Deck Out Your Backyard In Time for Summer

June 14, 2016



Ah, the smell of an outdoor barbecue! Is there nothing more pleasant or indicative of summer? You too can have great outdoor entertaining, when you hire a deck builder to create a wonderful new deck or patio. Whether you always wanted to build an outdoor oasis, or you simply wish to jazz up the one you have, the BBB Serving Western Michigan has some excellent ideas for you to consider.

Deck Repair

For your existing deck or patio, being sure that the surface is in good condition is crucial to ensuring a summer of enjoyment. Get your deck into good shape before you make any plans to purchase new furniture, build additions to the deck or patio, or redesign your outdoor landscape. Hire a professional that is experienced in deck repair to inspect your deck for obvious problems, like rotting supports or a damaged surface. You can sand down the existing wood and add an attractive new stain, or replace the wood entirely. Once the structure is safe and secure, you can start playing with different arrangements for furniture and decorations. Put your design on paper to explore your options.

Patio Design

There are many different ways to build a patio or deck that are ideal for your home and the way you intend to use your backyard. Start with the basics:

  • How much space can you devote to the patio?

  • What do you want to do with your new patio?

  • Do you need more seating for entertaining, or would you rather have a more open floor plan?

  • How much protection will you need from the sun?

These days, patios are as varied as people. You might devise an arrangement that affords seating in various zones throughout the patio, with an outdoor kitchen to make entertaining a snap. You could also mix your patio plans with your landscaping so that there is a smooth transition where the patio ends and your lush outdoor greenery begins. Do not forget about your comfort in the outdoors, particularly during a hot summer. Awnings and patio enclosures are wonderful ways to keep the sun and insects from bothering you throughout the day.

Deck Trends

You can do almost as much with your deck as you can with a patio. With the right approach, your deck will become the delightful outdoor haven you have longed for. Start with proper placement. Access to your deck should be natural, making it easy for you to get in and out of the house. If you plan to do a lot of dinner entertaining, access from the living room, dining room or kitchen is ideal. With an open deck, you can use the exterior wall of your home as a focal point to place décor where people can see it, but they will not trip over it. Position furniture much as you would with an indoor room so that people have plenty of space to walk but everyone can sit comfortably.

Your new deck is waiting for you to come enjoy a long, happy summer. Visit the BBB Serving Western Michigan for recommended experts in deck building and repair, or get a quote to get your deck and patio plans rolling.