Contact Info for BBB Serving Western Michigan:


(616) 774-8236 or (800) 684-3222



(855) 581-3777





3330 Claystone St SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49546

BBB Leadership:

Phil Catlett

President & CEO    Ext. 108

Jack Daley

Vice President of Sales & Marketing    Ext. 119

BBB Business Relations:

Wendell Gafford

Business Relations Manager    Ext. 116

Rob Vander Hart

Business Relations Representative    Ext. 117

Doug Armstrong

Business Relations Representative    Ext. 118

Cindi Knight

Business Relations Representative    Ext. 120

Sheree Smith

Business Relations Representative   Ext. 123

Brittani Steward

Business Relations Representative   Ext. 124

Tyler Carlson

Business Relations Representative   Ext. 125

Amy Markel

Business Relations Representative   Ext. 129

Sophia Cruz

Business Relations Representative (Bilingual)   616-333-4982

BBB Operations:

Terry Glenn

Director of Operations    Ext. 103

John Masterson

Digital Media Director    Ext. 100

Raechel Macqueen

BBB Foundation Director    Ext. 105

Shelbee Axsom

Ad Review Specialist    Ext. 101

Teresa Youn

Ad Review Specialist    Ext. 102

Diane VanderMark

Dispute Resolution Specialist    Ext. 115

Nancy Lundquist

Investigations Assistant    Ext. 127

Marshall Lohr

Information Security Analyst    Ext. 107

BBB Records & Administration: 

Barbara Krzemien

Director, Administrative Services    Ext. 109

Sandy Gamby

Director, Data Development & Quality Control    (616) 774-8230

Sami Gleason

Accreditation Specialist    (616) 259-3894

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