Speakers Bureau

BBB-WMI has speakers available on a variety of subjects in which the Better Business Bureau system is involved. Since 1912 nationally, and since 1937 in Western Michigan, the BBB has taken a leadership position in promoting ethical business practices and self regulation.

Speaking Topics:

 1.  How to improve marketplace trust for your business or non-profit organization.   
  • Key commitments to building character and communication inside your organization
  • How to enhance Google recognition of your business or non-profit
  • A step by step guide to building trust in your community, and increasing business or donations
 2.  How to protect your business from fraud, scams, and cyber theft.
  • Most common frauds in businesses and non-profits
  • Processes to protect you and your organization from fraud
  • Current, most successful scams attacking businesses today
  • Best practices to make your organization cyber secure
 3.  How to select a trustworthy charity.
  • What you should do when choosing a group or organization to support
  • Trustworthy resources like Guidestar, Charity Navigator, and BBB 
  • BBB 20 Standards of Charity Accountability
  • Unbelievable examples of charities ripping off millions of dollars
 4.  Resources to enhance business capacity and build success in West Michigan
  • Success Stories of Mentoring and Investment Support
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Colleges and University Resources in West Michigan
  • Emerge
  • JEM
  • Start Garden
  • Banking Resources
 5.  Additional Speakers Bureau topics of interest:
  • Role of the BBB in the 21st Century
  • Scams & Frauds commited on or using the Internet
  • Advertising Problems & Opportunities
  • The Decline of Ethics in America
  • Senior Citizens Awareness Mission (S.C.A.M.) - Fraud Prevention for Seniors
  • Industry Specific Topics on Request


We are always looking for new content that is the most helpful to consumers and businesses alike. If a particular topic of interest is not listed above, and you would like to learn more from the BBB Speakers Bureau about it, please don't hesitate to contact us using the information below.  


Schedule a BBB Speaker: 

If your company, service club, association, school, or seniors group would like a speaker, contact:

P:   616.774.8236

E:   Phil@wm.bbb.org

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