What to Do After You Clean Out Your Closet
The weather is changing and for many of us it’s time to trade in our shorts for jeans and sundresses for sweaters. This is the perfect time to go through those closets an..
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Western Sky/Cashcall Settlement Agreed Upon
Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette and Michigan Department of Insurance and Financial Services (DIFS) Director Patrick McPharlin annouced a final claim and relief st..
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Ordering Groceries Online
Every couple of weeks I host a cooking club in my apartment in New York.  About eight of my friends come over and we spend the afternoon cooking enough food to feed ..
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Fake Emails Pose as WhatsApp
Scammers are always taking advantage of what’s new and popular. This time it’s WhatsApp, a smart phone application that allows users to send text, video and audio message..
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Sweepstakes Fools Victims with Fake Check
Some cons just never get old (for scammers, that is). Con artists are always impersonating Publisher’s Clearing House, hoping that the lure of a sweepstakes win is too te..
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BBB: Scam Attempts Likely to Follow Virginia Shooting
In the wake of the lives lost at the WDBJ7 news station in Virginia, the BBB serving Western Virginia shared with us their thoughts about Alison Parker and Adam Ward and ..
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ChoiceOne Update: Phishing Phone Call Scam
Recent phishing scam has been indentified in our local area! Consumers are receiving fraudulent automated phone calls regarding debit card accounts. Remember that ChoiceO..
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Work-at-Home Scam Targets College Students
A new twist on the classic work-from-home scheme is targeting college students. Don’t let the promise of easy money lure you into this con. How the Scam Works: You receiv..
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Why Should Consumers Trust the Seal?
There are lots of noises these days. Internet noise. Social media noise. Radio and television advertising noise. Newspaper and magazine ad noise. All of these noises dema..
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Smarter Back-to-School Shopping
Growing up “back-to-school” shopping was always a bittersweet event for me. On one hand, it meant the end of summer and the start of homework and tests. On the other hand..
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