Yellow Pages Scam Alert

February 22, 2016
West Michigan   BBB is issuing an alert to area businesses to be on the lookout for fake Yellow Pages invoices. 
One local business was sent an invoice for $496.95, with notices of  "COLLECTION WARNING" AND 'LAST CHANCE TO PROTECT YOUR CREDIT SCORE IN GOOD STANDING".  The invoice claims to have been pending since November of 2014.
The best part is the billing address: "Send check to: Yellow Pages Inc., Bulgaria. Varna, Vinitsa 9022, PO Box 4".  There is even a reminder to include international postage.
BBB called the toll free number on the invoice which leads to a voice mail.
BBB reminds busy business owners to be careful of Yellow Pages scams, and other questionable invoices.  Make sure your accounting process requires approval of an executive of the business before payment can be made.    

If you encounter a scam or fraudulent activities, report it via BBB's Scam Tracker so we may investigate further and inform others of the situation.