S. C. A. M.

When in doubt, check it out


The BBB Serving Western Michigan's EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION, a 501c(3) charity, began their S.C.A.M. program to address the growing problem of fraud directed against senior citizens. The purpose of S.C.A.M. is to educate older residents in western Michigan about frauds, scams, schemes and offers that will rob them of their money as well as their dignity. Fraud against senior citizens is estimated to be in excess of $40B billion per year in the USA; and over $4M million per year in western Michigan. The S.C.A.M. motto is "WHEN IN DOUBT, CHECK IT OUT".


Since it's inception in 1995 the BBB-WMI has given speeches to over 8,500 area residents and has saved an estimated $2,500,000 from being lost to these questionable offers. A speaker from the BBB-WMI will present the S.C.A.M. program, free of charge, to area non-profit organizations and BBB-WMI member companies.


Please contact us at the BBB to schedule a S.C.A.M. program in your community.

(616) 774-8236      info@westernmichigan.bbb.org