8 Effective Ways to Generate Customer Reviews for your Business

March 14, 2016

8 Effective Ways to Generate Customer Reviews for your Business

Achieving positive word of mouth support for your business has always been important for long-term strategic growth. Especially so now days as online reviews are the modern form of word of mouth, and are disseminated via the Internet.

Understanding the Importance

Whether you are B2B or B2C, your online presence is your virtual storefront. When 88% of consumers answered that reviews impact their buying decisions, as a business you better listen. Additionally,it is reported that 70 percent of all potential customers check online reviews, and positive reviews can generate as much as an 18 percent increase in revenues.

The BBB Serving Western Michigan works with businesses to help them understand not only the importance of online reviews, but also how to encourage your customers to leave them. The ultimate goal, of course, is to provide any prospective customer evidence that you provide the best alternative for what they are seeking, be it a plumber, a nice dinner, or a doctor.

Proactive Steps to Generate Positive Reviews

In a perfect world, satisfied customers would always leave exemplary reviews. Unfortunately, in the fast paced environment we live in, that isn’t always the case. People are busy, and to get those exemplary reviews you have to make it easy for customers to do so.

A trusted sources for decades, BBB puts a high priority on reviews and what makes BBB reviews different from other sites. Through search engine optimization, the BBB also works hard to ensure those reviews get top-of-page placement increasing overall visibility for that business.

8 great ways to increase the number of positive reviews you get for your business:

1.Provide Easy Access. This is rule number one. Consumers may be more apt to use popular review sites, but you’ll find it productive as well to include a prominent “leave us a review” option on your website, as well as links to your preferred review sites, such as the reviews page built into the BBB website.

2.Make the Process Simple. Once you have provided a dedicated review spot on your website, make it easy to for your customer to make a comment in just a few keystrokes while still protecting against spammers. If you desire reviewers to sign in, consider making it easy by connecting to Google, Facebook or another social media platform they are already using, which will prove their identity.

3.Put Reviews Up Front. Make your reviews easy to find by including a link on your homepage as well as sample testimonials.

4.Respond to Reviews – good and bad. Don’t expect only glowing reviews. Potential customers like to feel they are getting the real inside view and are increasingly suspicious of all 5-star reviews. If you do get a complaint, respond to it quickly and professionally.

5.Use Emails. Place links in the body of your email and in your email signature linking to your preferred review site. Accredited Businesses can take advantage of the "Submit a Review" logo in their email signatures. It’s a good practice to send a special email to a customer shortly after they have filled out a form or made a purchase and ask them to provide a review.

6.Don’t be bashful. Show your customers that reviews are important to you by asking their permission to use them on your printed materials, in your advertising, menus, or other POP displays near your register.

7.Consider incentives. If you leave a review of our business, you get entered into a contest or raffle; this can drum up a handful of reviews all in one shot.

8.Enlist your employees. Make sure your employees understand the importance of reviews. Encourage them to mention it to customers and train them on how to ask a customer, especially happy ones, to submit a review. You can even provide a small business card-sized card for them to hand out with receipts/invoices.

These are just a few easy yet solid ways to increase your positive online reviews. We would love to hear about what methods have worked for your business! At the BBB Serving Western Michigan we work with consumers to generate positive customer reviews from the brand they trust.