Take full advantage of this season of new growth, enjoy outdoor pursuits, and add value to your home.

Other home remodeling projects also benefit from pleasant weather. Driveway repairs and concrete work, and the routine maintenance required on roofs, gutters and exterior surfaces require the more predictable conditions that spring brings. It's also the perfect season for interior projects that create a lot of dust. If you have plans to refinish wood flooring, install new tile, demolish a wall or install and sand new drywall, this is the time to do it. Even new carpet installation is best done when doors and windows can be opened.

The National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) predicts that 2016 will be a banner year for remodel construction. If, after the long winter, you feel the need to freshen up or expand your interiors or add outdoor amenities, the Better Business Bureau Serving Western Michigan is a great resource for professional contractors.

Kitchens Regain their Status

As always, kitchen and bath improvements account for a large share of the market, and for good reason. Not only are they some of the most-used and hardest-working spaces in the home, but they are also the projects that consistently bring the highest return in terms of home value. Home sale statistics confirm that buyers are willing to pay more for a home with a open kitchens, solid surface counters, and new appliances. A kitchen remodeling project can not only enhance a home's livability, but will also return up to 70% of its costs in terms of increased value.

Modern kitchens serve, more than ever before, as the heart of the home and the hub of family activity. Function is a key component of effective kitchen planning, and appliances with "smart" features are not only beautiful, but are time and energy-saving workhorses. A kitchen design specialist can help with the details.

The Sybaritic Bath

Master baths in modern homes are personal retreats. Whether your style runs more toward spare and functional or spa-like luxury, a large separate shower is the most desirable feature today. Multiple body sprays, ceiling mounted rain heads, aromatherapy, even waterproof speakers serve to lift a basic shower to new heights. Other bath renovations add storage, dual vanities, and a private "compartment" for the toilet.

Family baths also benefit from zoned "wet areas," and if the space can be enlarged to meet the needs of more than one person at a time, so much the better. Powder rooms have gone glamorous, with no limits on creativity, and no need to conform to the style of the rest of the house. It's a bold new era!

A successful bath remodeling plan has similar financial return. The best reason to redo your kitchen or bath, however, is for your own enjoyment. Personalize the space to reflect your family's needs and preferences.

The BBB Serving Western Michigan can assist you with finding area professionals to help you realize you and your home’s dreams.