5 Signs that Your Trees Need Attention

April 18, 2016

As you start your spring yard work, you may realize that some of your trees are not reviving as they should. This is an excellent opportunity to inspect your trees and hire a professional to make sure they are healthy and ready for the new season. For these five reasons, the BBB Serving Western Michigan recommends that you consider requesting services for tree removal in West Michigan.

1. Roots Close to Utilities

If the homeowner who planted the tree did not consider the extensive root structure that would develop with a mature tree, your utilities may be at risk. Phone lines, electricity, natural gas and plumbing are typically under the ground on your property. Tree roots can grow near piping, pushing it out of alignment or puncturing holes. If you do not seek tree services in West Michigan, you may face expensive repairs to many of your home’s systems.

2. Trees Too Close to Property Structures

When you or a prior homeowner planted the tree, it may have been in the ideal location. Now that the tree has grown both vertically and horizontally, it takes up much more space that was originally intended. It can encroach upon your house, garage or shed, potentially damaging the foundation and making it more difficult for you to access doors and windows.

3. Dying or Dead Trees

You may be aware that a tree on your property is dead or about to die. While it can be tempting to just wait and let it sit, this may not be the best decision. Dying trees may be revived if you request tree trimming services in time. Dead trees may topple or crack and fall apart at any time. This puts your roof, landscaping, and even your family at risk.

4. Insect Infestation

Insects are common pests that have the ability to damage your garden and possibly kill your trees. Insect infestations are often very specific to tree species, so the type of insect that causes problems for the trees on your property may not be the same as the ones harming your neighbor’s yard. Consider these tree-killing insects:

  • Asian longhorned beetle- attacks maple, birch and other hardwoods

  • Emerald ash borer- burrows under the bark of ash trees

  • Hemlock woolly adelgid- damages hemlock trees by creating a waxy layer on bark

As soon as you spot signs of insect infestation in your yard, take pictures and send it to an expert that provides tree trimming in West Michigan.

5. Fungal Infection

Fungi can also accumulate on your trees, making them ill or even killing them. Two of the most common tree fungi in Michigan are Oak Wilt and Beech Bark Disease. To minimize Oak Wilt, avoid pruning your oak trees during spring and early summer. To identify Beech Bark Disease, look for markings that appear like white paint.

Dead or dying trees pose a threat to your home, and could create a lot of home maintenance problems for you. The BBB Serving Western Michigan provides access to accredited businesses that can give you a quote for tree services. Request a quote to start the process.