BBB Announces Top Unanswered or Pattern of Complaint Companies so far in 2015

August 03, 2015

BBB Serving Western Michigan receives thousands of complaints each year about businesses that don’t try to work things out with frustrated consumers, or businesses that respond in a less than satisfactory way. Here is the list of the most complained about businesses during the first half of 2015 that have not responded in a way that meets BBB standards of trust:

# 1. American Readers Source – 32 complaints, and more than 1000 inquiries about this magazine subscription business. Consumers are allegedly being charged for magazines they did not order. American Readers Source claims to be located in Grandville, and is not. They are no longer answering their phones.

#2. Family Fitness in Grand Rapids – 27 complaints and 835 inquiries about Family Fitness in Grand Rapids so far in 2015. Complaints typically concern cancellation policies and promises made by salespeople. Family Fitness is now responding consistently to complaints processed by BBB, and has lifted its grade from an F to a D.

#3. Spring Lake RV Resort in Kalamazoo – 12 complaints and 503 inquiries. The pattern of complaints typically involves salespeople allegedly promising memberships will include reciprocal benefits and membership in an association of campgrounds, which turns out to be untrue. Grade F.

#4. Lawn Maintenance and Snow Plowing in Muskegon – 11 complaints so far in 2015 and 80 inquiries. The pattern of complaints from consumers allege that this business signed a contract to provide snow removal services, accepted payment, and did not provide the service expected by the consumers. Grade F.

#5. 1977 Mopeds in Kalamazoo - 10 complaints and 281 inquiries. A pattern of complaints where consumers allege they ordered merchandise on-line, paid for the product and did not receive the product, or that the company failed to respond to consumer e-mails or phone calls concerning orders placed with the company. Grade F.

#6. Garcinia Elite Slim and Garcinia XS– Two different shipping locations in West Michigan have received 18 complaints and 323 inquiries. Complaints are also being received about shipping spots in other states. Consumers unwittingly think they are signing up to get vitamins for a few dollars, and are soon paying hundreds of dollars through automatic bank withdrawals. Grade F.

#7. Mandatory Poster Agency – This Lansing based company draws attention from attorneys general and BBB’s all over the United States due to their misleading marketing of mandatory posters and government reports. 8 complaints and 959 inquiries so far this year. Grade F.

#8. Dotzila and Supergadgets – This telephone accessory business ships product from Benzonia, and has had 8 complaints and 419 inquiries so far this year. Complaints range from products not being delivered to poor quality to their return policies. Grade F.

BBB contracted with Nielsen to conduct research in the Fall of 2014 to measure how the public views and uses the Better Business Bureau. More than 4 out of 5 consumers familiar with BBB Ratings are more likely to purchase if a business has a high BBB letter grade. 77% of consumers are likely to complain or report a business to BBB if unhappy, and nearly 9 out of 10 who have filed a complaint with BBB would do so again.